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bambi cosimo (curatore); santangelo andrea (curatore) - handbook of x-ray and gamma-ray astrophysics

Handbook of X-ray and Gamma-ray Astrophysics


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Lingua: Inglese


Pubblicazione: 03/2024
Edizione: 2024


This book highlights a comprehensive coverage of X­-ray and Gamma-ray astrophysics. The first and the second parts discuss, respectively, X-ray and Gamma-ray experimental techniques and observatories. The third part is devoted to science, including galactic and extragalactic sources. The fourth and last parts are dedicated to analysis techniques in X-ray and Gamma-ray astronomy: spectral analysis, imagining analysis, timing analysis, and polarimetric analysis. Presenting the state of the art in X-ray and gamma-ray astronomy, this is both a valuable book for students and an important reference resource for researchers in the field.


Volume 1: X-ray Experimental Techniques and Missions.- Section I: Optics for X-ray Astrophysics.- Section II: Detectors for X-ray Astrophysics.- Section III: X-ray Missions.- Volume 2: Gamma-ray Experimental Techniques, Observatories, and Missions.- Section IV: Optics and Detectors for Gamma-ray Astrophysics.- Section V: Space-based Gamma-ray Observatories.- Section VI: Ground-based Gamma-ray Observatories.- Volume 3a: Galactic Sources.- Section VII: Solar System Planets.- Section VIII: The Sun, Stars, and Exoplanets.- Section IX: SNae, SNRs, and Diffuse Emission.- Section X: Compact Objects.- Volume 3b: Extra-Galactic Sources.- Section XI: Galaxies.- Section XII: Active Galactic Nuclei in X and Gamma-rays.- Section XIII: Galaxy Clusters.- Section XIV: Transient Events.- Section XV: Miscellanea.- Volume 4: Analysis Techniques in X-ray and Gamma-ray Astrophysics.- Section XVI: Spectral Analysis.- Section XVII: Imaging Analysis.-Section XVIII: Timing Analysis.- Section XIX: Polarimetry.


Cosimo Bambi is currently Xie Xide Junior Chair Professor at the Department of Physics at Fudan University. He received the Laurea degree from Florence University in 2003 and the PhD degree from Ferrara University in 2007. He worked as a postdoctoral research scholar at Wayne State University (2007-2008), at IPMU at The University of Tokyo (2008-2011), and in the group of Gia Dvali at LMU Munich (2011-2012). He joined Fudan University at the end of 2012 as Associate Professor under the Thousand Young Talents Program of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China. He was promoted to Full Professor at the end of 2013 and named Xie Xide Junior Chair Professor of Physics in 2016. In 2015, he was awarded a Humboldt Fellowship to collaborate with the group of Kostas Kokkotas at Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen. Professor Bambi has received a number of awards, including the Magnolia Gold Award in 2022 and the Magnolia Silver Award in 2018 from the Municipality of Shanghai, the International Excellent Young Scientists Award from the National Natural Science Foundation of China in 2022, and the Xu Guangqi Prize from the Embassy of Italy in Beijing in 2018.

Professor Bambi has worked on a number of topics in the fields of high-energy astrophysics, particle cosmology, and gravity. His main research interests focus on theoretical and observational studies of black holes. He has published about 200 papers on high impact factor refereed journals as first or corresponding author and has over 10,000 citations. He has authored/edited several academic books with Springer: "Introduction to Particle Cosmology: The Standard Model of Cosmology and its Open Problems" (Springer-Verlag Heidelberg Berlin, 2016), "Astrophysics of Black Holes: From Fundamental Aspects to Latest Developments" (Springer-Verlag Heidelberg Berlin, 2016), "Black Holes: A Laboratory for Testing Strong Gravity" (Springer Singapore, 2017), "Introduction to General Relativity" (Springer Singapore, 2018), "Tutorial Guide to X-ray and Gamma-ray Astronomy: Data Reduction and Analysis" (Springer Singapore, 2020), "Handbook of Gravitational Wave Astronomy" (Springer Singapore, 2022), "Regular Black Holes: Towards a New Paradigm of Gravitational Collapse" (Springer Singapore, 2023), and "High-Resolution X-ray Spectroscopy: Instrumentation, Data Analysis, and Science" (Springer Singapore, 2023). The book "Introduction to General Relativity" was published in Chinese by Fudan University Press in 2020, in Spanish by Editorial Reverte' in 2021, and in Persian by Jahan-Adib in 2022. Professor Bambi has also written a popular science book, "Niente e' impossibili: Viaggiare nel tempo, attraversare i buchi neri e altre sfide scientifiche" (in Italian), published by Il Saggiatore in 2020 and translated in Chinese and published by Fudan University Press in 2023.

Professor Andrea Santangelo Professor Andrea Santangelo studied Physicsat the University of Palermo in Italy and later specialised in Astrophysics at the Institute of Cosmic Physics of the Italian National Research Council, with Prof. Livio Scarsi, and at Columbia University, New York, with Prof. Robert Novick. After many years as staff scientist at the Italian CNR and INAF, Andrea Santangelo is since 2004 Professor of High Energy Astrophysics and Director of the High Energy Section of the Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics of the Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen in Germany.  He has served several terms as Director of the Institute and as Chairman of the physics department. In 2009 he was granted a RIKEN Grant as Senior Scientist, while in 2010 he was co-recipient, as member of the HESS collaboration, of the “Bruno Rossi” Prize for the scientific achievements of the HESS Telescope, and in 2007 he was co-recipient, as member of the HESS collaboration, of the European “Descartes” Prize for the scientific achievements of the HESS Telescope. In2016 he was granted a CAS President's International Fellowship as Visiting Full Professor at IHEP (CAS), and since then he has kept a close collaboration with IHEP. He is among the very few scientists who has been granted a second CAS President’s International Fellowship in 2021. Prof. Santangelo's research interests are in the field of multi-messenger astronomy with focus on High Energy Astrophysics, from a fraction of keV, in the X-rays, to 10^21 eV in the Ultra High Energy Comic rays. He has participated, with leading roles, to many X-ray missions such as BeppoSAX, INTEGRAL, XMM-Newton, eROSITA, and more recently to eXTP, THESEUS and ATHENA. He is also leading research for the TeV observatories HESS and CTA, and in the past, the EUSO program for the search of Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays from space. Among the sources populating the High Energy Sky Prof. Santangelo likes X-ray binaries very much, elusive dark matter sources, TeV emitters. Andrea Santangelo has published about 500 arti

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Condizione: Nuovo
Dimensioni: 235 x 155 mm
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Illustration Notes:LVII, 5950 p. 2227 illus., 1931 illus. in color. In 8 volumes, not available separately.
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