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levin carole (curatore); bertolet anna riehl (curatore); carney jo eldridge (curatore) - a biographical encyclopedia of early modern englishwomen

A Biographical Encyclopedia of Early Modern Englishwomen Exemplary Lives and Memorable Acts, 1500-1650

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Lingua: Inglese


Pubblicazione: 11/2016
Edizione: 1° edizione

Note Editore

From the exemplary to the notorious to the obscure, this comprehensive and innovative encyclopedia showcases the worthy women of early modern England. Poets, princesses, or pirates, the women of power and agency found in these pages are indeed worth knowing, and this volume will introduce many female figures to even the most established scholars in early modern studies. Rather than using the conventional alphabetical format of the standard biographical encyclopedia, this volume is divided into categories of women. Since many women will fit in more than one category, each woman is placed in the category that best exemplifies her life, and is cross referenced in other appropriate sections. This structure makes the book an interesting read for seasoned scholars of early modern women, while students need not already be familiar with these subjects in order to benefit from the text. Another unusual feature of this reference work is that each entry begins with some incident from the woman’s life that is particularly exciting or significant. Some entries are very brief while others are extensive. Each includes a source listing. The book is well illustrated and liberally sprinkled with quotations of the time either by or about the women in the text.


TABLE OF CONTENTS LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS PREFACE ACKNOWLEDGMENTS 1. ARTISTS, MUSICIANS, AND ENTERTAINERS Beale, Mary Cradock Beale Horenbout, Susanna Horenbout [Horenbolte] Parker Gilman Inglis, Esther Inglis Kello Jane the Fool Perwich, Susanna Perwich Teerlinc, Levina Benninck Teerlinc Thomasina 2. CRIMINALS Abbott, Elizabeth Abbott Arden, Alice Arden Barnes, Elizabeth Barnes Baynton, Mary Baynton Bridgestone, Ann Bridgestone Brigge, Mabel Brigge Bulmer, Margaret Cheyne Bulmer Caldwell, Elizabeth Caldwell Chamber, Rebecca Chamber Champion, Mary Champion Clarke, Alice Clarke Cowland, Alice Cowland Crofte, Elizabeth Crofte Davis, Alice Davis Davy, Margaret Davy [Davie] Dell, Annis Dell Downes, Katherine Stamfort Downes Drewry, Anne Drewry [Drewie, Calfield] Evans, Elizabeth Evans ["Canberry Bess"] Ferneseede, Margaret Ferneseede Ferrers, Katherine Ferrers Fanshawe Francis, Katherine Francis Frith, Mary Frith ["Moll Cutpurse"] Greene, Anne Greene Gunter, Anne Gunter Hamton, Anne Hamton Hattersley, Jane Hattersley Hayward, Petronella Brightred Hayward Helliker, Joan Helliker Howard, Frances Howard Devereux Carr, Countess of Essex and Somerset Hungerford, Agnes Cotell Hungerford Lake, Mary Ryder Lake Osborne, Mary Osborne Page, Eulalia Glanfield Page Pendleton, Ellen Pendleton Floder Phelps, Judith Phelps Rodney, Anne Lake Cecil Rodney, Lady Ros Saunders, Anne Saunders Scambler, Martha Scambler Throckmorton, Frances Brydges Throckmorton Turner, Ann Norton Turner Vincent, Margaret Vincent Wallen, Anne Wallen Waters, Anne Waters Welles, Anne Welles West, Alice West Willis, Anne Willis Wolff, Anne Tankerfelde Wolff Woods, Mary Woods Wright, Katherine Wright Wyse, Anne Calthorp Radcliffe Wyse, Countess of Sussex 3. ENTREPRENEURS AND BUILDERS Barnes, Margaret Barnes ["Long Meg of Westminster"] Barnham, Alice Barnham Baynham, Margaret Baynham Clifford, Anne Clifford Sackville Herbert Dowe, Katherine Dowe Draper, Elizabeth Garton Draper Jefferies, Joyce Jefferies Percyvale, Thomasine Bonaventure Galle Barnaby Percyvale Quiney, Elizabeth Philips Quiney Talbot, Elizabeth Barlow Cavendish St. Loe Talbot, Countess of Shrewsbury ["Bess of Hardwick"] Whipp, Elizabeth Whipp Wilford, Elizabeth Gale Wilford 4. IMMIGRANTS, EXPATRIATES, EXILES, AND WORLD TRAVELERS Ames, Elizabeth Ames [Añes] Bacon, Anne Gresham Bacon Bomelius, Jane Bomelius Wennington Cáceres, Frances de Cáceres Grimaldi Cisneros, Margaret Harington de Cisneros Cromwell, Anna Hooftman Palavicino Cromwell Dare, Eleanor White Dare Dee, Jane Fromond Dee Dormer, Jane Dormer, Duchess of Feria Ferdinand, Elizabeth Ferdinand Gorges, Helena Snackenborg Parr Gorges, Marchioness of Northampton Gruter, Catherine Tishem Gruter Guzmán, Maria Enríquez de Toledo y Guzmán, Duchess of Alba Harington, Anna Keilway Harington Hooper, Anna de Tscerlas Hooper Howard, Aletheia Talbot Howard, Countess of Arundel; Baroness Furnivall, Talbot, and Strange of Blackmere Hungerford, Anne Dormer Hungerford Juana de Castile, Queen of Castile and Aragon Khan, Mariam Khan Hawkins Towerson Knollys, Odelia de Morada Knollys Mayerne, Isabella Joachimi Vanderbergh Mayerne Mayerne, Margaretha Elburg van den Boetzelaer de Chéridos Mayerne Noailles, Jeanne de Gontault de Noailles Norris, Mary Fiennes Norris Pocahontas [Rebecca Rolfe] Renard, Jeanne Lullier Renard Rojas, Maria de Rojas Sherley, Teresa Sampsonia Sherley Slavery: Englishwomen Kidnapped into Slavery (North Africa and the Middle East) Southwell, Elizabeth Southwell Dudley Vasa, Princess Cecilia Vasa Venegas, Ines de Venegas Blount Wallop, Elizabeth Harlestone Wallop Willoughby, Catherine Willoughby Brandon Bertie, Duchess of Suffolk Winwood, Elizabeth Ball Winwood 5. JEWISH WOMEN Fernandes, Beatriz Fernandes NunÞes Isya, Omell Faytt Isya [Mary Cook] Laynnes, Anna Laynnes Lopez, Sarah Añes Lopez Luna, Beatriz de Luna Mendes [Gracia Menesia or Gracia Mendes Nasi] Nones, Isabella Nones NunÞes, Maria NunÞes Pudewya, Asya Pudewya [Katherine Wheteley] Ruiz, Anna Ruiz 6. LITIGANTS Barrington, Judith Lytton Smith Barrington Beaumont, Isobel Beaumont Cholmondeley, Mary Holford Cholmondeley Christmas, Margaret Christmas Evans, Margery Evans Hall, Mary Lassells Hall Harvey, Cordell Annesley Harvey Hatton, Elizabeth Cecil Hatton Coke Hoby, Elizabeth Stonor Compton Walshe Hoby Lister, Susanna Temple Thornhurst Lister Paston, Katherine Knyvett Paston Puttenham, Elizabeth Cowdray Paulet Windsor Puttenham Roper, Jane Fyneux Roper Suttill, Alice Suttill Swift, Margaret Swift Waters, Joan Waters 7. MADWOMEN Burnell, Anne Kirkall Burnell The Cecils’s Wet Nurse Dudley, Anne Seymour Dudley Unton, Countess of Warwick Dudley, Elizabeth Tailboys Wymbish Dudley Fitzherbert, Dionys Fitzherbert Radcliffe, Margaret Radcliffe Whitelocke, Rebecca Bennet Whitelocke Wife of Edmund Kingesfielde 8. MISTRESSES Allen, Avisa Allen Baynton, Agnes Rhys Baynton Blount, Elizabeth Blount Tailboys Fiennes de Clinton Boleyn, Mary Boleyn Carey Stafford Britton, Eleanor Britton Carey, Eleanor Carey Dacre, Jane Carlisle Dacre Darrell, Elizabeth Darrell Davis, Faith Fulford Davis [Davys] Fitton, Mary Fitton Leveson Polewhele Lougher Holland, Elizabeth Holland Reppes Howard, Douglas Howard Sheffield Stafford Lambert, Jane Lambert Fleetwood Larke, Joan Larke Legh Radcliffe, Frances Meautas Shute Radcliffe Rich, Penelope Devereux Rich Blount, Countess of Devonshire Shore, Elizabeth Lambert Shore Lynom [Jane Shore] Vavasour, Anne Vavasour Finch Richardson Villiers, Frances Coke Villiers 9. MOTHERS, DAUGHTERS, WIVES, AND WIDOWS Ascham, Margaret Howe Ascham Rampston Babington, Mary Darcy Babington Foljambe Borough, Elizabeth Owen Borough Bourchier, Margaret Donnington Kitson Long Bourchier, Countess of Bath Bowker, Agnes Bowker Burton, Philippa Brooke Calverly Burton Cavendish, Elizabeth Cecil Cavendish, Countess of Devonshire Cecil, Dorothy Neville Cecil, Countess of Exeter Cecil, Frances Brydges Smith Cecil, Countess of Exeter Cecil, Mary Cheke Cecil Clifford, Frances Cecil Clifford, Countess of Cumberland Compton, Mary Beaumont Villiers Rayner Compton, Countess of Buckingham Cromwell, Baptina Palavicino Cromwell Daniel, Jane Rehora Daniel Darcy, Mary Kitson Darcy Davis, Mary Davis Digby, Venetia Anastasia Stanley Digby Donne, Anne More Donne Fane, Mary Mildmay Fane Finch, Elizabeth Heaneage Finch, Viscountess Maidstone, Duchess of Winchilsea Foxe, Agnes Randall Foxe Gilbert, Anne Aucher [Ager] Gilbert Googe, Mary Darrell Googe Gresham, Anne Fernley Read Gresham Greville, Joan Bromley Greville Harington, Mary Rogers Harington Hatton, Alice Fanshawe Hatton Hervey, Mary Browne Wriothesley Heanage Hervey, Countess of Southampton Hervey, Penelope Darcy Trenchard Gage Hervey Hilliard, Alice Brandon Hilliard Howard, Margaret Audley Dudley Howard, Duchess of Norfolk Jefferies, Anne Jefferies Jockey, Joan Jockey de Vere Monson, Margaret Stewart Howard Monson More, Alice Harpur Middleton More Newdigate, Anne Fitton Newdigate O’Neill, Mabel Bagenal O’Neill Oxinden, Katherine Sprakeling Oxinden Parr, Anne Bourchier Parr Paulet, Elizabeth Seymour Ughtred Cromwell Paulet Percy, Dorothy Devereux Perrot Percy, Countess of Northumberland Plantagenet, Elizabeth Grey Dudley Plantagenet, Viscountess Lisle Plantagenet, Honor Grenville Plantagenet, Vicountess Lisle Rich, Mary Boyle Rich, Countess of Warwick Ringley, Jane Peyton Langley Ringley Robsart, Amy Robsart Dudley Rogers, Jane Winter Rogers Russell, Anne Sapcotes Broughton Jerningham Russell, Countess of Bedford Russell, Katherine Brydges Russell, Countess of Bedford Sadler, Helen Mitchell Barre Sadler Sewster, Alice Middleton Alington Sewster Seymour, Katherine Fillol Seymour Seymour, Mary Seymour Sharington, Anne Paget Sharington Sherley, Judith Bennet Taylor Sherley Sidney, Barbara Gamage Sidney, Countess of Leicester Sidney, Dorothy Percy Sidney, Countess of Leicester Smythe, Dorothy Sidney Spencer Smythe Somerset, Christian North Somerset Southwell, Bridget Copley Southwell Stubbes, Katherin


Carole Levin is Willa Cather Professor of History and Director of the Medieval and Renaissance Studies Program at the University of Nebraska, USA. Anna Riehl Bertolet is Associate Professor of English at Auburn University, USA. Jo Eldridge Carney is Professor of English at The College of New Jersey, USA.

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