Design Of Rotating Electrical Machines - Pyrhonen Juha; Jokinen Tapani; Hrabovcova Valeria | Libro John Wiley & Sons 11/2013 -

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pyrhonen juha; jokinen tapani; hrabovcova valeria - design of rotating electrical machines

Design of Rotating Electrical Machines

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Lingua: Inglese
Pubblicazione: 11/2013
Edizione: 2nd Edition

Note Editore

This book is an in-depth essential reference of rotating electrical machine design theory and application.  In the first part of the book the general theory governing the design of an electrical machine is presented; addressing the necessary fundamentals of electromagnetic theory; exploring possible winding arrangements and resistances; describing the behaviour of the magnetic circuit and flux leakage.  After this introduction of principles the main body of the book focuses on the design of a rotating electrical machine.  The book defines basic characteristics such as machine type (e.g. synchronous, asynchronous, DC and doubly salient reluctance machines) and type of construction (e.g. external pole, internal pole, axial flux and radial flux machines).  It then moves on to provide a detailed analysis of the design process and properties of rotating electrical machines including the insulation and heat removal options.  The book illustrates the necessary analytical calculations for machine design through direct design examples i.e. a permanent magnet motor for normal speeds with rotor surface magnets, traditional squirrel cage induction motor, a low speed high torque fractional slot permanent magnet motor etc.


In one complete volume, this essential reference presents an in-depth overview of the theoretical principles and techniques of electrical machine design. This timely new edition offers up-to-date theory and guidelines for the design of electrical machines, taking into account recent advances in permanent magnet machines as well as synchronous reluctance machines. New coverage includes: Brand new material on the ecological impact of the motors, covering the eco-design principles of rotating electrical machines An expanded section on the design of permanent magnet synchronous machines, now reporting on the design of tooth-coil, high-torque permanent magnet machines and their properties Large updates and new material on synchronous reluctance machines, air-gap inductance, losses in and resistivity of permanent magnets (PM), operating point of loaded PM circuit, PM machine design, and minimizing the losses in electrical machines> End-of-chapter exercises and new direct design examples with methods and solutions to real design problems> A supplementary website hosts two machine design examples created with MATHCAD: rotor surface magnet permanent magnet machine and squirrel cage induction machine calculations. Also a MATLAB code for optimizing the design of an induction motor is provided Outlining a step-by-step sequence of machine design, this book enables electrical machine designers to design rotating electrical machines. With a thorough treatment of all existing and emerging technologies in the field, it is a useful manual for professionals working in the diagnosis of electrical machines and drives. A rigorous introduction to the theoretical principles and techniques makes the book invaluable to senior electrical engineering students, postgraduates, researchers and university lecturers involved in electrical drives technology and electromechanical energy conversion.

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