Industrial Applications For Optical Data Processing And Holography - Conley Edgar; Robillard Jean | Libro Crc Press 08/1992 -

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conley edgar; robillard jean - industrial applications for optical data processing and holography

Industrial Applications for Optical Data Processing and Holography


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Lingua: Inglese

CRC Press

Pubblicazione: 08/1992
Edizione: 1° edizione

Note Editore

Industrial Applications for Optical Data Processing and Holography discusses modern optics applications in the industrial setting. Holography and speckle metrology are emphasized through numerous examples where interferometry has been applied to gage displacements and velocities in solids and in fluids. Other detailed discussions of optics applications include fringe interpretation, pattern recognition, and the fine points of recording optical disturbances. New, successful techniques are carefully examined to analyze the aspects responsible for their success. The book also features an extensive index that will be indispensable for helping stress analysts locate specific applications. Its detailed reference lists will provide a solid reference resource for engineers and designers seeking additional information.


HOLOGRAPHIC INSPECTION. Recent Developments in Holography at Rolls-Royce (J.B. Brownell, R.J. Parker, and D.G. Jones). Holographic Inspection System: Technical Evaluation (D. Van Proyen). A Holographic Patterned Semiconductor Wafer Defect System (L.H. Lin). Holographic Technique for Correcting Aberrations in a Telescope (J. Munch and R. Wuerker). Instrumentation Needs for Bridge Inspection (K.R. White and J. Minor). STS-26 Dynatube Fitting Anomaly Investigation Using Off Table Continuous Wave Holography (J. Mulholland, M. Valley, L. Matthews, and J. Genin). SPECKLE INSPECTION. Laser Speckle Techniques for the Full-Field Evaluation of Fluid Flows (T.D. Dudderar). Automated Analysis Using Electronic Speckle Pattern Interferometry (ESPI): Will Engineers See the Light (J. Tyrer)? Weld Flaw Detection in Thin Wall Tubing Using Electronic Speckle Pattern Interferometry (L. Brooks, J. Genin, L. Matthews, and J. Mulholland). SOURCES. Single Pulse Light-in-Flight Recording (N. Abramson). Frequency Stability of a Room Temperature GaA1As Laser (T.M. Shay). IMAGING. Image Formation Through Inhomogeneities (E.N. Leith). Applications of the White-Light Speckled Method Through Turbulent Media (E. Conley and G. Cloud). OPTICAL DATA PROCESSING. Rotation Invariant Object Recognition Using Sequential Optical Correlation with Binary Phase-Only Reference Filters (T.R. Walsh, J.E. Cravatt, B.A. Kast, and M.K. Giles). Correlation Plane Integration of Time-Sequenced Binary Phase-Only Filter (BPOF) Responses (B. Draayer, T. Walsh, and M. Giles). A Computer Analysis of Three-Dimensional Deformation: Using N. Abramson's Holo-Diagram String Analogy to Obtain Quantitative Results (L.K. Matthews, G.P. Mulholland, and G.S. Rightley). A Comparison of Two Methods for Quantitatively Determining Deformation Using Holometry (G.S. Rightley, L.K. Matthews, and G.P. Mulholland). Phase Unwrapping by Regions (J. Gierloff).

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