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cohen ronald (curatore) - alan lomax

Alan Lomax Selected Writings, 1934-1997

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Lingua: Inglese


Pubblicazione: 04/2005
Edizione: 1° edizione


General Introduction by Ronald D. Cohen
I. 1934-1950: The Early Collecting Years
Introduction by Ed Kahn
1 "Sinful" Songs of the Southern Negro
2 Haitian Journey
3 Music In Your Own Back Yard
4 Songs of the American Folk
5 Our Singing Country
6 14 Traditional Spanish Songs From Texas
7 Reels and Work Songs
8 Mister Ledford and the TVA
9 America Sings the Saga of America
10 Folk Music in the Roosevelt Era
II. The 1950s: World Music
Introduction by Andy Kaye and Matt Barton
Tribal Voices in Many Tongues
12 Making Folklore Available
13 Galacian Music
14 Italian Folk Music
15 The Folk Song of Italy
16 Folk Song Style: Notes on a Systematic Approach to the Study of Folk Song
17 Skiffle: Why Is It So Popular? and Where Is It Going?
19 Folk Song Style
20 Saga of a Folksong Hunter
III. The Folk Revival (1960s)
Introduction by Ronald D. Cohen
20 The "Folkniks"--and The Songs They Sing
21 Leadbelly's Songs
22 Bluegrass Background: Folk Music With Overdrive
23 Getting to Know Folk Music
24 Folk Song Traditions Are All Around Us
25 The Good and the Beautiful in Folksong
IV. Cantometrics and Cultural Equity: The Academic Years
Introduction by Gage Averill
26 Song Structure and Social Structure
27 Choreometrics: A Method for the Study of Cross-Cultural Pattern in Film
28 Appeal for Cultural Equity
29 Cinema, Science, and Cultural Renewal
V. Final Writings
Introduction by Matt Barton
30 The Global Jukebox
31 Preface to 1993 edition of Mr. Jelly Roll
32 Sounds of the South
33 Brown Girl in the Ring.
34 Introduction to Katharine D. Newman, Never Without a Song: The Years and Songs of Jennie Devlin, 1865-1952
Complete Bibliography
Sources and Permissions


Alan Lomax is a legendary figure in American folk music circles. Although he published many books, hundreds of recordings and dozens of films, his contributions to popular and academic journals have never been collected. This collection of writings, introduced by Lomax's daughter Anna, reintroduces these essential writings. Drawing on the Lomax Archives in New York, this book brings together articles from the 30s onwards. It is divided into four sections, each capturing a distinct period in the development of Lomax's life and career: the original years as a collector and promoter; the period from 1950-58 when Lomax was recording thorughout Europe; the folk music revival years; and finally his work in academia.


Ronald Cohen (volume editor) is professor of History at Indiana University, Northwest (Gary, IN). He is the author of many books, including Rainbow Quest: The Folk Music Revival and American Society, 1940-1970 (U of Massachusetts Press, 2002). He lives in Gary, Indiana.

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