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reigber christoph (curatore); lühr hermann (curatore); schwintzer peter (curatore); wickert jens (curatore) - earth observation with champ

Earth Observation with CHAMP Results from Three Years in Orbit

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Lingua: Inglese


Pubblicazione: 10/2004
Edizione: 2005


In the summer of 2000 the German geo-research satellite CHAMP was launched into orbit. Its innovative payload arrangement and the low initial orbit allow CHAMP to simultaneously collect and almost continuously analyse precise data relating to gravity and magnetic fields at low altitude. In addition, CHAMP also measures the neutral atmosphere and ionosphere using GPS techniques. Three years after launch, more than 200 CHAMP investigators and co-investigators from all over the world met at the GeoForschungsZentrum in Potsdam to present and discuss the results derived from the  extensive data sets of the mission. The main outcome of this expert meeting is summarized in this volume. The book offers a comprehensive insight into the present status of the exploitation of CHAMP data for Earth system research and practical applications in geodesy, geophysics and meteorology.


Orbit and Earth Gravity Field.- Ice Mass Balance and Antarctic Gravity Change: Satellite and Terrestrial Perspectives.- Gravity Model TUM-2Sp Based on the Energy Balance Approach and Kinematic CHAMP Orbits.- On the Contribution of CHAMP to Temporal Gravity Field Variation Studies.- Earth Gravity Field and Seasonal Variability from CHAMP.- Comparison of Superconducting Gravimeter and CHAMP Satellite Derived Temporal Gravity Variations.- Improvements in Arctic Gravity and Geoid from CHAMP and GRACE: An Evaluation.- Evaluation of Gravity Data by EIGEN-2 (CHAMP-only) Model in China.- Energy Balance Relations for Validation of Gravity Field Models and Orbit Determinations Applied to the CHAMP Mission.- Evaluation of Terrestrial Gravity Data by Independent Global Gravity Field Models.- Recent Developments in CHAMP Orbit Determination at GFZ.- On Calibrating the CHAMP On-Board Accelerometer and Attitude Quaternion Processing.- Evaluation of the CHAMP Accelerometer on Two Years of Mission.- A New Method to Detect and Estimate CHAMP Clock Bias Change Cycle Slip.- Comparison of Different Stochastic Orbit Modeling Techniques.- Determination of Non-Conservative Accelerations from Orbit Analysis.- CHAMP and Resonances.- CHAMP Gravity Field Solutions and Geophysical Constraint Studies.- Application of Eigenvalue Decomposition in the Parallel Computation of a CHAMP 100x100 Gravity Field.- Time-Variable Gravity Seen by Satellite Missions: On its Sampling and its Parametrization.- Gravity Field Recovery by Analysis of Short Arcs of CHAMP.- Statistical Assessment of CHAMP Data and Models Using the Energy Balance Approach.- Multiscale Geopotential Solutions from CHAMP Orbits and Accelerometry.- Multiscale Modeling from EIGEN-1S, EIGEN-2, EIGEN-GRACE01S, UCPH2002_0.5, EGM96.- A Comparison of Various Procedures for Global Gravity Field Recovery from CHAMP Orbits.- Precise Orbit Determination for CHAMP Using an Efficient Kinematic and Reduced-Dynamic Procedure.- On Bias and Scale and Thrust Factors for CHAMP Accelerometry.- CHAMP Accelerometer Preprocessing at GeoForschungsZentrum Potsdam.- CHAMP Clock Characterization Revisited.- How Baltic Sea Water Mass Variations Mask the Postglacial Rebound Signal in CHAMP and GRACE Gravity Field Solutions.- The Impact of the New CHAMP and GRACE Gravity Models on the Measurement of the General Relativistic Lense-Thirring Effect.- Recovery of Isostatic Topography over North America from Topographic and CHAMP Gravity Correlations.- Dynamic Topography as Reflected in the Global Gravity Field.- Impact of the CHAMP Mission on Estimating the Mean Sea Surface.- Improved Estimates of the Oceanic Circulation Using the CHAMP Geoid.- Contemporary Changes in the Geoid About Greenland: Predictions Relevant to Gravity Space Missions.- Mantle Viscosity and S-Wave to Density Conversion Profiles using CHAMP Geoid Data.- Regional Geoid Undulations from CHAMP, Represented by Locally Supported Basis Functions.- Earth Magnetic Field.- Ionospheric Plasma Effects for Geomagnetic LEO Missions at Mid- and Low-Latitudes.- Interpretation of CHAMP Crustal Field Anomaly Maps Using Geographical Information System (GIS) Technique.- Magnetic Crustal Thickness in Greenland from CHAMP and Ørsted Data.- CHAMP Magnetic Anomalies of the Antarctic Crust.- Magnetic Petrology Database for Interpretation Satellite Magnetic Anomalies.- Balloon Geomagnetic Survey at Stratospheric Altitudes.- Effect of Varying Crustal Thickness on CHAMP Geopotential Data.- Reliability of CHAMP Anomaly Continuations.- Introducing POMME, the POtsdam Magnetic Model of the Earth.- Alternative Parameterisations of the External Magnetic Field and its Induced Counterpart for 2001 and 2002 Using Ørsted, Champ and Observatory Data.- New Insight into Secular Variation Between MAGSAT and CHAMP/ØRSTED.- Time Structure of the 1991 Magnetic Jerk in the Core-Mantle Boundary Zone by Inverting Global Magnetic Data Supported by Satellite Measurements.- Use of Champ Magnetic Data to Improve the Antarctic Geomagnetic Reference Model.- Secular Variation of the Geomagnetic Field from Satellite Data.- The Spectrum of the Magnetic Secular Variation.- Geomagnetic Induction Modeling Based on CHAMP Magnetic Vector Data.- Electromagnetic Induction by Sq Ionospheric Currents in a Heterogeneous Earth: Modeling Using Ground-based and Satellite Measurements.- Wavelet Analysis of CHAMP Flux Gate Magnetometer Data.- Modelling the Ocean Effect of Geomagnetic Storms at Ground and Satellite Altitude.- 3-D Modelling of the Magnetic Fields Due to Ocean Tidal Flow.- The Enhancement of the Thermospheric Density During the Sept. 25–26, 2001 Magnetic Storm.- On the Modelling of Field-Aligned Currents from Magnetic Observations by Polar Orbiting Satellites.- The Low-Altitude Cusp: Multi-Point Observations During the February 2002 SIRCUS Campaign.- Detection of Intense Fine-Scale Field-Aligned Current Structures in the Cusp Region.- A Comparative Study of Geomagnetic Pi2 Pulsations Observed by CHAMP and on the Ground.- ULF Wave Magnetic Measurements by CHAMP Satellite and SEGMA Ground Magnetometer Array: Case Study of July 6, 2002.- Classes of the Equatorial Electrojet.- The ESPERIA Project: a Mission to Investigate the near-Earth Space.- Status of the CHAMP ME Data Processing.- Neutral Atmosphere and Ionosphere.- Atmospheric and Ocean Sensing with GNSS.- Amplitude Variations in CHAMP Radio Occultation Signal as an Indicator of the Ionospheric Activity.- About the Potential of GPS Radio Occultation Measurements for Exploring the Ionosphere.- Validation of GPS Ionospheric Radio Occultation results onboard CHAMP by Vertical Sounding Observations in Europe.- Ionospheric Tomography with GPS Data from CHAMP and SAC-C.- Topside Plasma Scale Height Modelling Based on CHAMP Measurements: First Results.- Differential Code Bias of GPS Receivers in Low Earth Orbit: An Assessment for CHAMP and SAC-C.- Ionosphere/Plasmasphere Imaging Based on GPS Navigation Measurements from CHAMP and SAC-C.- Three-Dimensional Monitoring of the Polar Ionosphere with Ground- and Space-Based GPS.- Comparison of Electron Density Profiles from CHAMP Data with NeQuick Model.- Model for Short-term Atmospheric Density Variations.- Atmospheric Profiling with CHAMP: Status of the Operational Data Analysis, Validation of the Recent Data Products and Future Prospects.- Simulated Temperature and Water Vapor Retrieval from Bending Angles and Refractivity Measurements using an Optimal Estimation Approach.- An Analysis of the Lower Tropospheric Refractivity Bias by Heuristic Sliding Spectral Methods.- Diffractive Integrals for Bistatic Remote Sensing Using GPS Signals.- Canonical Transform Methods for Analysis of Radio Occultations.- GPS Radio Occultation with CHAMP: Comparison of Atmospheric Profiles from GFZ Potsdam and IGAM Graz.- Evaluation of Stratospheric Radio Occultation Retrieval Using Data from CHAMP, MIPAS, GOMOS, and ECMWF Analysis Fields.- Derivation of the Water Vapor Content from the GNSS Radio Occultation Observations.- Processing of CHAMP Radio Occultation Data Using GRAS SAF Software.- Gravity Wave "Portrait" Reconstructed by Radio Holographic Analysis of the Amplitude of GPS Radio Occultation Signals.- Global Analysis of Stratospheric Gravity Wave Activity Using CHAMP Radio Occultation Temperatures.- Tropical Tropopause Characteristics from CHAMP.- Comparisons of MIPAS/ENVISAT and GPS-RO/CHAMP Temperatures.- Comparison of GPS/SAC-C and MIPAS/ENVISAT Temperature Profiles and Its Possible Implementation for EOS MLS Observations.- Structure and Variability of the Tropopause Obtained from CHAMP Radio Occultation Temperature Profiles.- An Assessment of an Ionospheric GPS Data Assimilation Process.- The Continuous Wavelet Transform, a Valuable Analysis Tool to Detect Atmospheric and Ionospheric Signatures in GPS Radio Occultation Phase Delay Data.- The CHAMP Atmospheric Processing System for Radio Occultation Measurements.- Potential Contribution of CHAMP Occultation

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