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hardman casey - game programming with unity and c#

Game Programming with Unity and C# A Complete Beginner’s Guide

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Lingua: Inglese


Pubblicazione: 06/2020
Edizione: 1st ed.


Game Programming with Unity and C#

1: Installation and Setup

2: Unity Basics

3: Manipulating the Scene

4: Parents and their Children

5: Prefabs

6: Programming Primer

7: Code Blocks and Methods

8: Conditions

9: Working with Objects

10: Working with Scripts

11: Inheritance

12: Debugging

Game Project 1: Obstacle Course

13: Obstacle Course Design and Outline

14: Player Movement

15: Death and Respawning

16: Basic Hazards

17: Walls and Goals

18: Patrolling Hazards

19: Wandering Hazards

20: Dashing

21: Designing Levels

22: Menus and UI

23: In-Game Pause Menu

24: Spike Traps

25: Obstacle Course Conclusion

Game Project 2: Tower Defense

26: Tower Defense Design and Outline

27: Camera Movement

28: Enemies, Towers and Projectiles

29: Build Mode

30: Play Mode

31: More Tower Types

32: Tower Defense Conclusion

Game Project 3: Physics Playground

33: Physics Playground Design and Outline

34: Mouse-aimed Camera

35: Advanced 3D Movement

36: Wall Jumping

37: Pulling and Pushing

38: Moving Platforms

39: Joints and Swings

40: Force Fields and Jump Pads

41: Physics Playground Conclusion and More


Designed for beginners with no knowledge or experience in game development or programming, this book teaches the essentials of the Unity game engine, the C# programming language, and the art of object-oriented programming. New concepts are not only explained, but thoroughly demonstrated.

Starting with an introduction to Unity, you'll learn about scenes, GameObjects, prefabs, components, and how to use the various windows to interact with the engine. You'll then dive into the fundamentals of programming by reviewing syntax rules, formatting, methods, variables, objects and types, classes, and inheritance, all while getting your hands dirty writing and testing code yourself. Later, the book explains how to expose script data in the Inspector and the basics of Unity’s serialization system. 

This carefully crafted work guides you through the planning and development of bare bones, simple game projects designed to exercise programming concepts while keeping less relevant interruptions out of the way, allowing you to focus on the implementation of game mechanics first and foremost. Through these example projects, the book teaches input handling, rigidbodies, colliders, cameras, prefab instantiation, scene loading, user interface design and coding, and more.

By the end, you'll have built a solid foundation in programming that will pave your way forward in understanding core C# syntax and fundamentals of object-oriented programming—not just what to type but why it's typed and what it’s really doing. Game Programming with Unity and C# will send you on your way to becoming comfortable with the Unity game engine and its documentation and how to independently seek further information on yet-untouched concepts and challenges.

What You'll Learn
  • Understand the fundamentals of object-oriented computer programming, including topics specifically relevant for games.
  • Leverage beginner-to-intermediate-level skills of the C# programming language and its syntax.
  • Review all major component types of the Unity game engine: colliders and rigidbodies, lights, cameras, scripts, etc.
  • Use essential knowledge of the Unity game engine and its features to balance gameplay mechanics for making interesting experiences. 
Who This Book Is For

Beginners who have no prior experience in programming or game development who would like to learn with a solid foundation that prepares them to further develop their skills.


Casey Hardman is a hobbyist game developer, who found inspiration in the capacity for immersion and interactivity provided by games. His area of focus is the Unity game engine. He has nurtured a passion for video games since he was a child. In his early teens, this interest led him on a journey into the world of game design and programming. He is self-taught through a variety of personal projects, some small and some lofty. He has been regular contributor on various online game development platforms and spends far too much time in front of a keyboard.

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Illustration Notes:121 Illustrations, black and white
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