Environmental Politics In Southern Europe - Eder K. (Curatore); Kousis M. (Curatore) | Libro Springer Netherlands 12/2000 - HOEPLI.it

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eder k. (curatore); kousis m. (curatore) - environmental politics in southern europe

Environmental Politics in Southern Europe Actors, Institutions and Discourses in a Europeanizing Society


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Lingua: Inglese
Pubblicazione: 12/2000
Edizione: 2001


`Europe is sometimes credited with a `polis,' but not a `demos'. Political integration and economic globalisation cannot diminish local identity and social memories. This fascinating collection of national case studies shows why there will always be a local `demos' located in ecology, economy, and society. But there will never be a transnational `demos', precisely because locality is the basis for meaningful sustainability. Long may it triumph.' Tim O'Riordan, CSERGE, University of East Anglia
'The book offers a refreshing perspective on the diversity of Europe and at the same time, on the interdependence of the policies, economies, and societies of European countries. Going beyond the dichotomies of `good and bad' and `leaders and laggards' in environmental matters, the authors contribute to a different understanding of the North-South divide in the process of European integration.' Angela Liberatore, European Commission, Directorate General for Research
`This is a self-consciously revisionist volume, whose findings are theoretically significant, policy-relevant, and timely. Its insistence on `bringing society back in,' its debunking of the notion of a `Mediterranean syndrome,' its emphasis on developmental `leapfrogging' capacity of late-comers to emerge as leaders in contexts of late modernity, and its systematic attempt to reconceptualize the politics of Europeanization should be carefully listed to students and policy-makers concerned with collective action, Southern Europe, European integration, and environmental politics.' P. Nikiforos Diamandouros, University of Athens


Contributors. Preface. EU policy-making, local action, and the emergence of institutions of collective action; M. Kousis, K. Eder. Part I: The Europeanization of Environmental Politics: Sustainability in Europe - North and South. 1. Sustainability as a Discursive Device for Mobilizing European Publics; K. Eder. 2. Sustainability and the North/South Divide; M. Redclift. 3. Sustainable Development - The Formal Or Informal Way? H. Briassoulis. 4. Sustainability and Tourism; C. Ruzza. Part II: Sustainability from Above and from Below in Southern Europe. Comparative Studies and Country Studies on Collective Action in Southern Europe. 5. Competing Claims in Local Environmental Conflicts in Southern Europe; M. Kousis. 6. Greek Rural Society and Sustainable Development; G.A. Daoutopoulos, et al. 7. The Ecologist Movement in the Basque Country; I. Barcena, P. Ibarra. 8. Grassroots Environmental Action in Portugal (1974-1994); E. Figueiredo, et al. Part III: Sustainability Discourses and the Emergence of Institutions for Collective Action in Southern Europe. 9. Sustainable Development and the Participation of Environmental NGOs in Spanish Environmental Policy; M. Jiménez. 10. Is Spanish Environmental Policy Becoming More Participatory? S.A. Fernández. 11. Interaction Between State and Non-state Actors in the Implementation of the CAP Agri-environmental Measures; L. Louloudis, et al. 12. Images of Sustainable Development in Italy; M. Diani. 13. From Common Interest To Partnership; A. Triandafyllidou.14. Non-Governmental Groups and the State; J.G. Nave. 15. Tourism Policy and Sustainability in Italy, Spain and Greece; G. Pridham. 16. Is There a Mediterranean Syndrome? K. Eder, M. Kousis. Index.

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