Essential Mathematics For Engineers And Scientists - Pence Thomas J.; Wichman Indrek S. | Libro Cambridge University Press 05/2020 -

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pence thomas j.; wichman indrek s. - essential mathematics for engineers and scientists

Essential Mathematics for Engineers and Scientists


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Lingua: Inglese
Pubblicazione: 05/2020

Note Editore

This text is geared toward students who have an undergraduate degree or extensive coursework in engineering or the physical sciences and who wish to develop their understanding of the essential topics of applied mathematics. The methods covered in the chapters form the core of analysis in engineering and the physical sciences. Readers will learn the solutions, techniques, and approaches that they will use as academic researchers or industrial R&D specialists. For example, they will be able to understand the fundamentals behind the various scientific software packages that are used to solve technical problems (such as the equations describing the solid mechanics of complex structures or the fluid mechanics of short-term weather prediction and long-term climate change), which is crucial to working with such codes successfully. Detailed and numerous worked problems help to ensure a clear and well-paced introduction to applied mathematics. Computational challenge problems at the end of each chapter provide students with the opportunity for hands-on learning and help to ensure mastery of the concepts. Adaptable to one- and two-semester courses.


Part I. Linear Algebra: 1. Linear algebra and finite dimensional vector spaces; 2. Linear transformations; 3. Application to systems of equations; 4. The spectrum of eigenvalues; Part II. Complex Variables: 5. Basic concepts: 6. Analytic functions of a complex variable; 7. The Cauchy integral theorems; 8. Series expansions and contour integration; Part III. Partial Differential Equations: 9. Linear partial differential equations; 10. Linear ordinary differential equations; 11. Green's functions for ordinary differential equations; 12. Poisson's equation and Green's functions; 13. Combined Green's function and eigenfunction methods; Bibliography; Index.


Thomas J. Pence has taught at Michigan State University since 1986. His research in theoretical solid mechanics involves broad aspects of material modeling and structural stability, especially for soft highly deformable materials. A current focus is on the topic of nonlinear elastic and porous media as it relates to biological tissue growth and remodeling. Dr. Pence is active on the editorial boards of The Journal of Elasticity, The International Journal of Solids and Structures, and The Journal of Mechanics of Materials and Structures. He currently serves on the US National Committee for Theoretical and Applied Mechanics and was the organizer of the 2014 US National Congress on Theoretical and Applied Mechanics.
Indrek S. Wichman has taught at Michigan State University for thirty-three years, during which time he has won two teaching awards and developed or co-developed five courses, including the Engineering Analysis course on which this book is based. His research in combustion is largely theoretical but also has numerical and experimental components. One of the experiments was conducted on the International Space Station (ISS) in 2014; another is scheduled for 2021. An American Scientist cover article co-authored by Dr Wichman discussed his microgravity combustion research for NASA. His research has encompassed combustion, diffusion flames and flame/surface interaction as well as ignition, quenching and material flammability studies.

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