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foster elvis c.; godbole shripad v. - database systems

Database Systems A Pragmatic Approach, 3rd edition


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Lingua: Inglese
Pubblicazione: 09/2022
Edizione: 1° edizione

Note Editore

This book provides a concise but comprehensive guide to the disciplines of database design, construction, implementation, and management. Based on the authors’ professional experience in the software engineering and IT industries before making a career switch to academia, the text stresses sound database design as a necessary precursor to successful development and administration of database systems. The discipline of database systems design and management is discussed within the context of the bigger picture of software engineering. Students are led to understand from the outset of the text that a database is a critical component of a software infrastructure, and that proper database design and management is integral to the success of a software system. Additionally, students are led to appreciate the huge value of a properly designed database to the success of a business enterprise. The text was written for three target audiences. It is suited for undergraduate students of computer science and related disciplines who are pursuing a course in database systems, graduate students who are pursuing an introductory course to database, and practicing software engineers and information technology (IT) professionals who need a quick reference on database design. Database Systems: A Pragmatic Approach, 3rd Edition discusses concepts, principles, design, implementation, and management issues related to database systems. Each chapter is organized into brief, reader-friendly, conversational sections with itemization of salient points to be remembered. This pragmatic approach includes adequate treatment of database theory and practice based on strategies that have been tested, proven, and refined over several years. Features of the third edition include: Short paragraphs that express the salient aspects of each subject Bullet points itemizing important points for easy memorization Fully revised and updated diagrams and figures to illustrate concepts to enhance the student’s understanding Real-world examples Original methodologies applicable to database design Step-by-step, student-friendly guidelines for solving generic database systems problems Opening chapter overviews and concluding chapter summaries Discussion of DBMS alternatives such as the Entity–Attributes–Value model, NoSQL databases, database-supporting frameworks, and other burgeoning database technologies A chapter with sample assignment questions and case studies This textbook may be used as a one-semester or two-semester course in database systems, augmented by a DBMS (preferably Oracle). After its usage, students will come away with a firm grasp of the design, development, implementation, and management of a database system.


I. Preliminary Topics1. Introduction to Database Systems2. The Database System Environment II. The Relational Database Model3. The Relational Model4. Integrity Rules and Normalization5. Database Modeling and Design6. Database User Interface Design7. Relational Algebra8. Relational Calculus9. Reflective Look at the Relational Model III. Structured Query Language (SQL)10. Overview of SQL11. SQL Definition Statements12. SQL Data Manipulation Statements13. Logical Views and Security14. The System Catalog15. Some Limitations of SQL IV. Advanced Topics16. Database Administration17. Distributed Database Systems18. Object Databases19. Data Warehousing and Information Extraction20. Web-Accessible Databases21. Using Relational Databases to Anchor Management support Systems V. Overview of Contemporary DBMS Suites and Technologies22. Overview of Oracle23. Overview of DB224. Overview of MySQL25. Overview of SQL Server26. Other Emerging Database Methodologies VI. AppendicesA. Review of TreesB. Review of HashingC. Review of Information Gathering TechniquesD. BNF Syntax for Selected SQL StatementsE. Sample Exercises and Examination Questions


Elvis C. Foster is a Professor of Computer Science at Keene State College. He holds a Bachelor of Science (BS.) in Computer Science and Electronics, as well as a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Computer Science (specializing in software engineering and database systems) from University of the West Indies, Mona Jamaica. His research interests include the development as well as evaluation of management support systems for contemporary organizations. Shripad V. Godbole is an independent database administrator and consultant with more than 20 years of experience in diverse business environments, information infrastructure planning, diagnostics, and administration. He is also the Vice President for Technology Management at State Street Global Advisors, Boston. His qualifications include Bachelor of Science (BS) in Physics, Bachelor of Computer Science (BCS), Master of Science (MS) in Physics with specialization in Electronics, all from Poona University in Pune, India. He is also an Oracle Certified Professional Database Administrator (OCPDBA) and holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Technology Management from University of Phoenix.

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