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xie liquan (curatore) - advanced engineering and technology ii

Advanced Engineering and Technology II Proceedings of the 2nd Annual Congress on Advanced Engineering and Technology (CAET 2015), Hong Kong, 4-5 April 2015

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Lingua: Inglese

CRC Press

Pubblicazione: 03/2015
Edizione: 1° edizione

Note Editore

Advanced Engineering and Technology II collects recent essential ideas and advanced techniques to overcome the current engineering issues in civil engineering, environmental engineering, water science and hydraulic engineering, energy and chemical engineering, and other related fields. The 60 technical papers from the 2nd Annual Congress on Advanced Engineering and Technology (CAET 2015, Hong Kong, 4-5 April 2015) focus on recent advanced theories and technologies for modelling, computing and data analysis in these fields, and their applications. Some of these technologies may become key factors in the success of future engineering advances, and will definitely stimulate new ideas, methods and applications. Advanced Engineering and Technology II will be useful to academics and professionals in environmental engineering, civil engineering, water science and hydraulic engineering, food engineering, energy and chemical engineering.


Numerical simulation of the impact of the seawall project in Xiaohao on 2D tidal current J. Lv, M. Chen, Y. Chen & J. Zuo Accuracy assessment of the global ocean tide models based on tide stations Y. Mei, J. Zuo, M. Chen & Z. Gao The damaging effect of carbonation process on frost resistant concrete after freeze/thaw cycles E. Liisma, L.M. Raado & J. Kraht Synthesis, characterization and photocatalytic studies of Carbon, Cobalt co-doped mesoporous nano titania with anatase crystalline structure W.-H. Yao & L. Min The coregistering and fusing for multibeam echosounder sonar and side scan sonar data F. Jiang & F.-L. Yang Geoecological factors of health risk for population of Solnechny mining settlement, Khabarovskiy Krai L.T. Krupskaya, V.P. Zvereva, N.K. Rastanina & N.G. Volobueva Urban heat island mitigation and urban energy equilibrium through urban forest development J.-J. Li, H. Zhang, J.-Y. Zhuang & B. Schwegler Effect of external electric field on electrostatic enhancement bag filter for removal of PM2.5 Y. Chang, X. Xiang, P. Jia & Q. Ke Simulation of turbulence effect of solid on mass transfer in a bio-fluidized bed reactor L. Lei & Y. Yan Optimized operation model of reservoirs in heavy sediment-laden rivers based on the statistical theory Y. Zhang, X. Li,W.Wang & T.Wu Application and economic profit of a new upward-pushing flow integrated oxidation ditchR. Zhao, J. Yang & H. Shen Composite element model for jointed rock masses reinforced by shotcrete lining and bolt N. Qin, X.-P. Cheng & F. Jiang Configuration and construction technology of shrinkage-compensating concrete J.Q.Wang & J.Wang Effects of fatigue loading and environmental erosion on the damage of reinforced concrete bridges L. Yang Study of effects of ionic strength and pH on PAHs removal by nanofiltration X.D.Wang, H.H. Zhang, L.Wang & X.F. Guo Grouting method of the dam foundation and the field grouting test constructionC. Gao, L. Nie & J.Wu Experimental verification of a new ecological fishway H. Guo,W. Qiu, Z.Wu & L. Xie Experimental study on internal solitary wave induced flow field F.Wang, K.F.Wu, H.Y. Guo & D.S. Miao Numerical simulation of the tunnel’s water inflow in the interlayer porous karst M.J. Zhao, P. Jin, H.L. Zheng & P. Liu Developing characteristics of quick cutting-induced pore water pressure in the seabed G. Hong, X. Liang, L. Xie, J.Wang, G. Liu & X.Wang Effect of water-fertilizer coupling on yield, quality and soil nutrient content of tomato in greenhouse W.-J.Wang, T.-L.Wang & B. Li The study on compensation mechanism of ladder pricing with logistic applied into demand in households X.-Y.Wang & H.Wang Research of the space-time congestion model of traffic flow in port waters K.Wang, Y. Zhou, Z.Wen, B. Zhang & J.-X. Liu Comprehensive evaluation of water resources utilization efficiency and its difference analysis in theYellow River Basin based on entropy model X. Guan, M. Chen & Y. Meng Effect of arsenic concentration in irrigation water on soil and rice quality G. Jiang, L. Zhang & Y. Li The dynamic evaluation of water resources security of Guangxi province in China based on the modified water resources ecological footprint model Y. Zhang, L. Cheng, H. Zhang & F. Lee Research on numerical simulation of three dimensional temperature field in shallow lakes Z. Jing & L. Kang Pollution level and health risk of heavy metals in the water of the Taizihe River Basin, China Q. Chen, Q.Wang, S. Xin & G. Yu Influence of junction angle and flux ratio on three-dimensional flow structure in cross-section of confluence at confluent meander bends B. Sui & S.H. Huang Mechanism research of removing the moisture in sludge bio-drying W.Wei, N. Zhang, H. Zou & Q. Zhang Structure decomposition analysis of water consumption in Zhangye City Z. Ma & J.X. Liu Phytoplankton community and related environmental factors in a plateau shallow lake F. Liu, X.P. Mu,W. Cui, B. Baoligao, X.S.Wang & Y.H.Wu Research of CODMn and TN release rate in Chang Lake, Hubei Province, China Y. Li, H.L. Guan, X.Wu, Y.Wang & W.H. Huang Using the random forest method for classification and regression in hydrology S. Yu, Y. Chen, Q. Huang, Y. Kang, R. He & S. Gu Numerical simulation of groundwater in the upper of Chaobai river alluvial fan in Beijing Y. Liu, J. Liu, S. Li, P. Dong & Y. Sun Assessment of trace elements in water of Beijing urban lakes, China Z. Cheng, Y. Liu, Z. Yang, Q. Chen & Z. Zhong Effect of over-exploitation on underground water quality in the upper part of the Chaobai river Alluvial Fan in Beijing X.Wang, S. Li, Y. Shen, Y. Sun, Z. Li & P. Li Impact analysis of vegetation coverage in slope on soil infiltration capacity J.Wang, Z. Li & W.Yao A quality-quantity equilibrium model for urban water resources allocation J. Zou Comprehensive evaluation of aquatic ecosystem in Daning reservoir L. Yu, H. Gu, Q.Y. Meng, Q.J. Li & Y.H. Liu Study on a new monthly decomposition model of contract energy for cascade hydropower stations based on risk preference W.Yuan & C.Wu Dam foundation optimization and dynamic design research of Shannipo arch dam L. Xu, H. Qiu, Y. Chen & H. Luo Variation of carbohydrate, carotenoid pigment and antioxidant activity of Cara cara orange during postharvest storage R.H. Huang, Y.M. Lu & R.D. Liu Antibacterial spectrum and stability analysis of the fermentation broth of Streptomyces albulus NK413 C. Du, L. Zhou, D. Xu & Z. Yang Antagonistic effect of Brevibacillus laterosporus BL-21 on pathogenic fungi of soybean root rot C. Du, Z. Yang, L.Wang & D. Xu Effect of three spouted drying methods on the process and quality characteristics of carrot cubes S.Wang, R. Yang, Y. Han & Z. Gu Effect of different packaging methods on the storage quality of yellow bell peppers S. Liu, D.Wang, L. Jia, J. Jin, Z.L. Zhang & X.M. Duan Optimized proliferation conditions of recombinant Escherichia coli by RSM R. Liang, L. Xu, J. Pu & S. Lin Optimization glucose utilization rate of rate a recombinant strain M. Zhang, X. Li, Y. Yang & S. Lin Extraction, isolation and preliminary structure of a new protein and polysaccharide from Hypomesue olidus M. Gou, X. Liu & X. Guan Liquefaction technology of high concentration corn starch treated by irradiation S. Lin, M. Liu & J. Liu Toxicity evaluation of flavonoids from Siraitia grosvenorii S. Yang, S. Shen & S. Lin Optimizing service selection using hybrid multi-objective genetic algorithms B. Li, B. Bai & C. Zhang GAM applied to study the performance of tuna purse seine H. Tang, L. Xu, X.Wang & C. Zhou The abnormal express of E-cadherin and ß-catenin in tissue and significance of CA153, TSGF, CA125 and CEA for detection and in judging the prognosis of breast cancer J. Zhang, S.C. Hou, G.P.Wang & Y.A. Liang The application of Bootstrap method to the evaluation of physical model testing and the at-sea observations of the sinking of fishing net H. Tang, L. Xu, C. Zhou & X.Wang Research on room-temperature modeling replacing high-temperature modeling experiments based on kinetic temperature T. Yu, L. Zhang, D. Peng, Z. Zhang, X. Feng & Y. Liu Analysis of driving power for dredger cutter head based on distinct element method X. Liang, L. Xie, J. Hu & L. Zheng Application of MDT data to identify fluid on Xushen volcanic reservoir Z.F. Chen,W. Yan, S.X.Wu & W. Zhang Turbulent flow and heat transfer in the triangular helical ducts for temperature-dependent viscosity fluid Y.L. Dai, C.H.Wang & C.Y. Zhu Author index

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