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 - horizons 2000 — aspects of colloid and interface science at the turn of the millenium

Horizons 2000 — aspects of colloid and interface science at the turn of the millenium

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Lingua: Inglese


Pubblicazione: 08/2014
Edizione: Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1998


The issue is dedicated to Professor Dr. h. c. Milan Schwuger on the occasion of his 60th birthday. Most of the papers included in this volume are related to the central theme: the interaction of surface active agents with solid materials. It comprises an impressing overview of the actual research in colloid science and reveals expected trends of this strongly developing field at the turn of the millennium.


Honoring Milan Johann Schwuger on his 60th birthday.- Lipid monolayers to understand and control properties of fluid interfaces.- Preparation of three morphologically different states of a lamellar phase.- Solubilization of toluene in phospholipid vesicles studies by video-enhanced contrast microscopy.- On the origin of electrostatic interaction in foam films from ABA triblock copolymers.- Molecular interactions and the quantitative prediction of synergism in mixtures of surfactants.- Water solubilization by surfactant aggregates in organic solvents: Limitations of the multi-state water model.- Colloid science in oil and gas production and transportation.- Recovery of surfactant from micellar-enhanced ultrafiltration using a precipitation process.- An overview of surfactant enhanced aquifer remediation.- Physicochemical properties of ?-sulfonated fatty acid esters.- Vapor pressures of phenethyl alcohol and phenethyl acetate in aqueous solutions of sodium xylene sulfonate and polyvinylpyrrolidone.- Spontaneous emulsification of oil drops containing surfactants and medium-chain alcohols.- The influence of ethylene glycol on the phase behavior of aqueous microemulsions in quaternary systems.- Fundamentals of the development and applications of new emulsion types.- Electrical conductivity of aqueous polymer solutions.- Towards a quantitative description of ionization properties of linear and branched polyelectrolytes.- Polymer adsorption on a patchwise heterogeneous surface.- Adsorption of poly (diallyl-dimethyl-ammoniumchloride) (PDADMAC) and of copolymers of DADMAC with N-methyl-N-vinyl-acetamide (NMVA) on colloidal silica.- Contact angles and surface energetics.- Preparation and properties of uniform coated inorganic colloidal particles. 12. Tin and its compounds on hematite.- Binding reactions at the solid-liquid interface analyzed by the concept of kinetic and affinity spectra: Cd2+ in montmorillonites.- Surface modifications of soil minerals by amphiphilic substances (surfactants, synthetic and natural macromolecules).- Microcalorimetric studies of S/L interfacial layers: thermodynamic parameters of the adsorption of butanol-water on hydrophobized clay minerals.- The use of electrokinetic potential in the interpretation of adsorption phenomena. Adsorption of salicylic acid on titanium dioxide.- Electro-osmosis in electrophoretic light scattering experiments.- Adsorption of organic molecules on metal nanostructures: State of the art in SERS spectroscopy.- Multispot parallel on-line monitoring of interfacial binding reactions by surface plasmon microscopy.- Role of surfactants in water-borne coatings.- Some aspects of polymer colloids.- Production of nanoparticles: polymerization termination and molecular weights during radical-induced emulsifier-free emulsion polymerization (heterogeneous polymerization).- The synthesis of spherical rutile titanium dioxide particles and their interaction with polystyrene latex particles of opposite charge.

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Condizione: Nuovo
Collana: Progress in Colloid and Polymer Science
Dimensioni: 279 x 210 mm Ø 734 gr
Formato: Brossura
Illustration Notes:VIII, 284 p. 209 illus.
Pagine Arabe: 284
Pagine Romane: viii

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