Application Of Solution Protein Chemistry To Biotechnology - Lundblad Roger L. | Libro Crc Press 05/2009 -

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lundblad roger l. - application of solution protein chemistry to biotechnology

Application of Solution Protein Chemistry to Biotechnology

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Lingua: Inglese

CRC Press

Pubblicazione: 05/2009
Edizione: 1° edizione

Note Editore

Reflecting the versatility of the author’s science and the depth of his experience, Application of Solution Protein Chemistry to Biotechnology explores key contributions that protein scientists can make in the development of products that are both important and commercially viable, and provides them with tools and information required for successful participation. One of the of the world’s most respected protein researchers, Roger Lundblad does not succumb to the notion that new is always better. The application of protein science to the practice of commercial biotechnology is traced to the underlying basic solution protein chemistry. It is only by achieving this understanding that the full potential of protein science may be obtained in the development and characterization of the diverse products of modern biotechnology. Dr. Lundblad also goes far beyond the biopharmaceutical applications that are often equated with protein science today to demonstrate the field’s unique versatility. From the making of bread and the invention of adhesives to the production of pharmaceuticals and the development of recombinant DNA products— in each of these products, the role of the protein chemist remains prominent. The important point is that classical protein chemistry is a critical part of the practice of biotechnology in the marketplace. Providing the direction and the foundational work needed by students as well as the details and hundreds of references needed by designers and developers, this remarkable work— Delves into the application of protein science for producing products as diverse as adhesives, drug delivery systems, and quality food products Explores chemistry of attachment of proteins and peptides to solid surfaces with regard to applications both for the improvement of steel and titanium and in DNA and protein microarrays Describes the development of bioconjugates used in antibodies Offers essential advice on guidelines required for producing licensed biopharmaceutical products While he does include a great deal of material not found in other sources, Dr. Lundblad makes a point to separate what is truly new from that which has merely been renamed. A reference unlike most, scientists and students eager to learn will find a text that is as practical as it is purposeful.


Introduction to the Solution Chemistry of Proteins Application of Solution Protein Chemistry to the Study of Biopharmaceutical Conformation Chemistry of the Attachment of Proteins and Peptides to Solid Surfaces Protein Conjugates Protein Hydrogels Adhesives, Glues, and Sealants Protein Drug Delivery Application of Solution Protein Chemistry to Proteomics Use of Chemical Modification to Produce Biopharmaceutical Products Food and Agricultural Chemistry Index


Relying upon his broad view of biotechnology, pioneering scientist, Roger Lundblad draws from both traditional protein science and proteomics to include a great deal of material not found in electronic format. He includes chapters on the use of classical protein chemistry in food, the protein and carbohydrate chemistry of adhesives, glues and sealants, protein chemistry and hydrogels, and the use of chemical modification to prepare protein therapeutics. While demonstrating current use and the development of biotech applications, Lundblad makes a point to separate what is truly new from that which has merely been renamed. Ultimately, he provides much time saving research on which others can build.
One of the world's most respected protein researcher, Dr. Lundblad has authrored and edited several books for CRC Press including the" Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Compendium."


One of the world’s most respected protein researchers, Dr. Lundblad has authored and edited several books for CRC Press including the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Compendium.

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Condizione: Nuovo
Collana: Protein Science
Dimensioni: 9.25 x 6.125 in Ø 1.95 lb
Formato: Copertina rigida
Illustration Notes:156 b/w images, 27 tables and PPI 426
Pagine Arabe: 456

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