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vargel christian - corrosion of aluminium

Corrosion of Aluminium

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Lingua: Inglese
Pubblicazione: 05/2020
Edizione: 2° edizione

Note Editore

Corrosion of Aluminium, Second Edition, highlights the practical and general aspects of the corrosion of aluminium alloys. Chapters help readers new to the topic understand the metallurgical, chemical and physical features of aluminium alloys. Author Christian Vargel adopts a practitioner styled approach that is based on the expertise he has gained during a 40-year career in aluminium corrosion. The book assesses the corrosion resistance of aluminium, a key metric recognized as one of the main conditions for the development of many uses of aluminium in transport, construction, power transmission, and more.

  • Features 600 bibliographic references, providing a comprehensive guide to over 100 years of related study
  • Includes numerous illustrations to enhance study
  • Presents practical applications across many industries
  • Provides an accessible reference for both beginners and experts


PART A CHAPTER A.1 Historical reviews CHAPTER A.2 CHAPTER A.3 The advantages of aluminium CHAPTER A.4 Alloys series of aluminium CHAPTER A.5 Cast aluminium alloys CHAPTER A.6 Wrought aluminium alloys CHAPTER A.7 Selection criteria

PART B CHAPTER B.1 The corrosion of aluminium CHAPTER B.2 The notion of potential CHAPTER B.3 The oxide film and passivity of aluminium CHAPTER B.4 Disturbed surface layers on wrought sheet CHAPTER B.5 Influence of alloy composition

PART C CHAPTER C.1 Uniform corrosion CHAPTER C.2 Pitting corrosion CHAPTER C.3 Intergranular corrosion CHAPTER C.4 Exfoliation corrosion CHAPTER C.5 Stress corrosion cracking CHAPTER C.6 Corrosion fatigue CHAPTER C.7 Filiform corrosion CHAPTER C.8 Crevice corrosion CHAPTER C.9 Fretting corrosion CHAPTER C.10 Water line corrosion CHAPTER C.11 Erosion and cavitation CHAPTER C.12 Microbiologically influenced corrosion CHAPTER C.13 Galvanic corrosion CHAPTER C.14 Corrosion products

PART D CHAPTER D.1 Parameters governing in-service corrosion resistance

PART E CHAPTER E.1 Corrosion testing

PART F CHAPTER F.1 Protection of aluminium

PART G CHAPTER G.1 1XXX Series CHAPTER G.2 2XXX series alloys CHAPTER G.3 3XXX series alloys CHAPTER G.4 5XXX series alloys CHAPTER G.5 6XXX series alloys CHAPTER G.6 7XXX series without copper 6.1 Main 7XXX series alloys without copper CHAPTER G.7 7XXX series with copper CHAPTER G.8 Aluminiumelithium alloys CHAPTER G.9 Aluminium casting alloys

PART H CHAPTER H.1 Atmospheric corrosion CHAPTER H.2 The parameters of atmospheric corrosion CHAPTER H.3 Types of atmospheres CHAPTER H.4 The various forms of atmospheric corrosion CHAPTER H.5 Resistance of aluminium to atmospheric corrosion

PART I CHAPTER I.1 Corrosion in water CHAPTER I.2 Freshwater CHAPTER I.3 Seawater CHAPTER I.4 Brackish waters and wastewater

PART J CHAPTER J.1 Oxides and peroxides CHAPTER J.2 Hydrogen, nitrogen and noble gases CHAPTER J.3 Metalloids and halides CHAPTER J.4 Inorganic bases CHAPTER J.5 Inorganic acids CHAPTER J.6 Inorganic salts

PART K CHAPTER K.1 Hydrocarbons CHAPTER K.2 Halogen derivatives CHAPTER K.3 Alcohols, ethers, thiols and phenols CHAPTER K.4 Amines CHAPTER K.5 Aldehydes and ketones CHAPTER K.6 Carboxylic acids and their derivatives CHAPTER K.7 Other organic products

PART L CHAPTER L.1 Corrosion in Soil CHAPTER L.2 Effect of stray currents and alternating currents CHAPTER L.3 Fertilisers and herbicides CHAPTER L.4 Construction materials CHAPTER L.5 Food industry CHAPTER L.6 Cleaning of aluminium CHAPTER L.7 Behaviour in fire

PART M CHAPTER M.1 Products that may be dangerous in contact with aluminium


Christian Vargel has over 50 years' experience in the corrosion and metallurgy of aluminium. He was chief engineer at Pechiney which was the European leader of wrought, extruded and cast aluminium products - where he primarily focused on corrosion of aluminium alloys, from a practical perspective. He surveyed and
appraised numerous cases of in-service aluminium corrosion: building, transport, territory equipment, electrical and applications, and renewable energies such as solar, desalination and OTEC.

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