Authoritarian Populism And Liberal Democracy - Crewe Ivor (Curatore); Sanders David (Curatore) | Libro Palgrave Macmillan 08/2020 -

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crewe ivor (curatore); sanders david (curatore) - authoritarian populism and liberal democracy

Authoritarian Populism and Liberal Democracy


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Lingua: Inglese
Pubblicazione: 08/2020
Edizione: 1st ed. 2020


Chapter 1. Introduction (Crewe and Sanders)

Part 1
Chapter 2. Authoritarian populism and Brexit in the UK in historical perspective (Crewe)
Chapter 3. Exploring Authoritarian Populism in Britain (Greenwood and Twyman)
Chapter 4. Authoritarian populist opinion in Europe (Bartle, Sanders and Twyman)
Chapter 5. Populism and Brexit (Marsh)
Chapter 6. Populism Plus – Voting for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in the 2016 US Presidential Election (Whiteley, Clarke and Stewart)
Chapter 7. Facilitating Donald Trump: Populism, the Republican Party and Media Manipulation (McKay)
Chapter 8. Exceptionalism, Contending Liberalisms and the Future of the Democratic Party (Wilson)

Part 2
Chapter 9. How can liberal democracies respond effectively to Putin without prejudicing liberalism and democracy? (Hosking)
Chapter 10. How can the liberal democratic cause be advanced in the Middle East? (Ezrow)
Chapter 11. Parliamentary and presidential systems: the role of parties, and the danger of authoritarian populism (Blondel and Thiebault)
Chapter 12. Does Populism discredit Direct Democracy? (Budge)
Chapter 13. How should established parties respond to the rise of identity politics in their electoral base? (Kettle)
Chapter 14. Populism and Social Citizenship: an Anglo-American comparison (Moran)
Chapter 15. The Top Leader Fixation in British Politics (Brown)
Chapter 16. Constitutional Reform and the Functioning of UK Democracy (Riddell)

Part 3
Chapter 17. The Founding Fathers vs The People? (Weale)
Chapter 18. Ideas, institutions, and the politicians of our governments: Anthony King as a student of liberal democracy (Allen)

Chapter 19. Conclusion (Crewe and Sanders)


This edited volume offers new insights into the populist wave that is affecting democratic politics in a large number of countries. The authoritarian populist turn that has developed in the US and various European countries in recent years both reflects and exacerbates the polarization of public opinion that increasingly characterizes democratic politics. The book seeks to explain how and why authoritarian populist opinion has developed and been mobilised in democratic countries. It also explores the implications of this growth in authoritarian, anti-immigrant sentiment for the operation of democratic politics in the future. It concludes that liberals may need to abandon their big-hearted internationalist instinct for open and unmanaged national borders and tacit indifference to illegal immigration. They should instead fashion a distinctively liberal position on immigration based on the socially progressive traditions of planning, public services, community cohesion and worker protection against exploitation. To do otherwise would be to provide the forces of illiberal authoritarianism with an opportunity to advance unparalleled since the 1930s and to destroy the extraordinary post-war achievements of the liberal democratic order.


Ivor Crewe is Master of University College, University of Oxford, UK. He is former Professor of Government and Vice Chancellor at the University of Essex, UK, and has authored numerous publications on elections, parties and public opinion in the UK. He is co-author of The Blunders of our Governments (with A. King, 2013).

David Sanders is Emeritus Professor of Political Science at the University of Essex, UK. He has authored numerous books and articles on various aspects of UK and comparative politics, including (with various co-authors) Losing an Empire, Finding a Role (1990 and 2017) and The Political Integration of Ethnic Minorities in Britain (2013).

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