Farming, Food And Nature - D'silva Joyce (Curatore); Mckenna Carol (Curatore) | Libro Routledge 10/2018 -

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d'silva joyce (curatore); mckenna carol (curatore) - farming, food and nature

Farming, Food and Nature Respecting Animals, People and the Environment


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Lingua: Inglese


Pubblicazione: 10/2018
Edizione: 1° edizione

Note Editore

Livestock production and its use of finite resources is devastating biodiversity and pushing wildlife to the brink of extinction. This powerful book examines the massive global impact caused by intensive livestock production and then explores solutions, ranging from moving to agroecological farming to reducing consumption of animal products, including examples of best practice and innovation, both on land and within the investment and food industries.

Leading international contributors spell out the problems in terms of planetary limits, climate change, resources, the massive use of cereals and soy for animal feed, and the direct impact of industrial farming on the welfare of farmed animals. They call for an urgent move to a flourishing food system for the sake of animals, the planet and us. Some offer examples of global good practice in farming or the power of the investment community to drive change, and others highlight food business innovation and exciting developments in protein diversification. Providing a highly accessible overview of key issues, this book creates a timely resource for all concerned about the environmental, social and ethical issues facing food, farming and nature. It will be an invaluable resource and provide inspiration for students, professionals, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and the general reader.


1. Introduction

Joyce D’Silva and Carol McKenna

Part I Setting the Planetary Scene

2. Livestock and the Boundaries of our Planet

Katherine Richardson

Part II The Impacts of Livestock Production on the Natural World

3. The great disappearing act

Philip Lymbery.

4. Biodiversity, Extinction and Livestock Production.

Tony Juniper

5. Bees versus Robots

Dave Goulson

6. Conservation and the sacred cow

Dominic Wormell

7. Protecting the Cerrado and Sustainable diets: Complementary pathways towards a more conscious appetite

Jean François Timmers

8. The growing demand for fish: impacts on the environment, animal welfare and food security.

Krzysztof Wotjas and Natasha Boyland

Part III The Impact of Livestock Production on People

9. Livestock Production and Human Rights or How the Chicken Came Home to Roost

Raj Patel

10. The role of livestock in developing countries

Jimmy Smith

Part IV The significance of sentience in wild and farmed animals

11. Beyond Words: What Animals Think & Feel

Carl Safina

12. Creatures of the Factory Farm.

Joyce D’Silva

13. The scientific basis for action on animal welfare and other aspects of sustainability

Donald M. Broom

14. Green and pleasant farming: cattle, sheep and habitat.

John Webster

Part V Solutions for people, planet and animals

15. Agroecology working in Africa: The Case of Sustainable Agriculture Tanzania (SAT)

Janet Maro

16. Balancing the needs of food production, farming and nature in the UK uplands

Chris Clark & Pat Thompson

17. Chikolongo – a win for people and parks

Joseph Okori and Peter Borchert

18. Silvopastoral systems: A feasible step towards environmentally sustainable livestock systems in Mexico

Karen F Mancera

19. Farming in harmony with nature

Patrick Holden

Part VI Food Policy for the future

20. Paying for the true costs of our meat, eggs and dairy

Peter Stevenson

21. Changing the world, one meal at a time

Martin Palmer

22. The Sustainable Development Goals: challenge or opportunity?

Hans R Herren

23. Rethinking our global food systems

Jonathon Porritt

24. Sustainability in the Agro-Food sector

Karl Falkenberg

25. Farming insects for food or feed

Phil Brooke

26. Hopeful signposts to a plant-based future

Carol McKenna

Part VII Health and sustainable diets

27. Healthy and Sustainable Dietary Patterns for Prevention of Chronic Diseases and Premature Death

Elena Hemler and Frank B. Hu

28. The threat to Public Health from Livestock Production.

Aysha Akhtar

29. Food, feed and sustainable diets

Duncan Williamson

30. Conserving biodiversity through sustainable diets

Glyn Davies

31. The case for veganism

Andrew Knight and Jasmijn de Boo

Part VIII Investing in a Flourishing Food System

32. Corporate engagement strategies to improve farm animal welfare and why they work

Leah Garces

33. The Power of Investor Influence

Rosie Wardle

34. The Role of Business in Reducing Meat and Dairy Consumption

Michael Pellman Rowland

35. Plant-Based & Clean Meat Will Save The World

Bruce Friedrich

36. Conclusion

Joyce D’Silva and Carol McKenna


Joyce D’Silva is Ambassador Emeritus for Compassion in World Farming, the leading charity advancing the welfare of farm animals worldwide. She is co-editor of The Meat Crisis (second edition 2017).

Carol McKenna is Special Advisor to the Chief Executive of Compassion in World Farming and organised the Extinction and Livestock Conference on which this book is based.

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Condizione: Nuovo
Collana: Earthscan Food and Agriculture
Dimensioni: 9.25 x 6.25 in Ø 1.23 lb
Formato: Brossura
Illustration Notes:31 b/w images, 12 tables, 23 halftones and 8 line drawings
Pagine Arabe: 280
Pagine Romane: xxii

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