Governing The Provision Of Ecosystem Services - Muradian Roldan (Curatore); Rival Laura (Curatore) | Libro Springer 12/2014 -

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muradian roldan (curatore); rival laura (curatore) - governing the provision of ecosystem services

Governing the Provision of Ecosystem Services


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Lingua: Inglese


Pubblicazione: 12/2014
Edizione: 2013


Founded on the core notion that we have reached a turning point in the governance, and thus the conservation, of ecosystems and the environment, this edited volume features more than 20 original chapters, each informed by the paradigm shift in the sector over the last decade. Where once the emphasis was on strategies for conservation, enacted through instruments of control such as planning and ‘polluter pays’ legislation, more recent developments have shown a shift towards incentive-based arrangements aimed at those responsible for providing the environmental services enabled by such ecosystems. Encouraging shared responsibility for watershed management, developed in Costa Rica, is a prime example, and the various interests involved in its instauration in Java are one of the subjects examined here.


1.  Introduction: Governing the Provision of Ecosystem Services (Laura Rival and Roldan Muradian)

PART I: Keywords and Concepts

 2. Managing Tropical Forest Ecosystem Services: An Overview of Options (Jan Börner and S. A. Vosti)

 3. Partnerships in Global Governance: The Growth of a Procedural Norm Without Substance? (Teresa Kramarz)

 4. Ecosystem Services and Payment for Environmental Services: Two Sides of the Same Coin? (Denis Pesche, Philippe Méral, Marie Hrabanski and Marie Bonnin)

 5. Property Rights and Government Involvement in Market-like Biodiversity Conservation: Empirical Analysis of Bioprospecting (Per M. Stromberg, Unai Pascual and Claudia Ituarte-Lima)

PART II: The Construction and Evolution of Governance Regimes

 6. Political Transformation and Watershed Governance in Java: Actors and Interests (Martin Christian Lukas)

 7. Watershed Development, Decentralization and Institutional Change: Insights from the Mechanism Design Theory (Jayanath Ananda)

 8. Sharing the Costs and Benefits of Marine Protected Areas: Implications for Good Coastal Resource Governance (Maria Zita Toribio, Hazel Arceo and Porfirio Aliño)

 9. Indigenous Development Through Payments for Environmental Services in Arnhem Land, Australia: A Critical Analysis (Nanni Concu)

 10. A Nested Institutional Approach for Managing Bundle Ecosystem Services: Experience from Managing Satoyama Landscapes in Japan (Makiko Yashiro, Anantha Duraiappah, and Nicolas Kosoy)

 11. Institutional and Historical Analysis of Payments for Ecosystem Services in Madagascar (Cécile Bidaud, Philippe Méral, Fano Andriamahefazafy, Georges Serpantié, Louison Cahen-Fourot, and Aurélie Toillier)

 12. The Governance of Costa Rica’s Programme of Payments for Environmental Services: A Stakeholders’ Perspective (J Le Coq J.-F., Froger G., Legrand T., Pesche D., Saenz F.)

 13. Governance Across Multiple Levels of Agri-Environmental Measures in France (C. Maury, Xavier Augusseau, O. Aznar, M. Bonin, Philippe Bonnal, W. Daré, M. Décamps, Philippe Jeanneaux and A. Caron)

PART III: The Social Embedding of Pes

 14. Indigenous Protected Areas in Australia: The Importance of Geophysical and Institutional Scale in Assessing their Effectiveness for Biodiversity Conservation (Nanni Concu and Katherine May)

 15. Governing Forests for Environmental Provisioning Services: The Example of Honey Production in Southwest Ethiopia (K. Freerk Wiersum and Terefa Belay Endalamaw)

 16. Investing in Sustainable Use of Biodiversity for Social Benefit in Brazil (Peter H. May and Valéria Vinha)

 17. Integrating Agroecology with Payments for Ecosystem Services in Santa Catarina’s Atlantic Forest (Abdon Schmitt, Joshua Farley, Juan Alvez, Gisele Alarcon and Paola May Rebollar)

 18. Towards an Institutional Approach of Payments for Ecosystem Services: Supply and Demand Perspectives from two Case Studies in the Nicaraguan Agricultural Frontier (G. Van Hecken, J. Bastiaensen, and F. Huybrechs)

PART IV: The Special Case of Carbon Markets

 19. A Policy Mix to Finance Protected Areas in Mato Grosso, Brazil (João Andrade, Peter May and Paula Bernasconi)

 20. Forest Carbon Credits Generation in Brazil: The Case of Small Farmers (Sabina Cerruto Ribeiro, Laércio Antonio Gonçalves Jacovine, and Mariana Barbosa Vilar)

 21. Carbon Sequestration Projects in the Peruvian Tropical Forest (Teresa Rojas Lara and Thomas Berger)

 22. On-Farm Tree Planting in Ghana’s High Forest Zone: The Need To Consider Carbon Payments (Thomas F. G. Insaidoo, Mirjam A. F. Ros-Toren, and Emmanuel Acheampong)

 23. Ecosystem Services and Environmental Governance: Some Concluding Remarks (Roldan Muradian and Laura Rival)


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Condizione: Nuovo
Collana: Studies in Ecological Economics
Dimensioni: 235 x 155 mm Ø 7489 gr
Formato: Brossura
Pagine Arabe: 484
Pagine Romane: xvi

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