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lee seong-whan (curatore); li stan z. (curatore) - advances in biometrics

Advances in Biometrics International Conference, ICB 2007, Seoul, Korea, August 27-29, 2007, Proceedings


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Lingua: Inglese
Pubblicazione: 08/2007
Edizione: 2007


Many applications in government,airport, commercial, defense and law enfor- mentareashaveabasicneedforautomaticauthenticationofhumansbothlocally orremotelyonaroutinebasis.Thedemandforautomaticauthenticationsystems using biometrics, including face, ?ngerprint, gait, and iris, has been increasing in many aspects of life. The purpose of the 2007 International Conference on Biometrics (ICB 2007) was to provide a platform for researchers, engineers, s- tem architects and designers to report recent advances and exchange ideas in the area of biometrics and related technologies. ICB 2007 received a large number of high-quality research papers. In all 303 papers were submitted from 29 countries around the world. Of these 34 papers were accepted for oral presentation and 91 papers were accepted for poster presentation. The program consisted of seven oral sessions, three poster sessions, two tutorial sessions, and four keynote speeches on various topics on biometrics. We would like to thank all the authors who submitted their manuscripts to the conference, and all the members of the Program Committee and reviewers who spent valuable time providing comments on each paper. We would like to thank the conference administrator and secretariat for making the conference successful. We also wish to acknowledge the IEEE, IAPR, Korea Information Science Society, Korea University, Korea University BK21 Software Research Division, KoreaScience and EngineeringFoundation,KoreaUniversity Institute of Computer, Information and Communication, Korea Biometrics Association, Lumidigm Inc., Ministry of Information and Communication Republic of Korea, and Springer for sponsoring and supporting this conference. August 2007 Seong-Whan Lee Stan Z. Li Organization ICB 2007 was organized by Center for Arti?cial Vision Research, Korea University.


Face Recognition.- Super-Resolved Faces for Improved Face Recognition from Surveillance Video.- Face Detection Based on Multi-Block LBP Representation.- Color Face Tensor Factorization and Slicing for Illumination-Robust Recognition.- Robust Real-Time Face Detection Using Face Certainty Map.- Poster I.- Motion Compensation for Face Recognition Based on Active Differential Imaging.- Face Recognition with Local Gabor Textons.- Speaker Verification with Adaptive Spectral Subband Centroids.- Similarity Rank Correlation for Face Recognition Under Unenrolled Pose.- Feature Correlation Filter for Face Recognition.- Face Recognition by Discriminant Analysis with Gabor Tensor Representation.- Fingerprint Enhancement Based on Discrete Cosine Transform.- Biometric Template Classification: A Case Study in Iris Textures.- Protecting Biometric Templates with Image Watermarking Techniques.- Factorial Hidden Markov Models for Gait Recognition.- A Robust Fingerprint Matching Approach: Growing and Fusing of Local Structures.- Automatic Facial Pose Determination of 3D Range Data for Face Model and Expression Identification.- SVDD-Based Illumination Compensation for Face Recognition.- Keypoint Identification and Feature-Based 3D Face Recognition.- Fusion of Near Infrared Face and Iris Biometrics.- Multi-Eigenspace Learning for Video-Based Face Recognition.- Error-Rate Based Biometrics Fusion.- Online Text-Independent Writer Identification Based on Stroke’s Probability Distribution Function.- Arm Swing Identification Method with Template Update for Long Term Stability.- Walker Recognition Without Gait Cycle Estimation.- Comparison of Compression Algorithms’ Impact on Iris Recognition Accuracy.- Standardization of Face Image Sample Quality.- Blinking-Based Live Face Detection Using Conditional Random Fields.- Singular Points Analysis in Fingerprints Based on Topological Structure and Orientation Field.- Robust 3D Face Recognition from Expression Categorisation.- Fingerprint Recognition Based on Combined Features.- MQI Based Face Recognition Under Uneven Illumination.- Learning Kernel Subspace Classifier.- A New Approach to Fake Finger Detection Based on Skin Elasticity Analysis.- An Algorithm for Biometric Authentication Based on the Model of Non–Stationary Random Processes.- Identity Verification by Using Handprint.- Reducing the Effect of Noise on Human Contour in Gait Recognition.- Partitioning Gait Cycles Adaptive to Fluctuating Periods and Bad Silhouettes.- Repudiation Detection in Handwritten Documents.- A New Forgery Scenario Based on Regaining Dynamics of Signature.- Curvewise DET Confidence Regions and Pointwise EER Confidence Intervals Using Radial Sweep Methodology.- Bayesian Hill-Climbing Attack and Its Application to Signature Verification.- Wolf Attack Probability: A New Security Measure in Biometric Authentication Systems.- Evaluating the Biometric Sample Quality of Handwritten Signatures.- Outdoor Face Recognition Using Enhanced Near Infrared Imaging.- Latent Identity Variables: Biometric Matching Without Explicit Identity Estimation.- Poster II.- 2^N Discretisation of BioPhasor in Cancellable Biometrics.- Probabilistic Random Projections and Speaker Verification.- On Improving Interoperability of Fingerprint Recognition Using Resolution Compensation Based on Sensor Evaluation.- Demographic Classification with Local Binary Patterns.- Distance Measures for Gabor Jets-Based Face Authentication: A Comparative Evaluation.- Fingerprint Matching with an Evolutionary Approach.- Stability Analysis of Constrained Nonlinear Phase Portrait Models of Fingerprint Orientation Images.- Effectiveness of Pen Pressure, Azimuth, and Altitude Features for Online Signature Verification.- Tracking and Recognition of Multiple Faces at Distances.- Face Matching Between Near Infrared and Visible Light Images.- User Classification for Keystroke Dynamics Authentication.- Statistical Texture Analysis-Based Approach for Fake Iris Detection Using Support Vector Machines.- A Novel Null Space-Based Kernel Discriminant Analysis for Face Recognition.- Changeable Face Representations Suitable for Human Recognition.- “3D Face”: Biometric Template Protection for 3D Face Recognition.- Quantitative Evaluation of Normalization Techniques of Matching Scores in Multimodal Biometric Systems.- Keystroke Dynamics in a General Setting.- A New Approach to Signature-Based Authentication.- Biometric Fuzzy Extractors Made Practical: A Proposal Based on FingerCodes.- On the Use of Log-Likelihood Ratio Based Model-Specific Score Normalisation in Biometric Authentication.- Predicting Biometric Authentication System Performance Across Different Application Conditions: A Bootstrap Enhanced Parametric Approach.- Selection of Distinguish Points for Class Distribution Preserving Transform for Biometric Template Protection.- Minimizing Spatial Deformation Method for Online Signature Matching.- Pan-Tilt-Zoom Based Iris Image Capturing System for Unconstrained User Environments at a Distance.- Fingerprint Matching with Minutiae Quality Score.- Uniprojective Features for Gait Recognition.- Cascade MR-ASM for Locating Facial Feature Points.- Reconstructing a Whole Face Image from a Partially Damaged or Occluded Image by Multiple Matching.- Robust Hiding of Fingerprint-Biometric Data into Audio Signals.- Correlation-Based Fingerprint Matching with Orientation Field Alignment.- Vitality Detection from Fingerprint Images: A Critical Survey.- Optimum Detection of Multiplicative-Multibit Watermarking for Fingerprint Images.- Fake Finger Detection Based on Thin-Plate Spline Distortion Model.- Robust Extraction of Secret Bits from Minutiae.- Fuzzy Extractors for Minutiae-Based Fingerprint Authentication.- Coarse Iris Classification by Learned Visual Dictionary.- Nonlinear Iris Deformation Correction Based on Gaussian Model.- Shape Analysis of Stroma for Iris Recognition.- Biometric Key Binding: Fuzzy Vault Based on Iris Images.- Multi-scale Local Binary Pattern Histograms for Face Recognition.- Histogram Equalization in SVM Multimodal Person Verification.- Learning Multi-scale Block Local Binary Patterns for Face Recognition.- Horizontal and Vertical 2DPCA Based Discriminant Analysis for Face Verification Using the FRGC Version 2 Database.- Video-Based Face Tracking and Recognition on Updating Twin GMMs.- Poster III.- Fast Algorithm for Iris Detection.- Pyramid Based Interpolation for Face-Video Playback in Audio Visual Recognition.- Face Authentication with Salient Local Features and Static Bayesian Network.- Fake Finger Detection by Finger Color Change Analysis.- Feeling Is Believing: A Secure Template Exchange Protocol.- SVM-Based Selection of Colour Space Experts for Face Authentication.- An Efficient Iris Coding Based on Gauss-Laguerre Wavelets.- Hardening Fingerprint Fuzzy Vault Using Password.- GPU Accelerated 3D Face Registration / Recognition.- Frontal Face Synthesis Based on Multiple Pose-Variant Images for Face Recognition.- Optimal Decision Fusion for a Face Verification System.- Robust 3D Head Tracking and Its Applications.- Multiple Faces Tracking Using Motion Prediction and IPCA in Particle Filters.- An Improved Iris Recognition System Using Feature Extraction Based on Wavelet Maxima Moment Invariants.- Color-Based Iris Verification.- Real-Time Face Detection and Recognition on LEGO Mindstorms NXT Robot.- Speaker and Digit Recognition by Audio-Visual Lip Biometrics.- Modelling Combined Handwriting and Speech Modalities.- A Palmprint Cryptosystem.- On Some Performance Indices for Biometric Identification System.- Automatic Online Signature Verification Using HMMs with User-Dependent Structure.- A Complete Fisher Discriminant Analysis for Based Image Matrix and Its Application to Face Biometrics.- SVM Speaker Verification Using Session Variability Modelling and GMM Supervectors.- 3D Model-Based Face Recognition in Video.- Robust Point-Based Feature Fingerprint Segmentation Algorithm.- Automatic Fingerprints Im

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Condizione: Nuovo
Collana: Lecture Notes in Computer Science
Dimensioni: 235 x 155 mm Ø 1911 gr
Formato: Brossura
Pagine Arabe: 1218
Pagine Romane: xl

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