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culbert timothy; olness karen - integrative pediatrics

Integrative Pediatrics


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Lingua: Inglese
Pubblicazione: 09/2009

Note Editore

There is ample evidence that children and adolescents in large numbers are actively using integrative (complementary and alternative) therapies. Various studies now indicate that over 50% of pediatricians surveyed would refer a patient for integrative therapy, and they would welcome more natural therapies for children provided they were safe and effective. However, there has been little training for pediatricians in this area. Integrative Pediatrics addresses these issues and provides guidelines for pediatricians, parents, and general audiences in a balanced, evidence-based manner. In this volume in the Weil Integrative Medicine Library series, the authors describe a rational and evidence-based approach to the integrative therapy of childhood disorders and well-child care, integrating the principles of alternative and complementary therapies into the principles and practice of conventional pediatrics. The authors examine what works and what doesn't and offer practical guidelines for physicians to incorporate integrative medicine into their practice and how to advise patients and their parents on reasonable and effective therapies. The text also covers areas of controversy and identifies areas of uncertainty where future research is needed. Chapters also cite the best available evidence for both safety and efficacy of all therapies discussed. The series editor is Andrew Weil, MD, Professor and Director of the Program of Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizon. Dr. Weil's program was the first academic program in the US and he is the major name in integrative medicine in the US, and well-known around the world. His program's stated goal is "to combine the best ideas and practices of conventional and alternative medicine into cost effective treatments without embracing alternative practices uncritically."


1 - Introduction to Integrative Pediatrics, Timothy P. Culbert, Karen Olness, and Sunita Vohra
2 - Assessment and Treatment Planning in Integrative Pediatric Practice, Timothy P. Culbert, Victoria Maizes, Tai Mendenhall, and David K. Becker
3 - Culture and Spirituality in Integrative Pediatrics, Judson B. Reaney and Gregory A. Plotnikoff
4 - Essential Medicine: Self Care for Pediatric Providers, Danna M. Park
5 - Research and Education in Integrative Pediatrics, Sunita Vohra and Trish Dryden
6 - A Pediatric Perspective on Acupuncture, Yuan-Chi Lin and Shu-Ming Wang
7 - A Pediatric Perspective on Aromatherapy, Maura Fitzgerald and Linda L. Halcon
8 - A Pediatric Perspective on Chiropractic, Karen Erickson, Elise Hewitt, Amy Watson, Anthony Rosner, and Randy Hewitt
9 - A Pediatric Perspective on Energy Therapies, Mary Jane Ott, Larraine Bossi, and Jeanne Colbath
10 - A Pediatric Perspective on Exercise Medicine, Amanda K. Weiss-Kelly and Susannah M. Briskin
11 - A Pediatric Perspective on Herbals and Supplements, Paula Gardiner and Tieraona Lowdog
12 - A Pediatric Perspective on Homeopathy, David Riley, Menachem Oberbaum, and Shepherd R. Singer
13 - A Pediatric Perspective on Massage, Shay Beider, Erin T. O'Callaghan, and Jeffrey I. Gold
14 - A Pediatric Perspective on Mind-Body Medicine, Daniel P. Kohen
15 - Naturopathic Medicine and Pediatrics, Matthew I. Baral, Wendy Weber, and Jessica Mitchell
16 - A Pediatric Perspective on Nutritional Therapeutics, Benjamin Kligler and Emilie Scott
17 - A Pediatric Perspective on Osteopathic Medicine, Ali Carine, Miriam Mills, and Viola Frymann
18 - Integrative Adolescent Medicine, Cora C. Breuner
19 - Integrative Pediatric Developmental/Behavioral Pediatrics, Sandford Newmark
20 - Integrative Pediatric Gatroenterology, Gerard A. Banez and Rita Steffen
21 - Integrative Pediatric Intensive Care, David M. Steinhorn and Sheila Wang
22 - Integrative Pediatric Mental Health, Scott M. Shannon
23 - Integrative Pediatric Oncology, Susan F. Sencer
24 - Integrative Pediatric Pain Management, Joy A. Weydert and Mark Connelly
25 - Integrative Pediatric Palliative Care, Stefan J. Friedrichsdorf, Leora Kuttner, Krista Westendorp, and Ruth McCarty
26 - Integrative Pediatric Primary Care, Lawrence D. Rosen
27 - Integrative Pediatric Pulmonology, John D. Mark
28 - The Future of Integrative Pediatrics, Timothy P. Culbert, Kathi Kemper, Lawrence D. Rosen
29 - Optimal Healing Environments in Pediatrics, Chris Feudtner and Wayne B. Jonas
30 - Ethical Perspectives on Integrative Pediatrics, Kathi J. Kemper
31 - Designing Integrative Pediatrics Programs: Business and Administrative Aspects, Lynda R. Cyr, Timothy P. Culbert, and Lori Knutson
32 - Pediatric Perspectives on Environmental Medicine, Mark D. Miller and Alice C. Brock-Utne
33 - A Pediatric Perspective on Creative Arts Therapies, Deforia Lane, Emily Darsie, and Barbara DiScenna
34 - A Pediatric Perspective on Yoga, Gurjeet Birdee and Paula Gardiner
25 - Improving Global Pediatrics and Reducing Health Disparities, Karen Olness and Boris Kalanj

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Illustration Notes:6 halftone, 14 line illustrations, numerous tables
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