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 - cell-cell signaling in development

Cell-Cell Signaling in Development

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Lingua: Inglese
Pubblicazione: 06/2022

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Cell-Cell Signaling in Development, Volume 150 covers new approaches and topics surrounding the diversity of animals, with recognized species now in the millions. Remarkably, the many distinct morphologies in the metazoan biosphere are generated by only a small number of genetically-encoded signaling systems that organize cells into patterned tissues, principally, the Wnt, Hedgehog, Bone morphogenic protein, fibroblast growth factor, Notch/Delta, and planar polarity systems whose roles orchestrating morphogenesis are widespread and evolutionarily conserved. Users will find the latest information on these elegant systems, along with conceptual links to signaling in plants and ideas that are emerging from recent progress.

  • Presents the newest information on signaling proteins of animal development
  • Covers the processes that make and distribute signaling proteins
  • Includes coverage of cell-cell interactions that pattern tissues


1. Hedgehog on track: Long-distant signal transport and transfer through direct cell-to-cell contact
Ana-Citlali Gradilla and Isabel Guerrero
2. Receptor control by membrane-tethered ubiquitin ligases in development and tissue homeostasis
Andres M. Lebensohn, J. Fernando Bazan, and Rajat Rohatgi
3. An itch for things remote: The journey of Wnts
Lorenz Mittermeier and David M. Virshup
4. Dynamic regulation of human epidermal differentiation by adhesive and mechanical forces
Sebastiaan Zijl, Vasiliki Salameti, Blaise Louis, Victor A. Negri, and Fiona M. Watt
5. Cell signaling pathways controlling an axis organizing center in the zebrafish
William D. Jones and Mary C. Mullins
6. Local BMP signaling: A sensor for synaptic activity that balances synapse growth and function
Rosario Vicidomini and Mihaela Serpe
7. Wnt-frizzled planar cell polarity signaling in the regulation of cell motility
Yildiz Koca, Giovanna M. Collu, and Marek Mlodzik
8. Talking to your neighbors across scales: Long-distance Notch signaling during patterning
Zena Hadjivasiliou and Ginger Hunter


Thomas Kornberg is a member of the Cardiovascular Research Institute and Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics faculties at the University of California, San Francisco. His research has spanned DNA enzymology (the discovery of E. coli DNA polymerases 2 and 3), developmental and molecular genetics (cloning and functional characterizations of Drosophila genes including engrailed, cubitus interruptus, and hedgehog), and cell biology (discovery and functional characterization of cytonemes, the specialized filopodia that mediate dispersion and cell-cell exchange of morphogen signaling proteins). Research in his lab currently focuses on the mechanisms and processes that distribute patterning and positional information within cells and across tissues.

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Condizione: Nuovo
Collana: Current Topics in Developmental Biology
Dimensioni: 229 x 152 mm
Formato: Copertina rigida
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