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berthelin jacques (curatore); huang p.m. (curatore); bollag j-m. (curatore); andreux francis (curatore) - effect of mineral-organic-microorganism interactions on soil and freshwater environments

Effect of Mineral-Organic-Microorganism Interactions on Soil and Freshwater Environments

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Lingua: Inglese


Pubblicazione: 10/1999
Edizione: 1999


The Working Group M.O. (Interactions of soil minerals with organic components and microorganisms) (WGMO) of the International Soil Science Society (ISSS) was founded in 1990 at the 14th World Congress of Soil Science (Kyoto, Japan), with Professor P.M. Huang being the Chairman. Since then, the Working Group M.O. has served as a forum to bring together soil chemists, soil mineralogists, soil microbiologists, soil biochemists, soil physi­ cists and environmental, ecological, and health scientists. The objective of the Working Group M.O. is to promote research, teaching, and also the exchange of technology concerning the knowledge and the impact of the interactions between minerals-organics and microorganisms on environmental quality, agricultural sustainability, and ecosystem "health". This group is first a scientific group as defined just previously, but it also intends to develop exchange and transfer between scientists and engineers. The first International Meeting organized by Professor P. M. Huang, was held in Edmonton, Canada, in August 1992, where 87 papers were presented by scientists from 20 countries. Following this meeting, a two volume book was edited by P. M. Huang, J. Berthelin, J.-M. Bollag, W. B. McGill, and A. L. Page, entitled "Environmental impact of soil component interaction" : Volume I "Natural and anthropogenic organic-volume II "Metals, other inorganic and microbial activities", and published by c.R.C. Lewis Pub­ lishers (1995).


Part I: Reactivity and Transformations of Mineral Constituents and Metals at the soil-solution interfaces. 1. Sorption mechanisms at the solid-water interface; Ph. Behra, et al. 2. Comparison between bacterial and chemical dissolution of Al-substituted goethite. Incidence on mobilization of iron; N. Bousserrhine, et al. 3. Preparation and thermodynamic equilibria of green rusts in aqueous solutions and their identification as mineral in hydromorphic soils; J.-M.R. Génin, et al. 4. An XPS and AFM coupled study of air and bio-oxydized pyrite surfaces; V. Toniazzo, et al. 5. Transformation of iron-containing minerals in kaolin during growth of a mixed bacterial culture derived from kaolin; E.S. Shelobolina, et al. 6. Effect of succinic acid produced by microorganisms and plant roots on copper sorption by soil; T. Pampura, M. Ustinin. 7. Interaction of iron and organic matter in relation to its uptake by plants; A.M. Elgala. 8. Effects of organic matter, iron and aluminium on soil structural stability; M. Arias, et al. 9. Interactions of mugineic acid with allophane, imogolite, montmorillonite and gibbsite; S. Iridate, K. Inoue. 10. Aluminium speciation, toxicity and transfer from soils to surface waters in two contrasting watersheds exposed to acid deposition in the Vosges Mountains (North-Eastern France); O. Maitat, et al. 11. Ultrafiltration as a means to investigate copper resistance mechanisms in soil bacteria; I. Lamy, et al. Part II: Nature, Dynamics and Transformations of Organic Compounds and Enzymes in Soils. 12. Application of organicgeochemistry techniques to environmental problems; P. Faure, et al. 13. In situ ATR-FTIR characterization of organic macromolecules aggregated with metallic cations; F. Quilè, et al. 14. The structure of organic nitrogen in particle size fractions determined by 15N CPMAS NMR; H. Knicker, et al. 15. Polymerization: a possible consequence of copper-phenolic interactions; A. Oess, et al. 16. Effect of pH, Exchange Cations and Hydrolitic Species of Al and Fe on Formation and Properties of Montmorillonite-Protein Complexes; A. De Cristofaro, et al. 17. Adsorption and properties of urease immobilized on several iron, and aluminium oxides (hydroxides) and kaolinite; Q. Huang, et al. 18. The fate of acid phosphatase in the presence of phenolic substances, biotic and abiotic catalysts; M.A. Rao, et al. 19. Kinetics of catechol oxidation catalyzed by tyrosinase or &dgr;-MnO2; A. Naidja, et al. 20. Plant residue decomposition: effect of soil porosity and particle size; L. Fruit, et al. 21. The effect of humic substances from oxyhumolite on plant development; S.S. Gonet, et al. 22. Changes in some properties of humic substances from Melanudands induced by vegetational succession from grass to deciduous trees; T. Higashi, et al. 23. Characterization of the organic substances in reclaimed soils; L. Petrova, et al. Part III: Microorganism-Colloid Interactions and their Effect on Bioavailability of Pollutants and Nutrients in Terrestrial and Freshwater Environments. 24. Interactions between polychlorinated bip

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