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satin morton - food irradiation

Food Irradiation A Guidebook, Second Edition

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Lingua: Inglese

CRC Press

Pubblicazione: 01/1996
Edizione: Edizione nuova, 2° edizione


Food Irradiation
What Is Irradiation? Radioactivity How Is It Similar to Other Processes? In What Way Does Irradiation Affect Foods? Radiation Units A Short History of Food Irradiation
The Early Work Commercial Pasteurization Pasteurization Finally Succeeds Some Countries Still Do Not Have Pasteurized Milk The Relationship between Pasteurization and Food Irradiation Irradiated Milk
Foodborne Diseases
Perception of the Problem Terminology Our Awareness of Foodborne Disease Bacterial Diseases Mold Diseases Viruses Parasites The Costs of Foodborne Disease
The Use of Irradiation to Prevent the Spread of Foodborne Diseases
Why Use Food Irradiation? The Poultry Industry Spices
The Prevention of Food Losses after Harvesting
The Extent of Losses Causes of Losses The Need for Insect Quarantine Control of Sprouting and Germination Shelf Life Extension of Perishable Foods Delaying Ripening and Aging of Fruits and Vegetables Magnitude of Losses
Advocacy Objections to Food Irradiation (sampling of sections)
Food Irradiation Complaint List Food Irradiation Will Be Used to Mask Spoiled Food Food Irradiation Will Discourage Strict Adherence to GMP Food Irradiation Will Preferentially Kill "Good" Bacteria . . . Irradiated Foods Are Devitalized and Denatured Irradiated Foods Are Unnecessary Food Irradiation Impairs Flavor Food Irradiation Fails to Destroy Bacterial Toxins . . . Irradiated Food May Be Radioactive Irradiation Brings about Harmful Chemical Changes . . . Irradiated Foods Can Cause Genetic Mutations Polyploidy The . . . Issue Needs a Properly Referenced Scientific Report
Irradiated Foods and the Consumer
Consumer Reaction to Irradiated Foods Who Permits Freedom of Choice for Consumers? Influences upon Decision Makers Positive Consumer Action Legislation Market Choices Consumer Information The Media
Irradiation and the Food Industry
A Different Attitude towards Food Irradiation Risk versus Benefit Irradiated Food Liabilities Irradiated Food Advantages Future Applications
Some Final Thoughts
A World Free of Risk A Light at the End of the Tunnel A Free and Informed Choice
References, Index


Food irradiation has been in the news lately, and this news strongly favors the consideration of food irradiation as a practical, economical method for improving food safety and shelf life.
This new edition of a popular guidebook provides an updated, detailed, readable survey of the past, present and future of food irradiation. It covers a wide variety of topics ranging from the scientific basics to an examination of the many objections to food irradiation. Also included is a detailed discussion of the role of food irradiation in preventing a variety of foodborne diseases.

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