Environmental Software Systems - Denzer Ralf (Curatore); Swayne David A. (Curatore); Purvis Martin (Curatore); Schimak Gerald (Curatore) | Libro Springer 03/2013 - HOEPLI.it

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denzer ralf (curatore); swayne david a. (curatore); purvis martin (curatore); schimak gerald (curatore) - environmental software systems

Environmental Software Systems Environmental Information and Decision Support

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Lingua: Inglese


Pubblicazione: 03/2013
Edizione: 2000


Part I: Enviromatics Introduction. Enviromatics: Environmental Information and Environmental Decision Support; R. Denzer. Part II: Environmental Issues. Will `environmental' be replaced by `extrasensory'?L. Morawska. Some Current Issues in Using Diffuse Large Datasets for Environmental Modelling in New Zealand; G. Mc Bride, et al. Part III: Environmental Information Systems Tools and Techniques. Self-Organising Maps for the Classification and Diagnosis of River Quality from Biological and Environmental Data; W. Walley, et al. Case Libraries and Information Theoretic Case Matching for Soil and Water Resources Management; S. Dorner, et al. A Distributed Architecture for Environmental Information Systems; M. Purvis, et al. Predicting Patterns in Spatial Ecology Using Neural Networks: Modelling Colonisation of New Zealand Fur Seals; C. Bradshaw, et al. Patterns of Use of Computer Support for Environmental Accreditation in Rural New Zealand; S. Mann, et al. B-Spline Surface Modelling with Adaptive de Boor Grids in Hydroinformatics; C. Lichy, et al. What Would a Reusable Meteorology Component for Environmental Models Look Like? C. Maul. The Use of UML for Model Design and Scientific Software Development; C. Maul. Part IV: Environmental Information Systems Implementations. Integration of Remote Data Into Water Resources Simulation Software: Now or Never? R. Argent. An EIS Called WuNDa; R. Güttler, et al. A Computer-Based Emission Inventory; G. Schimak, et al. Soil Quality Indicators on 5he World Wide Web; L. Lilburne, et al. BUBI: An interactive Water Utility Benchmarking Website; A. Jolma, et al. Teaching EIS Development - The EU Canada Curriculum on Environmental Informatics; D.Swayne, et al. Broad-Scale Land Condition Monitoring using Landsat TM and DEM-Derived Data; F. Evans, et al. Part V: Environmental Decision Support Systems. WWW Technology based Hydrological Information and Decision Support System; V. Keskisarja, et al. Lessons from an Environmental Information System Developed to Select a Radioactive Waste Disposal Site; S. Veitch. Water Quality Model Integration in a Decision Support System; L. León, et al. Integrated Assessments of River Health using Dcision Support Software; W. Young, et al. Assessment of Ecological Responses to Environmental Flow Regimes using a Decision Support System Framework; W. Booty, et al. Which Buttons and Bars? An Exercise in Community Participation in Decision Support Software Development; S. Cuddy, et al. Integration of Environmental Management into Production Organization and Information Systems; R. Pillep, et al. A Decision Support System for Real-Time Management of Water Quality in the San Joaquin River, California; N. Quinn. Part VI: Special Topics. Environmental Software Systems in Water Resources: Problems and Approaches Workshop Report; R. Argent. Environmental Decision Support Systems: Exactly What Are They? Workshop Report; D. Swayne, et al.


Environmental Informatics (or Enviromatics) is a maturing subject with interdisciplinary roots in computer science, environmental planning, ecology, economics and other related areas. Its practitioners must be prepared to work with many diverse professional groups. It forms the foundation for computer-assisted environmental protection.
This book contains an edited version of papers presented at the 3rd International Symposium on Environmental Software Systems (ISESS '99), which was held at the University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand, from August 30 to September 2, 1999, and was sponsored by the International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP). The text is divided into six sections:
  • Enviromatics - Introduction;
  • Environmental Issues;
  • Environmental Information Systems - Tools and Techniques;
  • Environmental Information Systems - Implementations;
  • Environmental Decision Support Systems;
  • Specialised Topics.
This state-of-the-art volume will be essential reading for computer scientists and engineers, ecologists, and environmental planners and managers.

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Condizione: Nuovo
Collana: IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology
Dimensioni: 235 x 155 mm Ø 433 gr
Formato: Brossura
Pagine Arabe: 270
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