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yen chi; yang junliang - biosystematics of triticeae

Biosystematics of Triticeae Volume V. Genera: Campeiostachys, Elymus,Pascopyrum, Lophopyrum, Trichopyrum, Hordelymus, Festucopsis, Peridictyon, and Psammopyrum


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Lingua: Inglese


Pubblicazione: 08/2022
Edizione: 1st ed. 2022


This book review and rearrange the research data of Triticeae published over hundreds of years, applying a modern scientific approach. Triticeae is an important tribe in the grass family (Peaceae). It includes the major cereal crops, such as wheat, barley and rye, in addition to many valuable forage crops found in different genera, such as Elymus, Agropyron, Pasthyrostachys, and Leymus. The knowledge of appropriate Triticeae taxonomy and biosystematics will serve as genetic breeding of wheat, barley, rye and forage grass. The authors attempted to remain the truth and remove the false for deriving a more natural biosystematics of Triticeae.

This book covers taxonomy, cytogenetics, and molecular phylogeny. It summarizes the biosystematics of Triticeae with comprehensive and updated data. This book is divided into five volumes (Volumes 1- 5), and includes 30 genera, 2 subgenera, 464 species, 9 subspecies, and 186 varieties in Triticeae. Volume 5 introduces nine perennial genera in Triticeae: Campeiostachys, Elymus, Pascopyrum, Lophopyrum, Trichopyrum, Hordelymus, Festucopsis, Peridictyon, and Psammopyrum.

Elymus (StH), Campeiostachys (StYH), Lophopyrum (E), and Trichopyrum (ESt)are polymorphic genus. They show similar morphological characters, and it is difficult to distinguish them based merely on morphological variation. Pascopyrum (StHNsXm), Hordelymus (XoXr), Festucopsis (L), Peridictyon (Xp), and Psammopyrum (EL) are small genera, mostly monotypic genera.

This book can serve as highly qualified, valuable, and convenient handbooks for audiences who are interested in Triticeae. This book also includes many illustrations, in addition to the description, to help the audience understand, morphological features of the concerned taxa, which makes the explanation more precise and obvious. It is a useful tool to understand the relationship among species in Triticeae.


Biosystematics of Triticeae Volume 5
Campeiostachys, Elymus, Pascopyrum, Lophopyrum, Trichopyrum, Hordelymus, Festucopsis, Peridictyon, Psammopyrum

1.  Biosystematics of genus Compeiostachys

1.1  Classical morphology taxonomy of Compeiostachys
1.2  Experimental biology of Compeiostachys
1.3  Classification of Compeiostachys Postscript

2.  Biosystematics of genus Elymus

2.1  Classical morphology taxonomy of Elymus
2.2  Experimental biology of Elymus
2.3  Classification of Elymus Postscript

3.  Biosystematics of genus Pascopyrum

3.1  Classical morphology taxonomy of Pascopyrum
3.2  Experimental biology of Pascopyrum

4.  Biosystematics of genus Lophopyrum

4.1  Classical morphology taxonomy of Lophopyrum
4.2  Experimental biology of Lophopyrum
4.3  Classification of Lophopyrum

5.  Biosystematics of genus Trichopyrum

5.1  Classical morphology taxonomy of Trichopyrum
5.2  Experimental biology of Trichopyrum
5.3  Classification of Trichopyrum

6.  Biosystematics of genus Hordelymus

6.1  Classical morphology taxonomy of Hordelymus
6.2  Experimental biology of Hordelymus
6.3  Classification of Hordelymus

7.  Biosystematics of genus Festucopsis

7.1  Classical morphology taxonomy of Festucopsis
7.2  Experimental biology of Festucopsis
7.3  Classification of Festucopsis

8.  Biosystematics of genus Peridictyon

8.1  Classical morphology taxonomy of Peridictyon
8.2  Experimental biology of Peridictyon
8.3  Classification of Peridictyon

9.  Biosystematics of genus Psammopyrum

9.1  Classical morphology taxonomy of Psammopyrum
9.2  Experimental biology of Psammopyrum
9.3  Classification of Psammopyrum Appendix

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Hai-Qin Zhang, Yong-Hong Zhou, and Dan-Dan Wu focus on studies of biosystematics of Triticeae, especially for the perennial Triticeae species. They have carried out extensive research into the perennial Triticeae species, including clarifying the genomic constitutions of species, the phylogeny of Triticeae species, and their breeding utilization. 

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Condizione: Nuovo
Dimensioni: 235 x 155 mm Ø 1256 gr
Formato: Copertina rigida
Illustration Notes:XVII, 712 p. 1 illus.
Pagine Arabe: 712
Pagine Romane: xvii
Traduttore: Zhang, Hai-Qin; Wu, Dan-Dan; Zhou, Yong-Hong

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