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edwards victor; shelley suzanne - careers in chemical and biomolecular engineering

Careers in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering


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Lingua: Inglese

CRC Press

Pubblicazione: 08/2018
Edizione: 1° edizione

Note Editore

The scope of opportunities in chemical and biomolecular engineering has grown tremendously in recent years. Careers in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering conveys the breadth and depth of today’s chemical and biomolecular engineering practice, and describes the intellectually enriching, socially conscious and financially lucrative opportunities available for such graduates in an ever-widening array of industries and applications. This book aims to help students interested in studying chemical engineering and biomolecular engineering to understand the many potential career pathways that are available in these dynamic fields — and is an indispensable resource for the parents, teachers, advisors and guidance counselors who support them,

In addition to 10 chapters that discuss the roles such graduates play in many diverse industries, this book also features 25 Profile articles that share in-depth, first-person insight from industry-leading chemical and biomolecular engineers. These technical professionals discuss their work and educational experiences (in terms of both triumphs and challenges), and share wisdom and recommendations for students pursuing these two dynamic engineering disciplines.


Profiles of Working Engineers

Preface for Students, Guidance Counselors, Mentors, and Teachers

About the Authors

Chapter 1 What Are Chemical Engineering and Biomolecular Engineering?

Chapter 2 Historical Adventures in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Chapter 3 Where Do Most Chemical and Biomolecular Engineers Work? How Much Are They Paid?

Chapter 4 Basic Concepts: Chemical Processes and Unit Operations

Chapter 5 Basic Concepts: Equilibrium and Rate Processes

Chapter 6 Basic Concepts: Separation Processes and Other Unit Operations

Chapter 7 Basic Concepts: Dynamics and Control of Chemical Reactions and Processes

Chapter 8 Basic Concepts: Creation and Stewardship of the Sustainable Process Plant

Chapter 9 Roles Chemical and Biomolecular Engineers Play

Chapter 10 Future Directions in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering: A Few Examples


Profiles of Working Engineers

Name Company Industry Sector Title of the Profile Article
Chapter 1
John Florez ExxonMobil Petroleum Refining Involved in All Aspects of Petroleum Refining “From the Shop Floor to the Top Floor”
Jill Rogers DuPont Performance Materials Performance Chemicals Sector Connecting the Dots to Procure Process Plant Equipment and Systems
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Kristine Chin American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) Chemical Engineering— Professional Development Helping to Shape the Entire “Lively and Invigorating” Chemical Engineering Profession
Tom McGowan, PE TMTS Associates Environmental Management and Control A Self-Proclaimed “Jack of All Trades, Thanks to My Chemical Engineering Training and Expertise”
Mark Rosenzweig Chemical Processing magazine (Putman Media) Engineering Trade Press Technical Editing and Editorial Development Provides Variety and Intellectual Satisfaction
Chapter 4
Henry Kister, ChE Fluor Corp. Distillation Applying Engineering Analysis to Solve Challenging Distillation Problems
Kathy Shell, PE TApplied Engineering Solutions, Inc. (aeSolutions) Engineering Management and Process Safety Consulting Emphasizing Process Safety Throughout the Entire Organization
Shrikant Dhodapkar, PhD The Dow Chemical Company Particle Technology and Solids Processing Applying Fundamentals of Particle Technology and Innovative Approaches to Solve Challenging Industrial Problems, from Conception to Scaleup
Chapter 5
Freeman Self, PE Bechtel Oil, Gas, and Chemicals Business Unit Oil, Gas, and Chemicals Sector Combining the Fundamentals with Continuing Education to Ensure Optimal Process Design
Valerie Florez, PE Chemical Engineer/Volunteer Diverse Process Operations and Information Management Using My Flexible Chemical Engineering Degree in Both Traditional and Non-Traditional Roles
David Dankworth, PhD ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Co. Chemical Process Research & Development Chemical Engineers: Pressed into Service to Solve Society’s Most Pressing Problems
Chapter 6
Cindy Mascone Chemical Engineering Progress (CEP) Magazine Professional Development and Technical Publishing Bringing Engineering Precision to Professional Writing and Editing
Soni Olufemi Oyekan, PhD Prafis Energy Solutions Petroleum Refining and Catalysis Applying Catalysis Expertise to a Range of Petroleum-Refining Challenges
Chapter 7
Angela Summers, PhD, PE SIS-TECH Safety-Related Instrumentation and Control Deploying the Latest Risk-Analysis Techniques and System Design to Ensure Plant Safety
Irvin Osborne-Lee, PhD Roy G. Perry College of Engineering, Prairie View A&M University Academia—Chemical Engineerings Memo to Students: Education is the Only Thing They Can Never Take Away from You
Chapter 8
Otis Shelton Praxair, Inc./Union Carbide Corp. (Retired) Chemical Operations and Safety Supporting Safety Excellence throughout a Network of Industrial Facilities
Susan Weiher, PhD Global Foundries Semiconductor Industry Using Chemical Engineering to Advance the Frontiers in Semiconductor Performance
Frederick Gregory The Lubrizol Corp. Chemicals Sector/Performance Additives Applying Engineering Principles to Ensure Safety and Reduce Risk
Chapter 9
Sheila (Yongxin) Yang Genentech/Roche Bioprocessing/Pharmaceutical Development Building a Career in the Biopharmacuetical Industry with a Solid Chemical Engineering Foundation
James Turner, PE Fluor Corp. Engineering & Construction (E&C), Process Technology Doing What You Love…Loving What You Do
Anita E. Osborne-Lee, JD Attorney-at-Law (Private Practice) Legal/Law Exploring the Natural Synergy Between Engineering and the Legal Profession
Steve D. Emerson, PhD, PE Emerson Technical Analysis, LLC Process Safety Consulting Using a Lifetime of Metallurgical and Chemical Engineering Expertise to Prevent Catastrophic Events
Chapter 10
Christopher Bowles Texas Instruments Semiconductor Industry Combining Chemical and Electrical Engineering Expertise to Optimize Semiconductor Fabrication
Roy E. Sanders, PE, EE PPG Industries (Retired) and Current Process Safety Consultant Chemical Plant Operations Stick with Your Chemical Engineering Degree and Open Up a World of Experiences
Joseph B. Powell, PhD Shell Chemical Plant Operations Harnessing “Vision and Adaptability” in the Pursuit of Clean, Sustainable Processes for Fuels and Chemicals


Dr. Vic Edwards is a Fellow of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers. with 50 years of chemical engineering experience, including the last 30 years with IHI Engineering and Construction International. Vic retired from IHI as Director of Process Safety in 2013, and he now consults. His experience includes bioengineering research, chemical process design, process safety management, liquefied natural gas (LNG), petrochemicals, offshore projects, and process and environmental technologies.

Suzanne Shelley is a freelance technical writer and editor with nearly 30 years of experience in the global chemical process industries (CPI). She holds a B.S. and an M.S. in Geology, and has been an Editor at Chemical Engineering magazine since 1989 (first serving 17 years as a full-time Editor, including 5 years as Managing Editor, and as a regular freelance Contributing Editor since 2005). Through her consultancy, Precision Prose, Inc., Suzanne also provides freelance technical writing, editing and ghostwriting services to numerous technical magazines, technical websites and corporate clients. She is also a regular freelance Contributing Editor at Pharmaceutical Commerce magazine (since 2005).

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