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enfield n. j. - ethnosyntax

Ethnosyntax Explorations in Grammar and Culture

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Lingua: Inglese
Pubblicazione: 07/2002


Meanings of cultural importance are found not only in words but also in the very grammar of a language. This exciting collection presents eleven original studies of the relationship between grammar, culture, and cognition, with data from languages and cultures from around the world. Contributors discuss a wide variety of grammatical phenomena. This book shows that the study of culture can help to understand how and why languages differ in the ways they do.

Note Editore

This book provides a fresh and original approach to the 'ethnosyntax' concept - the proposition that the grammar of a language is intimately linked to the culture of its speakers. It focuses on three related questions: how far culture accounts for linguistic variation; how culture and grammar are connected; and to what extent one may constitute the other. It looks, for example, at the ways in which grammatical (including semantic) resources may be constrained by social values, and at the possible sociocultural significance of grammatical devices. The chapters add up to an important and timely contribution to the renewed debate among linguists and anthropologists on the relationship between grammar, culture, and cognition. The authors represent a wide range of research traditions, some of which have not until now explicitly addressed the grammar and culture issue. They consider the subject in the context of a wide range of cultures in North America, Europe, and Australasia. The clarity and accessibility of their writing, together with Dr Enfield's introduction to the field, make this not only a work or original value and impeccable scholarship, but an excellent modern textbook on a subject of enduring fascination in linguistics and anthropology.


1 - Ethnosyntax: Introduction
2 - Syntactic Enquiry as a Cultural Activity
3 - Ethnosyntax, Ethnopragmatics, Sign-Functions, and Culture
4 - Culture, Cognition, and the Grammar of 'Give' Clauses
5 - Masculine and Feminine in the Northern Iroquoian Languages
6 - Using He and She for Inanimate Referents in English: Questions of Grammar and World View
7 - A Study in Unified Diversity: English and Mixtec Locatives
8 - Enlgish Causative Constructions in an Ethnosyntactic Perspective: Focusing on 'LET'
9 - Changes within Pennsylvania German Grammar as Enactments of Anabaptist World View
10 - Cultural Logic and Syntactic Productivity: Associated Posture Constructions in Lao
11 - Aspects of Ku Waru Ethnosyntax and Social Life
12 - From Common Ground to Syntactic Construction: Associated Path in Warlpiri


N. J. Enfield is a staff member in the Language and Cognition Group at the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, Nijmegen. His work in semantic and grammatical description, contact and areal linguistics, gesture, and linguistic anthropology is based upon ongoing fieldwork in mainland Southeast Asia.

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Condizione: Nuovo
Collana: Oxford Linguistics
Dimensioni: 242 x 23.1 x 163 mm Ø 615 gr
Formato: Copertina rigida
Illustration Notes:numerous figures
Pagine Arabe: 336

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