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novik oleg; smirnov feodor; volgin maxim - electromagnetic geophysical fields

Electromagnetic Geophysical Fields Precursors to Earthquakes and Tsunamis; Impacts on the Brain and Heart

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Lingua: Inglese


Pubblicazione: 05/2019
Edizione: 1st ed. 2019


This book develops the theory of electromagnetic (EM) precursors to seaquakes (i.e. underwater earthquakes) and tsunamis, including the sequential stages of the transformation of a weak seismic mechanical excitation of the sea bottom into EM signals in the atmosphere.  It further examines the relationship between geophysics and biophysics, using appropriate mathematical support, and a new model of the magnetic location of the epicenter of a possible land earthquake is described, as well as a block-scheme of the multidisciplinary multilevel seaquake monitoring complex. Also discussed are measured changes of brain bioelectric activity and heart functioning under the influence of moderate geomagnetic storms.   

 Written for researchers and specialists (e.g. upper level undergraduates, postgraduates, scientists) in mathematical, computational, geophysical, biophysical, geodynamical, seismological and prognostic disciplines, this book provides multidisciplinary data and analytical tools supporting the theory and practice of seismic prognosis, promoting further understanding of novel marine and land monitoring systems.



Acknowledgements.- Introduction:  Low-frequency electromagnetic (EM) signals of dangerous dynamical processes in the geospheres including the noosphere.- Part I: SEISMO-HYDRO-ELECTROMAGNETICS.- Chapter 1. Calculations of low-frequency seismo-EM and seismo-thermal fields in the media with low-resistivity structures (LRS).- Chapter 2. Theory of magnetic location of the epicenter area of a possible earthquake.- Chapter 3. EM signals of seismic activation of geological structures under the bottom of a marginal sea.- Results, practical recommendations, and discussion.- Part II: INFLUENCE OF GEOMAGNETIC STORMS ON THE HUMAN BRAIN AND HEART.- Introduction:  We are investigators of geophysical fields, but we are under their influence (to measure connection of a human brain with Cosmos).- Chapter 1. Space weather.- Chapter 2. Elements of statistics of time series of signals; the coherence function.- Chapter 3. Preliminary information regarding measurements of influence of geomagnetic storms on the human brain’s bioelectric activity.- Chapter 4.  Space weather influence on the human brain’s bioelectric activity.- Chapter 5.  Analysis of electrocardiograms (ECG) in parallel with electroencephalograms  (EEG)  by the same factors of meteo  and space weather.- Results, practical recommendations, and discussion.- Part III: SEISMO-HYDRO-ELECTROMAGNETICS: MATHEMATICAL BACKGROUND.- Introduction.- Chapter 1. String-diffusion systems of equations (SDSE) of interaction of mechanic, electromagnetic (EM), and thermal geophysical fields.- Chapter 2. Numerical stability of the discretized initial-boundary value problems of SDSE.- Chapter3. A model description of running waves (rw) on water.- Discussion.- Conclusion.- Index.



Dr. Oleg Bencionovich Novik has published over one hundred papers and a monograph on partial and ordinary differential equations, namely: string-diffusion systems of partial differential equations, ordinary differential equations with shock waves, applications in hydrodynamics, magneto-thermo-elasticity theory, optimal control in hydrogeology, and geophysics including the magnetic storms’ influence on the brain, land, and marine geodynamics. He is a researcher at IZMIRAN and part-time lecturer in mathematical and functional analysis, partial differential equations, ordinary differential equations, and optimization theory at St. Petersburg State University, Moscow Energy Institute (Technical University), and Moscow State Geological Prospecting University.

Feodor Alexandrovich Smirnov’s work is connected with measuring the electric potentials of the human cerebral cortex. Since 2005 he has been a junior researcher in the laboratory of Dr. Novik where he is investigating the cosmic weather influence on the coherence of the brain electromagnetic processes.    

Maxim Nikolaevich Volgin is a Ph. D student at IZMIRAN where he is investigating the computational methods for partial differential equations and their application in the magnetic location of the earthquake epicenters. The results are published in Russian and English, including papers presented at scientific conferences, and will be included in his PhD thesis.

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