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hogan john p. (curatore); gilbert m. charles (curatore) - basement tectonics 12

Basement Tectonics 12 Central North America and Other Regions


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Lingua: Inglese
Pubblicazione: 08/1998
Edizione: 1998


Proceedings of the Twelfth International Conference on Basement Tectonics held in Norman, Oklahoma, U.S.A., May 1995


I Selected Articles.- Petrologic constraints on the tectonic evolution of the Llano uplift.- Geologic provinces of Oklahoma.- The Southern Oklahoma Aulacogen: a Cambrian analog for Mid-Proterozoic AMCG (Anorthosite-Mangerite-Charnockite-Granite) complexes?.- Surface and near-surface investigation of the alteration of the Mount Scott Granite and geometry of the Sandy Creek Gabbro pluton, Hale Spring area, Wichita Mountains, Oklahoma.- Multiple reactivations of rigid basement block margins: examples in the northern Reading Prong, U.S.A..- The Variscan geodynamic cycle in the Sardinian-Corsican Massif, according to the most recent data.- Geological and geophysical exploration for uranium mineralization in the El-Eredyia prospect area, Central Eastern Desert, Egypt.- Seismic imaging beneath thrust blocks.- II Abstracts.- Petrology and tectonic significance of the Polly Wright Cove pluton, Blue Ridge Province, Virginia: an extension-related, multiply-intrusive magmatic system of anorogenic origin.- Basement-involved and detached phases of deformation in the evolution of fold-thrust belts: examples from the southern Cordilheira do Espinhaço and the Paramirim deformation corridor, Brazil.- Evolution of the Late Proterozoic basement in the northern Appalachian orogenic system and implications for the Ouachita system.- The north-trending swarm of Mesozoic dikes in the southern Appalachians: its map pattern and significance for Mesozoic extension.- Crustal tectonic controlling metallogenies from Paleozoic to Tertiary in the North Patagonian region, Argentina.- Early Proterozoic ductile reworking of Archean basement in the central Laramie range: a complex response to the Cheyenne belt, trans-Hudson and central plains orogens.- Propagation of high angle, dip-slip basement fault zones into overlying sedimentary rocks.- Geologic provinces of Oklahoma.- Evidence from the stratigraphic record for basement deformation in southeastern Nebraska, midcontinent U.S.A..- Petrologic constraints on the tectonic evolution of the Llano uplift.- Proterozoic evolution of the Llano uplift, central Texas: evidence for high-pressure metamorphism from the Oxford mafic body.- Dikes in the Precambrian of the eastern Arbuckle mountains.- Neoproterozoic continental-scale transpression megazone in eastern Brazil.- Multiple reactivations of major fault zones in the northern Reading prong, U.S.A..- Structural evolution of Cima termine area, Val Venosta (northern Italy).- On fracture development in rock subjected to compression.- The characteristics and tectonic evolution of the basement of the collision orogenic belt on the southeastern margin of the Yangtze plate.- Revised granite-gabbro age relationships, southern Oklahoma aulacogen, U.S.A..- Late Precambrian strike-slip fault system of the Wichita-Amarillo mountains as delineated by detailed aeromagnetic data.- Crustal growth during continental rifting: an example from the southern Oklahoma aulacogen.- Integrated petrologic and sedimentologic studies of a late Neoproterozoic rift basin within the Grenvillian basement of Virginia.- Structural imprint of the Wichita mountains frontal zone on overlying sediments.- Plastic deformation as a factor of material transformation of rocks (southern Tien Shan).- Evolution of Proterozoic granitoids, eastern Arbuckle mountains, Oklahoma.- Seismic imaging beneath thrust blocks.- Seismicity and tectonic relationships of north central Oklahoma.- Distribution of Phanerozoic faulting and folding, seismicity, and ore deposits in the midcontent region, U.S.A.: a reflection widespread Proterozoic rifting in the North American craton?.- The Variscan geodynamic cycle in the Sardinian-Corsican massif.- The influence of structural position and lithology on the fracture distribution in the east Kaibab monocline southeastern Utah: implications for fluid flow properties.- Evolution of Grenville tectonic provinces, southeastern Llano uplift, central Texas.- Anatomy of the Grenville orogen in west Texas.- Halokinetic associated crustal stretching in the southern Red Sea: new observations of the basement and sedimentary cover from refraction constrained reflection seismic stratigraphy.- Partial melting of Mount Scott granite at 850°C and 500 bars.- Investigation of the Mount Scott granite drill core, Wichita mountains, Oklahoma.- Geological and geophysical exploration for uranium mineralization on Ei-Erediya prospect area, central eastern desert, Egypt.- Nature and age of ductile deformation associated with the “anorogenic” Town Mountain granite, Llano uplift, central Texas.- Interdependency of mechanical and chemical processes during the evolution of chloritic breccia, Sacramento mountains, southeastern California.- Factors affecting limiting angles for fault reactivation in basement rocks.- Lead isotope mapping of crustal reservoirs within the Grenville superterrane: central and southern Appalachians.- Petrology and geochemistry of a late proterozoic anorgenic supersuite, Laurentian Appalachians, Virginia and North Carolina: implications for magma-generation associated with cratonic extension.- The role of recurrent tectonics in the formation of the Nemaha uplift and Cherokee-Forest City basins and adjacent structural features in eastern Kansas and contiguous states, U.S.A..- COCORP southwestern Oklahoma siesmic lines revisited.

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Condizione: Nuovo
Collana: Proceedings of the International Conferences on Basement Tectonics
Dimensioni: 235 x 155 mm Ø 1400 gr
Formato: Copertina rigida
Pagine Arabe: 307
Pagine Romane: xvii

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