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yu ming-ho; tsunoda humio; tsunoda masashi - environmental toxicology

Environmental Toxicology Biological and Health Effects of Pollutants, Third Edition

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Lingua: Inglese

CRC Press

Pubblicazione: 11/2011
Edizione: Edizione nuova, 3° edizione

Note Editore

Human survival depends on the availability of clean air, water, and food and on the welfare of plants and animals. However, anthropogenic and naturally occurring chemicals can cause adverse effects on living organisms and ecological processes. Environmental Toxicology: Biological and Health Effects of Pollutants, Third Edition presents fundamental information on the effects of environmental toxicants on living systems. It focuses on the chemical and biological characteristics of major pollutants found in the air, water, and soil and relates them to the health and well being of humans, animals, and plants. An Indispensable Reference on Air, Soil, & Water Pollutants and Their Impact on Living Systems Surveying the environmental and health changes that have occurred in recent decades, the book discusses the sources, metabolism, and damage process of toxicants, and the environmental, biological, and nutritional factors that may influence toxicity. It looks at natural defense systems, including the mechanisms for detoxification—such as endogenous antioxidants and free radical scavenging enzymes—on a cellular level. The text examines the major toxicants: EPA criteria air pollutants, environmental fluoride, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), environmental metals and metalloids involved in soil and water pollution, and pesticides and related material such as PCBs and dioxins. It then addresses their relationship with endocrine disruption and environmental cancer. This comprehensive approach offers insight into the interaction of various chemical agents with DNA. Fully revised and expanded, the third edition of this popular book includes new and updated material as well as a new chapter on occupational toxicology. Appendices cover the process of ecological risk assessment, carcinogens, and PCB nomenclature. Based on research from more than 35 years of teaching environmental toxicology and related courses, this textbook is a useful resource for students, professionals, and researchers interested in the effects of pollutants on living systems. What’s New in This Edition A new chapter on occupational toxicology, covering indoor air quality, chemicals in the workplace, nanoparticle exposure, and more An updated chapter on environmental changes and health, including significant environmental changes that have occurred since the last edition An updated chapter on environmental cancer, including changes in death rates of respiratory cancers New material on the importance of nitrous oxide (N2O) in stratospheric ozone layer depletion An expanded discussion of environmental disasters


Introduction Study of Environmental ToxicologyImportance of Environmental Toxicology as an Area of ScienceIntroduction to this BookEnvironmental Changes and Health Our Changing EnvironmentAir PollutionIndoor Air PollutionWater PollutionSoil PollutionThe Changing DiseasesReview QuestionsReferencesOccurrence of Toxicants IntroductionVisible Smoke or SmogOffensive OdorsAgricultural DamageIntoxication of AnimalsInjuries to HumansChronic and Acute EffectsReferencesToxic Action of PollutantsIntroductionEffects on Plants Mammalian OrganismsMechanism of Toxic Action Review QuestionsReferencesFactors Affecting Xenobiotic Action Introduction Physiological PropertiesDose or Concentration Duration and Mode of ExposureEnvironmental Factors Interaction Biological Factors Nutritional Factors Review QuestionsReferencesBiotransformation: Metabolism of XenobioticsIntroduction Types of Biotransformation Mechanism of Biotransformation Characteristics of BiotransformationConsequence of Biotransformation Factors Affecting BiotransformationCharacteristics of the Cytochrome P450s Review QuestionsReferencesResponses to Environmental ToxicantsIntroduction Responses of Plants Responses of Humans and Animals Review QuestionsReferencesAir Pollution: Inorganic Gases Introduction Sulfur Dioxide Nitrogen Dioxide Ozone Carbon Monoxide Review QuestionsReferencesAir Pollution: Particulate Matter Introduction Characteristics of Particulate MatterFormation of Particulates Health Effects SilicaBeryllium AsbestosLeadReview QuestionsReferencesEnvironmental Fluoride Introduction Occurrence and Forms of Fluoride Industrial Sources of Fluoride PollutionEffects on Plants Effects on Animals Effects on Humans Biochemical Effect of FluorideNutrition and Fluoride ToxicityReview QuestionsReferencesVolatile Organic Compounds Introduction Sources Petroleum Hydrocarbons Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons Review QuestionsReferencesSoil and Water Pollution: Environmental Metals and Metalloids IntroductionLeadCadmiumMercuryNickelArsenicReview QuestionsReferencesPesticides and Related Materials IntroductionInsecticidesHerbicidesPolychlorinated BiphenylsPolybrominated BiphenylsDioxinReview QuestionsReferences Occupational ToxicologyIntroductionChanging Workplace EnvironmentThreshold Limit ValuesBiological Exposure IndicesRespiratory ToxicityOther Occupational Diseases Caused by Toxic SubstancesRecent Chemicals of ConcernReview QuestionsReferences Endocrine Disruption Introduction Review of Hormonal Function Characteristics of Endocrine Disrupters Mode of Action Examples of Endocrine Disruption Hormonal Cancers Testing Estrogenicity Review QuestionsReferences Mutagenic PollutantsIntroductionTypes of MutationEffects of MutationInduction of MutationReview QuestionsReferences Environmental CancerIntroductionCauses of CancerThree Stages in the Development of Cancer Metastasis Classification of Carcinogens Metabolism of Chemical Carcinogens Respiratory Cancer Death RatesDNA Repair Review QuestionsReferencesAppendix 1: Ecological Risk AssessmentAppendix 2: 11th Report on CarcinogensAppendix 3: List of Cigarette Smoke CarcinogensAppendix 4: Polychlorinated Biphenyl (PCB) NomenclatureIndex


Dr. Ming-Ho Yu is professor emeritus at Huxley College of the Environment, Western Washington University. Dr. Yu served as the vice president and president of the International Society for Fluoride Research (ISFR) from 1986 to 1996 and is the associate editor of Fluoride, the official publication of the society. He is a founding coeditor of Environmental Sciences, a journal published in Tokyo, Japan. Dr. Yu is the author of Environmental Toxicology: Impacts of Environmental Toxicants on Living Systems and Environmental Toxicology: Biological and Health Effects of Pollutants, Second Edition and coauthor of Introduction to Environmental Toxicology: Molecular Substructures to Ecological Landscapes, published by CRC Press. Dr. Humio Tsunoda is professor emeritus at Iwate Medical University in Morioka, Japan. He received a Green Cross Award from the Japan Industrial Safety and Health Association, and awards for distinguished service from the Ministry of Construction, the Ministry of Labor, the Japanese Association of Rural Medicine, the Japan Society for Atmospheric Environment, and the Japanese Society for Occupational Health. In 2010, Dr. Tsunoda received the Order of the Sacred Treasure, Gold Rays with Neck Ribbon from the government of Japan. Dr. Masashi Tsunoda is an associate professor at the Department of Preventive Medicine, Kitasato University School of Medicine in Japan. He is a councilor of the Japan Society for Biomedical Research on Trace Elements, an editorial board member of the International Society for Fluoride Research, and a board member of the Japanese Society of Immunotoxicology. He is coeditor of Kitasato Medical Journal and a guest reviewer of Toxicological Sciences.

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