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droh roland (curatore); spintge ralph (curatore) - closed-circuit system and other innovations in anaesthesia

Closed-Circuit System and Other Innovations in Anaesthesia


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Lingua: Inglese


Pubblicazione: 10/1986
Edizione: Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1986


This volume contains the lectures and discussion papers presented at the II. In­ ternational Symposium on Innovations in Management, Technology and Phar­ macology held on 26-28 May 1984 in Liidenscheid. This symposium delt with fur­ ther developments in the sector of the closed-circuit system; non-invasive mea­ surement and monitoring systems; new aspects of cardiovascular and pulmonary physiology; oxygen-transporting substances; and particular questions in pharma­ cology. The purpose of this meeting was to allow a mutual international exchange of news on interesting new developments, particularly as these relate to the closed-circuit system, and the encouragement of further scientific developments. It must be made clear that the large-scale introduction of the closed-circuit sys­ tem has to be the occasion of completely new quality standards both in anesthesia and in all related technological sectors, combined with the highest demands in terms of precision and measuring techniques. The conventional and still quite crude clinical anesthetic procedures will have to make way for much more phys­ iological, micromolecular precision techniques, which will compare with our present methods rather in the same way as a microelectrode to a spear and will allow new levels of achievement in anesthesiology. All our tasks will need to be rethought and thoroughly understood from these aspects. Some anesthesists, physiologists and engineers already see the closed-circuit system as a challenge, while for others this system will still mean a great deal of work and creativity be­ fore the problems are finally solved in the future.


The Closed-Circuit Anaesthesia System.- The Closed Circuit: Past and Future.- Practical Application of the Closed-Circuit System.- Closed-Circuit Anaesthesia in Gynaecology and Obstetrics.- First Clinical Experiences with the Narcocon in Completely Computerized On-Demand Closed-Circuit Ventilation.- Closed-Circuit Anaesthesia for Cardiac Patients.- Closed-Circuit Anaesthesia for Paediatric Patients.- Integrated Monitoring of Closed-Circuit Anaesthesia.- Monitors in Closed-Circuit Anaesthesia.- Closed-Circuit Anaesthesia: Actual Inspired Gas Concentrations Measured by Mass Spectrometer.- Can We Practise Safe, Simple Closed-Circuit Anaesthesia without Extensive Monitoring or Calculus?.- Estimation of Cardiac Output and Lung Tissue Volume in Closed-Circuit (Rebreathing) Systems.- Controlled Respiration with He-O2 Mixtures Using a Semi-open and a Closed System.- Technical Conception of an Anaesthesia System with Measurement and Semiautomated Dosage of Gases and Vapours.- Discussion I.- Non-invasive Monitoring.- Non-invasive Monitoring of tcpO2 and tcpCO2 in Patients with Normal and Compromised Circulation.- A Microsystem to Measure Respiratory and Anaesthetic Gases During Surgery.- On-Line Estimation of Cerebral Oxygenation.- A Continuous Non-invasive Blood Pressure Measurement Which is Controlled by Finger Plethysmography.- A New Approach to Photoelectric Plethysmography.- High-Amplification Electrocardiography.- An Electronic Procedure and Device for Determining the Position of a Catheter or a Probe.- New Aspects of Respiration Physiology and Circulation.- Effect of Different Ventilator Settings and Surfactant Replacement on Lung Function in Severe Respiratory Insufficiency.- Microphysiological Studies on Oxygenation of Normal or Ischaemic Myocardium.- Autotransfusion in Surgical Practice: An Update.- Changes in Important Biochemical Parameters Due to Extreme Haemodilution with Cross-linked Stromafree Haemoglobin Solution.- Physical Aspects in Peripheral Perfusion.- Pneumatically Controlled Circulation in Peripheral Vascular Diseases.- Discussion II.- New Aspects of Pharmacological Treatment.- Importance of Chronopharmacology in Medicine.- Analgesic Effect of Continuous Intrathecal Beta-Endorphin in Cancer Patients.- Epidural, On-Demand, Low-Dose Infusion of Morphine and Postoperative Pain Relief.- Discussion III.

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