Information And Classification - Opitz Otto (Curatore); Lausen Berthold (Curatore); Klar Rüdiger (Curatore) | Libro Springer 07/1993 -

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opitz otto (curatore); lausen berthold (curatore); klar rüdiger (curatore) - information and classification

Information and Classification Concepts, Methods and Applications Proceedings of the 16th Annual Conference of the “Gesellschaft für Klassifikation e.V.” University of Dortmund, April 1–3, 1992

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Lingua: Inglese


Pubblicazione: 07/1993
Edizione: Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1993


In many fields of science and practice large amounts of data and informationare collected for analyzing and visualizing latent structures as orderings or classifications for example. This volume presents refereed and revised versions of 52 papers selected from the contributions of the 16th AnnualConference of the "German Classification Society". The papers are organized in three major sections on Data Analysis and Classification (1), InformationRetrieval, Knowledge Processing and Software (2), Applications and Special Topics (3). Moreover, the papers were grouped and ordered within the major sections. So, in the first section we find papers on Classification Methods, Fuzzy Classification, Multidimensional Scaling, Discriminant Analysis and Conceptual Analysis. The second section contains papers on Neural Networks and Computational Linguisticsin addition to the mentioned fields. An essential part of the third section attends to Sequence Data and Tree Reconstruction as well as Data Analysis and Informatics in Medicine. As special topics the volume presents applications in Thesauri, Archaeology, Musical Science and Psychometrics.


I: Data Analysis and Classification.- Classification Methods.- Hierarchical Clustering of Sampled Functions.- Spatial Clustering of Species Based on Quadrat Sampling.- A kn-Nearest Neighbour Algorithm for Unimodal Clusters.- Asymptotic Robustness in Cluster-Analysis for the Case of Tukey-Huber Distortions.- Choosing the Number of Component Clusters in the Mixture-Model Using a New Informational Complexity Criterion of the Inverse-Fisher Information Matrix.- Fuzzy Classification.- Fuzzy Sets and Fuzzy Partitions.- Fuzzy Clustering by Minimizing the Total Hypervolume.- Conceptual Analysis.- Conceptual Data Systems.- Conceptual Clustering via Convex-Ordinal Structures.- Diagrams of Similarity Lattices.- Approximate Galois Lattices of Formal Concepts.- Representation of Data by Pseudoline Arrangements.- Mathematical Characterizations.- A Relational Approach to Split Decomposition.- Some New Useful Representations of Dissimilarities in Mathematical Classification.- Multidimensional Scaling.- A Comparison of Two Methods for Global Optimization in Multidimensional Scaling.- Directional Analysis of Three-Way Skew-Symmetric Matrices.- Clustering in Low-Dimensional Space.- The Construction of Neighbour-Regions in Two Dimensions for Prediction with Multi-Level Categorical Variables.- Different Geometric Approaches to Correspondence Analysis of Multivariate Data.- Nonlinear Biplots for Nonlinear Mappings.- Various Methods for Data Analysis.- Gradient Filtering Projections for Recovering Structures in Multivariate Data.- Classification with Set-Valued Decision Functions.- Canonical Discriminant Analysis: Comparison of Resampling Methods and Convex-Hull Approximation.- Nonparametric Prediction of Time Series on the Basis of Typical Course Patterns.- Moving Point Patterns: The Poisson Case.- II: Information Retrieval, Knowledge Processing and Software.- Information Retrieval.- Representations, Models and Abstractions in Probabilistic Information Retrieval.- Fuzzy Graphs as a Basic Tool for Agglomerative Clustering and Information Retrieval.- The Various Roles of Information Structures.- Neural Networks.- Classification Properties of Communicating Neural Networks.- Knowledge Extraction from Self-Organizing Neural Networks.- Self-Organizing Neural Networks for Visualisation and Classification.- Expert Systems and Knowledge Processing.- HyDi: Integration of Hypermedia and Expert System Technology for Technical Diagnosis.- Classification and Learning of Similarity Measures.- Context Sensitive Knowledge Processing.- An Efficient Application of a Rule-Based System.- Computational Linguistics.- Acquisition of Syntactical Knowledge from Text.- Generating Topic-Based Links in a Hypertext-System for News.- Software.- Interactively Displaying Ultrametric and Additive Trees.- Anaglyphen 3D — A Program for the Interactive Representation of Three-Dimensional Perspective Plots of Statistical Data.- III: Applications and Special Topics.- Sequence Data and Tree Reconstruction.- Discovering Consensus Molecular Sequences.- Alignment and Hierarchical Clustering Method for Strings.- More Reliable Phylogenies by Properly Weighted Nucleotide Substitutions.- Caminalcules and Didaktozoa: Imaginary Organisms as Test-Examples for Systematics.- Data Analysis and Informatics in Medicine.- Multivariate Analysis of the Process of Acclimation of Physiologic Variables.- Classification of EEG Signals into General Stages of Anesthesia in Real-Time Using Autoregressive Models.- Automatic Segmentation and Classification of Multiparametric Image Data in Medicine.- Pseudoroots as Descriptors for a Thesaurus Based on Weidtman’s Diagnosis Table of Pediatrics.- Special Topics - Thesauri, Archaeology, Musical Science and Psychometrics.- An Approach to a Space Related Thesaurus.- Classification of Archaeological Sands by Particle Size Analysis.- The Analysis of Stratigraphic Data with Particular Reference to Zonation Problems.- Classification Criterion and the Universals in the Organization of a Musical Text.- A Two-Mode Clustering Study of Situations and Their Features.

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Condizione: Nuovo
Collana: Studies in Classification, Data Analysis, and Knowledge Organization
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Formato: Brossura
Pagine Arabe: 517
Pagine Romane: xi

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