Hemicelluloses - Gatenholm Paul; Tenkanen Maija | Libro Oxford University Press 10/2003 - HOEPLI.it

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gatenholm paul; tenkanen maija - hemicelluloses

Hemicelluloses Science and Technology


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Lingua: Inglese
Pubblicazione: 10/2003


Preface; Introduction; 1 Hemicelluloses and Their Derivatives: RunCang Sun, X.F. Sun, and J. Tomkinson: ; Isolation and Characterization; 2 Industrially Isolated Hemicelluloses: Juergen Puls and Bodo Saake: ; 3 Twin Screw Extrusion and Ultrafiltration for Xylan Production from Wheat Straw and Bran: P. Marechal, J. Jorda, P.-Y Pontalier, and L. Rigal: ; 4 Isolation and Characterization of Arabinoxylan from Oat Spelts: B. Saake, N. Erasmy, Th. Kruse, E. Schmekal, and J. Puls.: ; 5 Isolation, Characterization, and Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Acetyl-Galactoglucomannan from Spruce( Picea abies): H. Stoalbrand, J. Lundqvist, A. Andersson, P. H"agglund, L. Anderson, F. Tjerneld, A. Jacobs, A. Teleman, O. Dahlman, M. Palm, and G. Zacchi: ; Novel Analytical Methods; 6 Characterization of Hemicelluloses from Wood Employing Matrix-Assisted laser Desorption/Ionization Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry: Olof B. Dahlman, Anna Jacobs, and Maria Nordstr"om: ; 7 Characterization of Alkali-Soluble Hemicelluloses of Hardwood Dissolving Pulps: Ursula Mais and Herbert Sixta: ; 8 Identification of Structural Features of Various ( O-Acetylated) Xylo-Ogliosaccharides from Xylan-Rich Agricultural By-Products: A Review: Mirjam A. Kabel, Henk A. Schols, and Alphons G.J. Voragen: ; 9 Proton NMR Methods in the Compositional Characterization of Polysaccharides: David J. Kiemle, Arthur J. Stipanovic, and Kelly E. Mayo: ; 10 Specific Antibodies for Immunochemical Detection of Wood-Derived Hemicelluloses: Arja Lappalainen, Maija Tenkanen, and Jaakko Pere: ; Molecular Architecture and Assembly; 11 Isolation and Properties of Xylan: Rediscovery and Renewable Resource: Robert H. Marchessault: ; 12 Contribution of the Molecular Architecture of 4- O-Methyl Glucuronoxylan to Its Aggregation Behavior in Solution: Johannes P. Roubroeks, Bodo Saake, Wolfgang G. Glasser, and Paul Gatenholm: ; 13 The Softening Behavior of Hemicelluloses Related to Moisture: Anne-Mari Olsson and Lennart Salm'en: ; 14 Self-Assembly Behavior of Some Co-and Heteropolysaccharides Related to Hemicelluloses: ; Alan Esker, Ulrike Becker, Sylvie jamin, Shinji Beppu, Scott Renneckar, and Wolfgang Glasser: ; Interactions with Cellulose; 15 Sorption of Mannans to Different Fiber Surfaces: An Evolution of Understanding: Tea Hannuksela and Bjarne Holmbom: ; 16 Effect of Cellulose Substrate on Assembly of Xylans: ; oAsa Linder and Paul Gatenholm: ; 17 Interaction between Celluloe and Xylan: An Atomic Force Microscope and Quartz Crystal Microbalance Study: Arja Paananen, Monika "Osterberg, mark Rutland, tekla Tammelin, Terhi Saarrinen, Kirsi Tappura, and Per Stenius: ; Modifications and Applications; 19 Enzymatic Tailoring of Hemicelluloses: Maija Tenkanen: ; 20 Chemical Functionalization of Xylan: A Short Review: Thomas Heinze, Andreas Koschella, and Anna Ebringerov'a: ; 21 Preparation and Characterization of Arabinoxylan Esters: Charles M. Buchanan, Norma I. Buchanan, John S. Debenham, Paul Gatenholm, Maria Jacobsson, Michael C. Shelton, Thelma L. Watterson, and Matthew D. Wood: ; 22 New Hemicellulose-Based Hydrogels: Magaretha S"oderqvist Lindbald, Ann-Christine Albertsson, and Elisabetta Ranucci: ; 23 Production of Oxidized Guar Galactomannan and Its Applications in the Paper Industry: Sybe Hartmans, Hielke T. de Vries, Peter Beijer, Richard L. Brady, Michaela Hofbauer, and Alfred J. Haandrikman: ; Author Index; Subject Index


Hemicelluloses are present in large quantities in wood and in the majority of the plant tissues. They will be a valuable renewable resource for future industrial products, including plastics, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and food additives. This book covers their isolation, analysis, chemistry, technology, and applications.

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Condizione: Nuovo
Collana: ACS Symposium Series
Dimensioni: 236 x 24.0 x 158 mm Ø 662 gr
Formato: Copertina rigida
Illustration Notes:137 b/w illus.
Pagine Arabe: 400

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