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hung jason c (curatore); yen neil y. (curatore); li kuan-ching (curatore) - frontier computing

Frontier Computing Theory, Technologies and Applications

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Lingua: Inglese


Pubblicazione: 09/2018
Edizione: Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 2016


This volume contains the proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Frontier Computing (FC 2015), Bangkok, Thailand, September 9-11, 2015, and brings together state-of-the-art results covering many aspects of emerging computer science and information technology from international academic and industrial researchers.   FC 2015 aimed at providing an open forum to reach a comprehensive understanding of the recent advances and developing trends in information technology, computer science and engineering, with themes under the scope of communication networks, business intelligence and knowledge management, web intelligence, and any related fields that prompt the development of information technology.  Contributions cover a wide spectrum of topics: database and data mining, networking and communications, web and internet of things, embedded system, soft computing, social network analysis, security and privacy, optics communication, and ubiquitous/pervasive computing. Many papers have shown great academic potential and value, and in addition indicate promising directions of research in the focused realm of this conference series.

Readers, including students, researchers, and industry professionals, will benefit from the results presented in this book, and it provides indicators for emerging trends for those starting their research careers.  


 1 Cloud and Crowd Based Learning.

 2 Artificial Neural Network based Evaluation Method of Urban Public Security.

 3 Building the Search Pattern of Social Media User based on Cyber Individual Model.

 4 Design of health supervision system base on WBAN.

 5 The Analysis of Hot Topics and Frontiers of Financial Engineering Based on Visualization Analysis.

 6 An efficient ACL segmentation method.

 7 Image Haze Removal of Optimized Contrast Enhancement Based on GPU.

 8 Research of Thunderstorm Warning System Based on Credit Scoring Model.

 9 Cloud-Based Marketing: Does Cloud Applications for Marketing Bring Positive Identification and  Post-purchase Evaluation?

 10 Decision Analyses of Medical Resources for Disabled Elderly Home Care: The Super Aged District in Taiwan.

 11 The Research about Vehicle Recognition of Parallel Computing Based on GPU.

 12 Pseudo Nearest Centroid Neighbor Classification.

 13 Recommended System for Cognitive Assessment Evaluation Based on two-phase Blue-Red Tree of  Rule-Space Model-A Case Study of MTA Course.

 14 A Algorithm of Detectors Generating Based on Negative Selection Algorithm.

 15 A Algorithm of Detectors Generating Based on Negative Selection Algorithm.

 16 An Algorithm for Image Denoising Based on Adaptive Total Variation.

 17 Social Events Detection and Tracking based on Microblog.

 18 An optimization of the delay scheduling algorithm for real-time video stream processing.

 19 Microblogging Recruitment Information Mining.

 20 Community Trust Recommendation Based on Probability Matrix Factorization.

 21 Robust Markov Random Field Model for Image Segmentation.

 22 Community Clustering Based on Weighted Informative Graph.

 23 A Data Clustering Algorithm Using Cuckoo Search.

 24 The Application of Bacteria Swarm Optimization Algorithm in Site Choice of Logistics Center.

 25 SIDA: An Information Dispersal based Encryption algorithm.

 26 Software Behavior Analysis Method Based On Behavior Template.

 27 Formalizing Dynamic Service Interaction Based on Pi-Calculus.

 28 Applications of Video Structured Description Technology for Traffic Violation Monitoring.

 29 Research of Mining Multi-Level Association Rule Models.

 30 Research of the Dimension Combination Strategy Model.

 31 Short Latency Bias in Latency Matrix Completion.

 32 Facial Feature Extraction Based on Weithted ALW and Pulse-Coupled Neural Network.

 33 Event Representation and Reasoning Based on SROIQ and Event Elements Projection.

 34 The Research and Application of Data Warehouse's Model Design.

 35 Question Recognition Based on Subject.

 36 Development of a mobile augmented reality system to facilitate real-world learning.

 37 A simple randomized algorithm for complete target coverage problem in sensor wireless networks.

 38 A Novel Enveloped-Form Feature Extraction Technique for Heart Murmur Classification.

 39 Research on Network Security Strategy Model.

 40 Investigating on radioactivity of LBE and Pb in ADS Spallation Target.

 41 Design of Farmland Environment Remote Monitoring System Based on ZigBee Wireless Sensor  Network.

 42 Attractions and Monuments Touring System based on Cloud Computing and Augmented Reality.

 43 Constructing weighted gene correlation network on GPUs.

 44 Design of scalable control plane via multiple controllers.

 45 Research on Learning Record Tracking System Based on Experience API.

 46 An EF6 Code-First approach using MVC architecture pattern for watershed data download, visualization and analysis system development based on CUAHSI-HIS.

 47 Student-t Mixture Modelling for Image Segmentation With Markov Random Field.

 48 Integrated genetic algorithm and fuzzy logic for planning path of mobile robots.

 49 Characterization of Noise Contaminations in Realistic Heart Sound Acquisition.

 50 Independent Component Analysis of space-time patterns of Groundwater system.

 51 Analysis of the Status Quo of MOOCs in China.

 52 Detection for Different Type Botnets Using Feature Subset Solution.

 53 Rotation Invariant Feature Eextracting Of Seal Images Based on PCNN.

 54 The Taguchi System-Two Steps Optimal Algorithm based Neural Network for Dynamic Sensor  Product Design.

 55 Movie Recommendation Service with Linked Data Using Hadoop and Mahout.

 56 A Method of Event Ontology Mapping.

 57 A Research on Multi-Dimensional Multi-Attribute String Matching Mechanism for 3D Motion  Databases.

 58 A Novel Web Service Clustering Approach for Linked Social Service.

 59 Cloud Computing Adoption Decision Modelling for SMEs: From the PAPRIKA Perspective.

 60 Cost Analysis between Statins and Hepatocellular Carcinoma by Using Data Mining Approach.

 61 Hospital Service Queue Management System with Wireless Approach.

 62 A Smartphone Based Hand-held Indoor Positioning System.

 63 A Variational Bayesian Approach for Unsupervised Clustering.

 64 Virtualized Multimedia Environment for Shoulder Pain Rehabilitation.

 65 Multimedia Technology with Tracking Function for Hand Rehabilitation.

 66 LBS with University Campus Navigation System.

 67 An Efficient Energy Deployment Scheme of Sensor Node.

 68 Channel Equalization for MIMO LTE System in Multi-path Fading Channels.

 69 All-digital High-Speed Wide-Range Binary Detecting Pulse-Width Lock Loops.

 70 A BUS Topology Temperature Sensor Cell Design with System in Pakage Application.

 71 The Off-Axis Parabolic Mirror Optical Axis Adjustment based on lateral shearing interferometer.

 72 Two-mirror telescope Optical Axis Alignment by Additive Color Mixing Method.

 73 Design of relay lens based on zero Seidel aberrations.

 74 The optical spectra analysis of 4 LED white-light sources passing through different fogs.

 75 High Resolution Camera Lens Design for Tablet PC.

 76 Two-Wavelength Optical Microscope Optical Axis Adjustment by five incident parallel laser beams.

 77 The Correlation Analysis between the Non-Contact Intraocular Pressure and Dioptre.

 78 Automated Tool Trajectory Planning for Spray Painting Robot of Free-form surfaces.

 79 The research of analysis addiction for online game.

 80 Parameter estimation of trailing suction hopper dredger dredging model by GA.

 81 CPP Control System Design of Ship Based on Siemens PLC.

 82 The Surface Deformation Prediction of Ship-hull Plate for Line Heating.

 83 The Framework Research of the Internet of Things in Dispatching Emergency Supplies.

 84 Simulation and Optimization of the AS/RS Based on Flexsim.

 85 Design and Experiment of Control System for Underwater Ocean Engineering Structure Inspection  and Cleaning Remotely Operated Vehicle.

 86 A Using Experiment On Social Learning Environment Base on an Open Source Social Platform.

 87 User Authentication Mechanism on Wireless Medical Sensor Networks.

 88 Application of Cloud Computing for Emergency Medical Services :  A Study of Spatial  Analysis and Data Mining Technology.

 89 Soci


Dr. Jason C. Hung is an Associate Professor of Department of Information Management at Overseas Chinese University, Taiwan, ROC. His research interests include Multimedia Computing and Networking, Distance Learning, E-Commerce, and Agent Technology. From 1999 to date, he was a part time faculty of the Computer Science and Information Engineering Department at Tamkang University. Dr. Hung received his BS and MS degrees in Computer Science and Information Engineering from Tamkang University, in 1996 and 1998, respectively. He also received his Ph.D. in Computer Science and Information Engineering from Tamkang University in 2001. Dr. Hung has published over 110 papers and book chapters, as well as participated in many international academic activities, including the organization of many international conferences. He is the founder and Workshop chair of International Workshop on Mobile Systems, E-commerce, and Agent Technology. He is also the Associate Editor of the International Journal of Distance Education Technologies, published by Idea Group Publishing, USA.


Dr. Neil Y. Yen is an Associate Professor at the University of Aizu, Japan. Dr. Yen received doctorates in Human Sciences (major in Human Informatics) at Waseda University, Japan, and in Engineering (major in Computer Science) at Tamkang University, Taiwan in March and June 2012 respectively. His doctor degree at Waseda University was funded by the JSPS (Japan Society for the Promotion of Science) under RONPAKU program. Dr. Yen has actively involved himself in the international activities, including editorial works in journals and books, society services in academic conferences sponsored by IEEE/ACM, etc., and devoted himself to discover advanced and interesting research directions. Dr. Yen has been engaged in the interdisciplinary realms of research, and his research interests are now primarily in the scope of human-centered computing and big data.

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Condizione: Nuovo
Collana: Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering
Dimensioni: 235 x 155 mm Ø 1958 gr
Formato: Brossura
Illustration Notes:XXII, 1252 p. 507 illus., 135 illus. in color. In 2 volumes, not available separately.
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