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ilmarinen j. (curatore); välimäki i. (curatore) - children and sport

Children and Sport Paediatric Work Physiology


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Lingua: Inglese


Pubblicazione: 06/1984
Edizione: Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1984


Growth, Development and Physical Activity.- The Growth and Development of Children’s Physiologie and Perceptional Responses to Exercise.- Health, Physical Development, and Fitness of Primary School Children in Kinshasa.- Prediction of Final Stature at the Age of 11–13 Years.- Somatotype, Growth Type, and Motor Performance in 1O-Year-Old Girls Taking Part in Elevated Level Physical Education at School.- Performance in Plate-tapping and Simple Seriai Reaction Time of Children Aged 5–14 Years.- Motor Abilities and Habitual Physical Activity in Children.- Required Physical Activity and Psychomotor Development of Primary School Children.- Required Physical Activity and Academic Grades: A Controlled Study.- Physical Working Capacity.- Maximal Aerobic Power Affected by Maturation and Body Growth During Childhood and Adolescence.- Estimation of W170 and Maximal Oxygen Consumption in Young Children by Different Treadmill Tests.- Isokinetic Measurement of Maximal Leg Force and Anaerobic Power Output in Children.- Growth and Aerobic Power of Boys Aged 11–19 Years.- Influence of Activity and Age on the Working Capacity of Boys and Girls Aged 8–12 Years.- Follow-up Study of Physical Fitness in Boys Aged 10–14 Years.- Respiratory and Circulatory Adaptation During Prolonged Exercise in 10–12-Year-01d Children and in Adults.- The Adjustment of Oxygen Uptake at the Onset of Exercise: Relation to Age and to Work Load.- Prolonged Exercise in Prepubertal Boys in Warm and Cold Environments.- Physical Training and Sports.- Psychosocial Problems of Physical Activity in Childhood.- Changes in the Aerobic-Anaerobic Transition in Boys after 3 Years of Special Physical Education.- Influence of Added Physical Education Hours upon Anaerobic Capacity, Adiposity, and Grip Strength in 12–13-Year-Old Children Enrolled in a Sports Class.- Echoeardiographic Study of the Left Ventricle in Sedentary and Active Boys Aged 8–9 Years.- Left Ventricular Function in Young Male and Female Swimmers.- Functional Capacity and Cardiac Function in 1O-Year-Old Boys and Girls with High and Low Running Performance.- Heart Rate and Blood Lactate Level of 8–12-Year-Old Boys and Girls During Cross-country Ski Competitions.- Children and Parents in Skiing Competitions.- The Influence of Static Strength Training on the Force-Velocity Relationship of the Arm Flexors of 16-Year-Old Boys.- Some Physiologie Effects of Social Acceptable Exercise on Young Female Adults.- Physical Activity and Health.- Multicenter Study of Atherosclerosis Precursors in Finnish Children: Report of Two Pilot Studies.- Atherosclerosis Precursors in Finnish Children: Physical Activity and Plasma Lipids in 3- and 12-Year-Old Children.- Physical Performance and Serum Lipids in 14-16 Year-Old Trained, Normally Active, and Inactive Children.- Exercise Performance and Serum Lipids in Obese Schoolchildren Before and After Reconditioning Program.- Habitual Physical Activity and Health in 13- and 14-Year-Old Teenagers.- Physical Activity and Use of Health Services in Early Adulthood.

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