Adhesion Measurement Of Films And Coatings - Mittal Kash L. (Curatore) | Libro Crc Press 04/1995 -

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mittal kash l. (curatore) - adhesion measurement of films and coatings

Adhesion Measurement of Films and Coatings

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Lingua: Inglese

CRC Press

Pubblicazione: 04/1995
Edizione: 1° edizione

Note Editore

This book chronicles the proceedings of the International Symposium on Adhesion Measurement of Films and Coatings, held in Boston. The articles in this book were previously published in three special issues of the Journal of Adhesion Science and Technology. Films and coatings are used for a variety of purposes and their adequate adhesion to the underlying substrates is of cardinal importance from practical consideration. In the last two decades there has been brisk activity in devising new ways to measure adhesion or ameliorating the existing techniques.


Adhesion measurement of films and coatings: A commentary K.L. Mittal Adherence failure and measurement: Some troubling questions S.D. Brown Measurement of adhesion for thermally sprayed materials C.C. Berndt and C.K. Lin Adhesion measurement of thin metal films by scratch, peel, and pull methods A. Kinbara and I. Kondo Fracture mechanics tests for measuring the adhesion of magnetron-sputtered TiN coatings D. Müller, Y.R. Cho, S. Berg and E. Fromm The effect of residual stresses on adhesion measurements M.D. Thouless and H.M. Jensen Adhesion of diamond-like carbon films on polymers: an assessment of the validity of the scratch test technique applied to flexible substrates B. Ollivier and A. Matthews Adhesion improvement of RF-sputtered alumina coatings as determined by the scratch test F. Ramos and M.T. Vieira Scratch indentation, a simple adhesion test method for thin films on polymeric supports G.D. Vaughn, B.G. Frushour and W.C. Dale On the evaluation of adhesion of coatings by automatic scratch testing T.Z. Kattamis Continuous microscratch measurements of thin film adhesion strengths S.K. Venkataraman, J.C. Nelson, A.J. Hsieh, D.L. Kohlstedt and W.W. Gerberich Micro-scratch test for adhesion evaluation of thin films V.K. Sarin Mechanics of the indentation test and its use to assess the adhesion of polymeric coatings R. Jayachandran, M.C. Boyce and A.S. Argon Observations and simple fracture mechanics analysis of indentation fracture delamination of TiN films on silicon E.R. Weppelmann, X.-Z. Hu and M.V. Swain A study of the fracture efficiency parameter of blister tests for films and coatings Y.-H. Lai and D.A. Dillard Adhesion (fracture energy) of electropolymerized poly(n-octyl maleimide-co-styrene) coatings on copper substrates using a constrained blister test J.-L. Liang, J.P. Bell and A. Mehta An experimental partitioning of the mechanical energy expended during peel testing R.J. Farris and J.L. Goldfarb Comparison of finite element stress analysis results with peel strength at the copper-polyimide interface R.H. Lacombe, L.P. Buchwalter and K. Holloway Measurement of the practical adhesion of paint coatings to metallic sheets by the pull-off and three-point flexure tests A.A. Roche, P. Dole and M. Bouzziri Analysis of pull tests for determining the effects of ion implantation on the adhesion of iron films to sapphire substrates J.E. Pawel and C.J. McHargue Measurement of the adhesion of diamond films on tungsten and correlations with processing parameters M. Alam, D.E. Peebles and J.A. Ohlhausen Adhesion measurements of non-crystalline diamond films prepared by a laser plasma discharge source F. Davanloo, T.J. Lee, H. Park, J.H. You and C.B. Collins Nondestructive dynamic evaluation of thin NiTi film adhesion Q. Su, S.Z. Hua and M. Wuttig Recent developments in the laser spallation technique to measure the interface strength and its relationship to interface toughness with applications to metal/ ceramic, ceramic/ ceramic and ceramic/ polymer interfaces V. Gupta, J. Yuan and A. Pronin Assessment of adhesion Ti(Y)N and Ti(La)N coatings by an in situ SEM constant-rate tensile test Z. Yu, C. Liu, L. Yu and Z. Jin Adhesion studies of polyimide films using a surface acoustic wave sensor D.W. Galipeau, J.F. Vetelino and C. Feger Salt bath test for assessing the adhesion of silver to poly(ethylene terephthalate) web J.M. Grace, V. Botticelli, D.R. Freeman, W. Kosel and R.G. Spahn Testing the adhesion of paint films to metals by swelling in N-methyl pyrrolidone W.J. van Ooij, R.A. Edwards, A. Sabata and J. Zappia

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