Chromic Materials - Vik Michal; Periyasamy Aravin Prince; Viková Martina (Curatore) | Libro Apple Academic Press 10/2018 -

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vik michal; periyasamy aravin prince; viková martina (curatore) - chromic materials

Chromic Materials Fundamentals, Measurements, and Applications

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Lingua: Inglese
Pubblicazione: 10/2018
Edizione: 1° edizione

Note Editore

This informative volume reflects the state of art in the science of color-changeable materials and provides an abundance of in-depth knowledge about the field of colorimetry. The book describes the facts behind the chromic phenomena from the point of application, spectrophotometry of chromic materials, and instrumentation and testing. The authors begin with a short historical overview of the chromic phenomena, chromic materials, and classification of chromic materials and then go on to provide comprehensive treatises on chromic (or color-changeable) textiles and production techniques. Detailed descriptions of measurement methods that are usable in cases of translucent or opaque materials are provided as well. A number of new concepts are discussed along with standardized CIE (International Commission on Illumination) colorimetry with various CIE color space systems. Chromic materials appear as a dynamic system, which allows for a wide range of potential applications and related research. The authors share their own experiences with measurement of color chromic materials with the view to help fill the huge gap in field of measurement from the point of view in standardization. The authors conclude with an in-depth study of the testing of chromic testing, including testing for color fastness, fatigue resistance, light fastness, wash fastness, and rubbing fastness.


Preface Basic Terms Light Blackbody radiation Interaction of Light with Matter Lambert-Beer law Photometry Color Human Color Vision Type of Chromic Materials Definition of Chromic Phenomena Materials with Photochromic Colorants Materials with Thermochromic Colorants Materials with Chemochromic Colorants Materials with Electrochromiccolorants Materials with Luminescent Colorants Application of Chromic Materials Introduction Production of Chromic Materials CIE Colorimetry Light Sources CIE Standard Observer CIE XYZ Approximately Uniform Color Spaces CIE CAM Color Difference Formulas CIE 2015 Cone-Fundamental-Based CIE Colorimetry Instrumentation Specular and Diffuse Reflection Geometric Conditions for Colorimetry Measuring Devices in Colorimetry Measurement Spectrophotometry of Color Change Specification of Device for Color Change Measurement Interactions Between Light and Media Spectral Data of Chromic Materials Determination of Absorption and Scattering Coefficients Measurement of Thermal Sensitivity of Photo Chromic Materials Impact of Drawing Ratio on Difference in Optical Density Testing Of Chromic Materials Definition of Color Fastness Definition of Fatigue Resistance Light Fastness Wash Fastness Rubbing Fastness Sources of Further Information Index


Michal Vik, PhD, is an Associate Professor in the Department of Material Science at the Technical University of Liberec, Czech Republic, and research consultant for the Centre for the Development of Engineering Research VÚTS, a.s., Czech Republic. Currently, he is also head of the Colorimetry Group of the Czech Republic and Laboratory Color and Appearance Measurement of the Department of Material Engineering Technical University of Liberec. He is the author or co-author of six books, about 20 scientific papers published in journals, more than 150 scientific contributions on the international conferences, and five patents. Aravin Prince Periyasamy is in the PhD degree program at the Technical University of Liberec, Czech Republic, under the supervision of Dr. Martina Viková and Dr. Michal Vik, on investigating the issues of kinetic measurement of photochromic textiles. He is the author of three books and many articles, some of which were published in peer-reviewed journals. He has also presented several papers at professional conferences. Martina Viková, PhD, is an Associate Professor of Material Science, Department of Material Engineering, Technical University of Liberec, Czech Republic. She is currently vice-head of the Colorimetry Group of the Czech Republic and Laboratory Color and Appearance Measurement of the Department of Material Engineering, Technical University of Liberec. She is the author or co-author of three books, about 15 scientific papers published in journals, more than 80 scientific contributions at the international conferences, and five patents.

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