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chatterjee indranath (curatore) - cognizance of schizophrenia:: a profound insight into the psyche

Cognizance of Schizophrenia:: A Profound Insight into the Psyche

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Lingua: Inglese


Pubblicazione: 01/2023
Edizione: 1st ed. 2023


This book provides the reader with a thorough understanding of schizophrenia as a complex brain disorder by explaining the various aspects investigated for its cognizance from epigenetics to chemistry and physics to computational approaches. The book covers the key notions of schizophrenia from a variety of facets such as neurogenetics, neurochemistry, neuropharmacology, neurobiology, psychotherapy, psychiatric treatment, cognitive studies, behavioral and societal studies, and computational neurosciences. Individual chapters are focused on crucial topics such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, brain functioning, computational neuroscience, neuro-imaging, and many more. This book explains each section and chapter with utmost clarity to maintain comprehensiveness for every kind of reader. This book covers various classical as well as recent topics from basic to advance level knowledge regarding schizophrenia. The book's contributions regarding its inclusivity of topics, comprehensiveness of language, diversity in knowledge, and focus on the subject will attract all kinds of readers. It can be considered a single comprehensive handy reference book for beginners, including medical students, neuroscientists, researchers, clinicians, and medical practitioners. Cognizance of Schizophrenia will be an invaluable asset for all who are involved in neuroscience research or clinical studies.


  1. Understanding schizophrenia: introductory aspect of the mental disorder from various perspectives
  2. Genetic mutations and Alternative splicing in schizophrenia
  3. Understanding the Chemical Interactions in the Brain of Schizophrenia Patients
  4. A diagnostic perspective of schizophrenia: from past to present
  5. Is it schizophrenia or not? - Different Biological characterization
  6. A neurobiological aspect of schizophrenia and the relationship between neurological disorders: depression, anxiety, epilepsy
  7. Clinical treatment available for schizophrenia
  8. Insights into the neuro-pharmacological treatment of schizophrenia: past, present, and future
  9. Managing Schizophrenia – A Challenge for Physicians
  10. Pharmacotherapy and Emerging Treatment Strategies for Schizophrenia
  11. Alternative Therapies used in Schizophrenia
  12. Different phases of schizophrenia patients: from the psychological perspective
  13. Stigmatizing Attitudes Towards Patients with Schizophrenia Among Medical Professionals and General Population
  14. Rehabilitation of Schizophrenia-Practical Interventions
  15. Consumption of Cannabis: A risk factor or a therapeutic agent for patients with Schizophrenia
  16. Medical Imaging and Schizophrenia: A Study on State-of-art Applications
  17. Schizophrenia and its Effect on Marital Satisfaction
  18. The mortality rate in schizophrenia


Dr. Indranath Chatterjee is currently working as a Professor at Tongmyong University, South Korea. He received his Ph. D. in Computational Neuroscience from the University of Delhi, India. His research areas include Computational Neuroscience, Schizophrenia, Medical Imaging, fMRI, and Machine learning. To date, he has authored and edited 8 books on Computer Science and Neuroscience and published numerous research papers in international journals and conferences. He is a recipient of various global awards in neuroscience. He is currently serving as a Chief Section Editor of a few renowned international journals and serving as a member of the Advisory board and Editorial board of various international journals and Open-Science organizations worldwide. He is an active professional member of the ACM, OHBM, FENS, ACNM, INCF, ALBA, KSBNS, and KMMS.

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