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georgakas dimitris - a11y unraveled

A11Y Unraveled Become a Web Accessibility Ninja

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Lingua: Inglese


Pubblicazione: 03/2023
Edizione: 1st ed.


Make designing and developing accessible websites fun and straightforward by deciphering information that is often confusing. This book examines how web professionals can ensure a website is as accessible as it can be, meeting the needs of its audience. 

The main focus is on web accessibility and, WCAG 2.1 and 2.2 guidelines: what they are, who they are for, and what can be done from a design point of view to make the lives of the users easier. In reviewing the fundamentals, emphasis will be given on what disabilities could potentially prevent users from getting the information they need and what can be done to help them. This is achieved by breaking down web design and development terms and practices, such as web accessibility, color contrast, typography, how to design specific components like carousels, forms, and so on.  

Each chapter features design examples presented in a clear and concise manner. Each design element is divided into different components, highlighting exactly what helps with what, showing how a website needs to be designed for the benefit of its people. A11Y Unraveled also reviews the current laws and legislations that govern web accessibility in different parts of the world.

What You'll Learn
  • Discover how people perceive information on the web, and how that might create barriers in communication.
  • Review different disabilities or limitations that prevent users from accessing web information and how to address them.
  • Design an accessible website for specific disabilities through practical examples.
  • Understand how different web design components affect the user.
  • Study current web accessibility legislation, avoiding difficult to understand lingo.
        Who This Book Is For

        Main audience would be digital and web professionals (mainly designers but developers can benefit as well). It can also help business owners who want to ensure their websites are adhere to accessibility standards.


        A11Y Unraveled

        Chapter 1: When the amazon was nothing but a river

        Chapter 2: Be a designer they said. It'll be fun they said

        Chapter 3: One standard at a time

        Chapter 4: How do people perceive content?

        Chapter 5: Tell me what to do! Designing for users with disabilities

        Chapter 6: How do I know I'm doing it right?

        Chapter 7: But do I have to?

        Chapter 8: What is usability?

        Chapter 9: Accessibility and usability. A love affair

        Chapter 10: Who are we designing for?

        Chapter 11: You can't tell me what to do. I'm an adult!

        Chapter 12: Now you see me, now you don't

        Chapter 13: Click me like you mean it


        Dimitris is originally from Greece and has been living in the UK for about 8 years now. He started working as a graphic designer around 2004 doing mostly print work, had his own business along the way and he is now working as a senior designer on web and digital products. He considers himself a hobbyist designer, since he has not been formally educated in the subject (he holds a degree in Geography and now finishing a degree in Biology). However, Dimitri does love all things about design and has managed to make his hobby into a profession, so he considers that a win.

        Dimitris likes to think that the fact he is interested in multiple subjects allows for a more spherical, multivariate-variate approach to solving (design) problems, and natural curiosity is one of the main reasons he decided to write this book. While working as a designer he always thought to himself “why do I do this”, “does it matter”, “how will this/that affect usage” so when he started learning about web accessibility, he naturally went in there 100% ready to make sense of it all. Combine that with the fact that he was appointed as the main accessibility contact in the company he works for, he had to educate himself on the subject. Now, Dimitris would like to share what he has learnt and make digital professionals see that it’s actually pretty easy to make something accessible.

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