Eating Together. Design And History - Bugatti Angelo; Castellano Aldo; Yi Chen | Libro Maggioli Editore 03/2018 -

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bugatti angelo; castellano aldo; yi chen - eating together. design and history


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Lingua: Italiano
Pubblicazione: 03/2018


Milan EXPO 2015 took up dining issue as the theme: "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life". The theme encompassed technology, innovation, culture, traditions and creativity. It's related to every being on this small planet. In the same year, there was another exposition in Shanghai, the Shanghai Urban Space Art Season 2015. During the Shanghai Urban Space Art Season 2015, was also made the exibition "The Beauty in Eating Together". The curators were Italian and Chinese scholars, e.g. Prof. Angelo Bugatti from The University of Pavia, Prof. Aldo Castellano from Polytechnic University of Milan and Prof. Chen Yi from Tongji University; they have made a deep research on this topic. The European and Chinese history, society and dining spaces in past, today and future have been narrated on exhibition, though it was certainly small in scale to comparing with the grand exposition in Milan but it has also gained good reputation and extensive attention. Since then the curators would expand their researches, as we will take the advantage of this research experience. The authors are all architects, and are also famous professors and scholars in architectural design, education and theory researches. They had been building expansive and comprehensive collaborations in aspects of education, research, international exchange, and organizing workshops, seminars, exhibitions and others since last 20 years and owned international reputations. This library is an achievement on international corporations and joint research, thus, it generated the first book series for this topic including three volumes, which are: 1) Eating together. History, Culture, and Architecture; 2) Eating together. Design and History; 3) Eating together. Design Studies and New Trends. The books take anthropological and sociological view to study the dining space. Wherever dining in Italy or China, everywhere would always become a most important issue. In China, there is a canon, "Food is the first necessity for people". Dining is an ancient topic too: about 2500 years ago, Confucius said himself on dining that "he did not eat his fill of polished rice, nor did he eat his fill of finely minced meat". Dining is not just a daily necessary, but also related to history, culture, humanity, economy and politics. Zheng Shiling Authors Allegri, Davide: Adjunct Professor of Technology in School of Architecture Urban Planning Construction Enginnering - Politecnico di Milano. Ph.D in Design and Technologies for Cultural Heritages. Graduate School in Architectural and Landscape Heritage. Associate architect of LEND studio. Bugatti, Angelo: Architect, author of a lot of books and architectonic works as houses, plazas, public sites and restauration of heritage. Former President of Double Degree Program in Building engineer/architecture and full Professor in Architectural Composition and Urban Design, is Advisory Professor of Tongji University; President of scientific committee for artistic sites in Lombardy. He focuses his interest in renewal of urban design and architectural significant into the future way of life and work. Castellano, Aldo: Full Professor of History of Architecture in School of Architecture Urban Planning Construction Enginnering - Politecnico di Milano. Visiting Professor of College of Architecture & Urban Planning in Tongji University. Member of different Association of History. Co-curated of international exhibitions on architecture and urban design. Chen, Yi: Ph.D., Full Professor of College of Architecture & Urban Planning in Tongji University, National 1st Class Registered Architect, Member of Academic Committee of CAUP, Visiting Professor of University of Pavia, Deputy Director of the Professional Committee of Interior and Exterior Environmental Design of The Architectural Society of Shanghai, Member of Environmental Art Design Committee of China Artists Association. Delsante, Ioanni: Reader in Urban Design in the School of Art,...

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