Exercise, Autophagy And Chronic Diseases - Chen Ning (Curatore) | Libro Springer 10/2021 - HOEPLI.it

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chen ning (curatore) - exercise, autophagy and chronic diseases

Exercise, Autophagy and Chronic Diseases

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Lingua: Inglese


Pubblicazione: 10/2021
Edizione: 1st ed. 2021


This book establishes a bridge between exercise-mediated functional status of autophagy and non-communicable chronic diseases for elucidating and clarifying the corresponding signal pathways and underlying mechanisms. The book consists of 13 chapters focusing on the in-depth discussion on signal pathways for regulating the functional status of autophagy for the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of chronic diseases, the optimization of exercise intervention strategies for common and frequently-occurring chronic diseases, and the development of exercise mimetic pills for the persons with disability for exercise performance, or the persons without willing to exercise. This book is interesting and will be useful to a wide readership in the various fields of exercise science, exercise fitness, sports medicine, preventive medicine, and functional foods.


Chapter 1. Molecular processes and regulation of autophagy.- Chapter 2. Acute and chronic exercise on autophagy.- Chapter 3. The beneficial roles of exercise-mediated autophagy in T2DM.- Chapter 4. Exercise-induced autophagy and obesity.- 5. Exercise-mediated autophagy and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.- Chapter 6. Exercise-mediated autophagy and brain aging.- Chapter 7. Exercise-mediated autophagy and Alzheimer’s disease.- Chapter 8. Exercise-induced autophagy and Parkinson’s disease.- Chapter 9.Exercise-mediated autophagy in cardiovascular diseases.- Chapter 10. Exercise-induced autophagy in the prevention and treatment of sarcopenia.- Chapter 11. Prospective advances in exercise-induced autophagy on health.- Chapter 12. Exercise mimetic pills for chronic diseases based on autophagy.- Chapter 13. Exercise-mediated functional status of autophagy is beneficial to health.


Dr. Ning Chen is a distinguished professor at College of Health Science in Wuhan Sports University in China. As the director of Tianjiu Research and Development Centre for Exercise Nutrition and Foods, and the director of Hubei Key Laboratory of Exercise Training and Monitoring, his current research focuses are: 1) exercise or nutrition intervention for the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of chronic diseases including diabetes, sarcopenia and brain aging, cardiovascular diseases, and sports injuries, as well as underlying mechanisms; 2) dietary supplements, functional foods, or exercise mimetic pills for the improvement of exercise performance, health promotion or chronic diseases, and underlying mechanisms; 3) high-altitude training or hypoxic training for the exercise adaptation or improvement of exercise performance and underlying mechanisms, as well as the development of biomarkers for exercise monitoring or gene-based athletic talent screening. His ultimate aim is to explore novel and effective targets and strategies for health promotion. He has received his Bachelor degree of Medicine majored in Pharmaceutical Science at Hubei University of Chinese Medicine, Master degree of Medicine majored in Sports Medicine at Wuhan Sports University, Master and PhD majored in Biochemistry at Georgia State University in USA. He has published a series of peer-reviewed articles in Ageing Research Reviews, Trends in Endocrinology and Metabolism, Autophagy, Oncogene, Nutrients, and Journal of Functional Foods with high citation. Meanwhile, his research achievements have been successfully granted a series of international and Chinese patents. In addition, he has completed or is being in charge of more than 10 foundation projects as a PI from National Natural Science Foundation of China and State Sports General Administration as well as Department of Education of Hubei Province. Currently, he is also the editorial board member of MDPI-Sports, the associate editor-in-chief of Food Science and Human Wellness, and the associate editor-in-chief of Journal of Future Foods.

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