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johnson kaprea f. (curatore); sparkman-key narketta m. (curatore); meca alan (curatore); tarver shuntay z. (curatore) - developing anti-racist practices in the helping professions: inclusive theory, pedagogy, and application

Developing Anti-Racist Practices in the Helping Professions: Inclusive Theory, Pedagogy, and Application

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Lingua: Inglese
Pubblicazione: 06/2022
Edizione: 1st ed. 2022


This book provides an interdisciplinary structure to critique existing approaches that have failed to eradicate systemic inequalities across helping professions. This timely contribution offers helping professionals sought after resources that many are clamoring for to improve their practice, their pedagogical stance, and their knowledge as it relates to antiracism and antiracist approaches. This collection of chapters that cover antiracist research, theory and practice approaches is in direct response to  Kendi’s (2019) call to action to examine and revise institutional policies and practices to become antiracist. Collectively this book advances existing research and resources by providing interdisciplinary strategies for helping professionals to engage in antiracism through critical evaluation of research, practice, and policies. Doing so empowers helping professionals across disciplines to employ antiracist strategies that deconstruct and dismantle racism embedded within the foundational origins, professional standards, and disciplinary practices of helping professions while simultaneously merging research, practice, and advocacy that employs antiracist practices.


1. Introduction.
Section I. Antiracist Helping Professions Theoretical Underpinnings.
2. Introduction to Anti-Racist Theories.
3. The Importance of Culturally Responsive and Afrocentric Theoretical Frameworks-A Call for More Inclusive Curriculum in Counselor Education.
4. Antilinguicist Schools, Antilinguicist Systems.
5. Moving Beyond Performative Allyship: A Conceptual Framework for Anti-racist Co-conspirators.
6. Service or Saviorism: Deconstructing Benevolent Racism in the Helping Professions.- Section II. Antiracist Pedagogy in Helping Professions.
7. Antiracist Pedagogy for Helping Professionals.
8. The Linguistic Gospel Truth: Implementing Inclusive Language Practices for Navigating the Educational Space.
9. Decentering Whiteness in Teaching Psychopathology: Challenges and Opportunities.
10. An Antiracist Approach to Social Work Education at HBCUs.
11. Program Practices for Cultivating Antiracist Counselors.
12. Examining Multicultural Pedagogy in Counselor Programs: Recommendations for Enhanced Clinical Competency.
13. Strategies for Implementing Antiracist Frameworks in Teaching Materials for Health Professions.
Section III. Antiracist Helping Professions in Application.
14. Breaking Strongholds: Equity Centering in Helping Approaches.
15. Voices from the Field of School Counseling: Promoting Anti-Racism in School Settings.
16. “There Isn’t a Racist Bone in My Body!”: A Case Study on Fostering Anti-Racism in School Counseling.- 17. Antisemitism and Islamophobia: Old and Dynamic Racisms.
18. Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Training in a New Key: Adapting a Race-Class Lens for the Helping Professions.
19. Antiracism and Health: An Action Plan for Mitigating Racism in Healthcare.
20. A Telehealth Antiracist Learning Experience for Nursing and Social Work Students in the Midst of COVID-19.
21. Working with Multiracial Individuals: Antiracist Pedagogy, Practices, and Considerations.
22. Epilogue.


Kaprea F. Johnson, Ph.D., is a tenured Full Professor in the Department of Educational Studies at The Ohio State University. She also is the Director of Faculty Development for the College of Education and Human Ecology at The Ohio State University.


Narketta Sparkman-Key, Ph.D., is a tenured Associate Professor in the Department of Counseling and Human Services at Old Dominion University. She also holds the inaugural position of Academic Affairs Director of Faculty Diversity and Retention.


Alan Meca, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology at University of Texas at San Antonio.


Shuntay Z. Tarver, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Counseling and Human Services at Old Dominion University

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