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whittington o. ray - wiley cpa examination review 2013–2014

Wiley CPA Examination Review 2013–2014

Outlines and Study Guides

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Pubblicazione: 08/2013

The #1 CPA exam review self-study leader

The CPA exam review self-study program more CPA candidates trust to prepare for the CPA exam and pass it, Wiley CPA Exam Review 40th Edition contains more than 4,200 multiple-choice questions and includes complete information on the Task Based Simulations. Published annually, this comprehensive two-volume paperback set provides all the information candidates need in order to pass the CPA Examination.
* Features multiple-choice questions, AICPA Task Based Simulations, and written communication questions, all based on the CBT-e format
* Covers all requirements and divides the exam into 47 self-contained modules for flexible study
* Offers nearly three times as many examples as other CPA exam study guides
* Other titles by Whittington: Wiley CPA Exam Review 2013

With timely and up-to-the-minute coverage, Wiley CPA Exam Review 40th Edition covers all requirements for the CPA Exam, giving the candidate maximum flexibility in planning their course of study, and success.
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Volume 1: Outlines and Study Guides Covers all four sections of the CPA examination point by point Stresses important topical areas to study for each part Helps establish a self-study preparation program Divides exam into 45 manageable study units Outline format featuring examples and illustrations makes material easy to read, understand, and remember Provides step-by-step examples of the "solutions approach" Contains all current AICPA content requirements for all four sections of the exam Volume 2: Problems and Solutions Offers selected problems from all four examination sections Contains rationale for correct or incorrect multiple-choice answers Features more than 350 simulations Details a "solutions approach" to each problem Updates unofficial answers to reflect current laws and standards Groups multiple-choice questions into topical categories within modules for easy cross-referencing Provides a sample examination for each of the four exam parts The format and content of the CPA exam keeps changing?be prepared! This 40th Edition of the Wiley CPA Exam Review is fully revised and updated to reflect all of the latest changes to the exam. Passing the CPA exam on your first attempt is possible! We'd like to help. GET EVEN MORE INFORMATION ONLINE: You'll find a wide range of aids for doing your best on the CPA exam at wileycpa.com, including content updates, CPA exam study and test-taking tips, and more. All Wiley CPA Exam Review products are listed on the site.
Preface vii About the Author ix About the Contributors ix INTRODUCTION Chapter 1: Beginning Your CPA Review Program 3 Chapter 2: Examination Grading 19 Chapter 3: The Solutions Approach 21 Chapter 4: Taking the Examination 33 AUDITING AND ATTESTATION Exam Content Overview 39 Module 1: Professional Responsibilities 58 Module 2: Engagement Planning, Obtaining an Understanding of the Client and Assessing Risks 91 Module 3: Understanding Internal Control and Assessing Control Risk 107 Module 4: Responding to Risk Assessment: Evidence Accumulation and Evaluation 152 Module 5: Reporting 187 Module 6: Accounting and Review Services 228 Module 7: Audit Sampling 255 Module 8: Auditing with Technology 277 Outlines of Professional Standards 285 FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING AND REPORTING Exam Content Overview 429 Module 9: Basic Theory and Financial Reporting 436 Module 10: Inventory 506 Module 11: Fixed Assets 524 Module 12: Monetary Current Assets and Current Liabilities 550 Module 13: Present Value 573 Module 14: Deferred Taxes 640 Module 15: Stockholders’ Equity 661 Module 16: Investments 687 Module 17: Statement of Cash Flows 705 Module 18: Business Combinations and Consolidations 718 Module 19: Derivative Instruments and Hedging Activities 748 Module 20: Miscellaneous 767 Module 21: Governmental (State and Local) Accounting 796 Module 22: Not–for–Profit Accounting 851 Outlines of Accounting Pronouncements 867 REGULATION Exam Content Overview 987 PROFESSIONAL RESPONSIBILITIES AND BUSINESS LAW 997 Module 23: Professional and Legal Responsibilities 999 Module 24: Federal Securities Acts 1025 Module 25: Business Structure 1043 Module 26: Contracts 1074 Module 27: Sales 1103 Module 28: Commercial Paper 1121 Module 29: Secured Transactions 1146 Module 30: Bankruptcy 1156 Module 31: Debtor–Creditor Relationships 1173 Module 32: Agency 1187 Module 33: Regulation of Business Employment, Environment, and Antitrust 1197 Module 34: Property 1224 FEDERAL TAXATION 1247 Module 35: Individual Taxation 1252 Module 36: Transactions in Property 1325 Module 37: Partnership Taxation 1348 Module 38: Corporate Taxation 1366 Module 39: Other Taxation Topics 1401 BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT AND CONCEPTS Exam Content Overview 1427 Module 40: Corporate Governance, Internal Control, and Enterprise Risk Management 1434 Module 41: Information Technology 1455 Module 42: Economics, Strategy, and Globalization 1490 Module 43: Financial Risk Management and Capital Budgeting 1525 Module 44: Financial Management 1555 Module 45: Performance Measures 1585 Module 46: Cost Measurement 1605 Module 47: Planning, Control, and Analysis 1623 INDEX 1649
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ISBN: 9781118583791
Dimensioni: 276 x 59.62 x 219 mm Ø 2424 gr
Edizione: 40th Edition
Formato: Brossura
Pagine Arabe: 1704


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