Advances In Meat Research - Pearson A.M.; Dutson T.R. | Libro Springer 01/2012 -

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pearson a.m.; dutson t.r. - advances in meat research

Advances in Meat Research Volume 1 Electrical Stimulation


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Lingua: Inglese


Pubblicazione: 01/2012
Edizione: Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1985


1 Cold-induced Toughness of Meat.- A Sad Story: New Technology Meant Poorer Quality.- The Relationship Between Contraction and Toughness.- Toughening Lamb Carcasses in Blast Freezers.- Adding Insult to Injury: Thaw Shortening.- The Cold-Shortening Response.- The Thaw-Shortening Response.- The Biochemical Basis for Cold and Thaw Shortening.- Prevention of Cold or Thaw Shortening.- Some Doubts on the Relationship Between Shortening and Toughness.- A Structural Basis for Cold Toughening and a New Theory of Meat Tenderness.- Conclusion.- References.- 2 Postmortem Conditioning of Meat.- Cold Toughening.- High Temperature Conditioning.- Cooler Conditioning.- Electrical Stimulation.- Summary.- References.- 3 Electrical Stimulation: Its Early Development in New Zealand.- Rigor Mortis.- Toughness.- Electrical Stimulation.- Summary.- Acknowledgments.- References.- 4 Effects of Electrical Stimulation on Meat Quality, Color, Grade, Heat Ring, and Palatability.- Tenderness.- Flavor.- Lean Color.- Heat Ring Prevention.- Marbling and Quality Grade.- Retail Caselife.- Processing Properties.- Low- vs High-voltage Electrical Stimulation.- Implementation by the Packing Industry.- References.- 5 Use of Electrical Stimulation for Hot Boning of Meat.- History of Hot Boning Research.- Electrical Stimulation and Hot Boning.- Water Holding Capacity.- Appearance Properties.- Microbiology.- Cooking Prerigor Muscle.- Utilization of Hot Boning Meat for the Production of Ground Beef.- Why Hasn’t Industry Accepted Hot Boning?.- Economic Implications of Hot Boning.- Conclusions.- References.- 6 Scientific Basis for Electrical Stimulation.- Structure of Muscle.- Energy Changes in Prerigor Muscle.- Basic Causes of Cold Shortening.- Other Gains from Electrical Stimulation.- Summary.- References.- 7 Industrial Applications of Electrical Stimulation.- Industry Interest in Electrical Stimulation.- Electrical Stimulation Equipment.- Installations of Electrical Stimulators Within the Slaughter-Dressing Sequence.- Electrical Parameters.- Safety, Installation, and Sanitation.- Trade Names and Promotion of Electrically Stimulated Beef.- Industry Adoption of Electrical Stimulation.- Summary.- Acknowledgments.- References.- 8 Cold Storage Energy Aspects of Electrically Stimulated Hot-boned Meat.- Technologies of Hot Carcass Processing.- Meat Yield and Losses.- Quality Characteristics of Meat.- Tenderness of Hot- and Cold-boned Meat.- High Temperature Conditioning and Delay in Chilling.- Electrical Stimulation.- Innovation in Carcass Cutting.- Functional Properties of Hot-boned Meat.- Meat Curing.- Microbiology of Hot- and Cold-boned Meat.- Energy Conservation.- Comparison of Energy Consumption During Chilling of Beef by Conventional and Hot Boning Methods.- Effect of Plant Location on Transportation Energy.- Industry Impediments.- Summary.- References.- 9 Electrical-Stimulation Research: Present Concepts and Future Directions.- General Considerations.- Specific Aspects.- Conclusions.- References.


The Advances in Meat Research series has arisen from a perceived need for a comprehensive coverage of certain topics that are pertinent to meat and meat products. We, the editors, have made the decision to concentrate on a series of related topics that are deemed to be impor­ tant to an understanding of meat, both fresh and processed. It is our sincere hope that by focusing upon areas related to meat science that researchers who contribute to this volume can not only update those involved in academia and industry but also promulgate facts that may lead to solutions of meat industry problems and aid in improving the efficiency of various associated industrial processes. We have chosen to devote Volume 1 to electrical stimulation in view of the widespread interest in its meat industry applications. Although the classical study by A. Harsham and Fred Deatherage was published in 1951, it was not accepted by the meat industry owing to a number of factors that are discussed in the text. These investigators did, however, lay the groundwork for modern electrical stimulation of carcasses by their detailed studies on the effects of varying current, voltage, fre­ quency, wave forms, and time. The basic information provided by these workers saved a great amount of experimentation by those who subse­ quently "rediscovered" electrical stimulation.

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