Inner Speech - Langland-Hassan Peter (Curatore); Vicente Agustin (Curatore) | Libro Oxford University Press 10/2018 -

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langland-hassan peter (curatore); vicente agustin (curatore) - inner speech

Inner Speech New Voices


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Lingua: Inglese
Pubblicazione: 10/2018

Note Editore

Much of what we say is never said aloud. It occurs only silently, as inner speech. We chastise, congratulate, joke, and generate endless commentary, all without making a sound. This distinctively human ability to create public language in the privacy of our own minds-to, in a sense, "hear" ourselves talking when no one else can-is no less remarkable for its familiarity. And yet, until recently, inner speech remained at the periphery of philosophical and psychological theorizing. This volume, comprised of chapters written by an interdisciplinary group of leading philosophers, psychologists, and neuroscientists, displays the rapidly growing interest among researchers in the puzzles surrounding the nature and cognitive role of the inner voice. Questions explored include: the aids and obstacles inner speech presents to self-knowledge; the complex relation it bears to overt speech production and perception; the means by which inner speech can be identified and empirically assessed; its role in generating auditory verbal hallucinations; and its relationship to conceptual thought itself.


0 - Introduction
1 - The causes and contents of inner speech
2 - Inner speech as the internalization of outer speech
3 - From introspection to essence: the auditory nature of inner speech
4 - Inner speech and mental imagery: a neuroscientific perspective
5 - A neurocognitive model of inner language: to predict, to hear, to see and to feel
6 - Inner speaking as pristine inner experience
7 - Inner speech, determinacy, and thinking consciously about thoughts
8 - Inner speech and outer thought
9 - When inner speech misleads
10 - Know thyself: beliefs vs. desires in inner speech
11 - The self-reflective function of inner speech: thirteen years later
12 - Activity, agency, and inner speech pathology


Peter Langland-Hassan is a philosopher of mind and cognitive science at the University of Cincinnati. He has published widely on topics including imagination, inner speech, aphasia, metacognition, and self-knowledge. Langland-Hassan was a postdoctoral researcher at Washington University in St. Louis, in the Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology (PNP) program, and holds degrees in philosophy from Columbia University and the Graduate Center of the City University of New York. Agustín Vicente is a philosopher of psychology and of language, and is Research Professor for the Ikerbasque Foundation for Science at the University of the Basque Country. He writes, often in collaboration, on semantics and pragmatics, language and thought, and physicalism and naturalism. He has published more than fifty papers in prestigious philosophy and linguistics venues.

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