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millett scott - professional asp.net design patterns

Professional ASP.NET Design Patterns

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Implement proven solutions to recurrent design problems

This unique book takes good ASP.NET application construction one step further by emphasizing loosely coupled and highly cohesive ASP.NET web application architectural design. Each chapter addresses a layer in an enterprise ASP.NET application and shows how proven patterns, principles, and best practices can be leveraged to solve problems and improve the design of your code. In addition, a professional–level, end–to–end case study is used to show how to actuate best practice design patterns and principles in a real web site. The framework built to support the case study can be used as the basis from which you can build real web sites, extend the code, and implement specific ASP.NET code.

Professional ASP.NET Design Patterns:

  • Demonstrates how to use the Gang of Four design patterns to improve your ASP.NET code

  • Shows how Fowler's enterprise patterns fit into an enterprise–level ASP.NET site

  • Provides details on how to layer an ASP.NET application and separate your concerns and responsibilities

  • Details AJAX patterns using JQuery and Json, and messaging patterns with WCF

  • Shares best practice tools for ASP.NET such as AutoMapper, NHibernate, StructureMap, Entity Framework, and Castle MonoRail

  • Uncovers tips for separating a site's UX and presentation layer from the pluggable data access layer and business logic layer


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Part I: Introducing Patterns and Principles.

Chapter 1: The Pattern for Successful Applications.

Design Patterns Explained.

Design Principles.

Fowler's Enterprise Design Patterns.

Other Design Practices of Note.


Chapter 2: Dissecting the Pattern's Pattern.

How to Read Design Patterns.

Design Pattern Groups.

How to Choose and Apply a Design Pattern.

A Quick Pattern Example.


Part II: The Anatomy of an ASP.NET Application: Learning and Applying Patterns.

Chapter 3: Layering Your Application and Separating Your Concerns.

Application Architecture and Design.


Chapter 4: The Business Logic Layer: Organization.

Understanding Business Organizational Patterns.


Chapter 5: The Business Logic Layer: Patterns.

Leveraging Design Patterns.

Leveraging Enterprise Patterns.

Applying Design Principles.


Chapter 6: The Service Layer.

Describing the Service Layer.

Leveraging Messaging Patterns.

An SOA Example.


Chapter 7: The Data Access Layer.

Describing the DAL.

Data Access Strategies.

Patterns in Data Access.

Using an Object Relation Mapper.


Chapter 8: The Presentation Layer.

Inversion of Control.


Front Controller.


Page Controller.


The User Chapter 9: Experience Layer.

What Is AJAX.

Using JavaScript Libraries.

Understanding AJAX Patterns.


Part III: Case Study: The Online DVD Store.

Chapter 10: Requirements and Infrastructure.

Agatha's Clothing Store Requirements.



Chapter 11: Creating The Product Catalog.

Creating The Product Catalog.


Implementing t Chapter 12: he Shoppi ng Basket.

Implementing the Basket.


Chapter 13: Customer Membership.

Customer Membership.


Chapter 14: Ordering and Payment.




Professional ASP.NET Design Patterns will show you how to implement design patterns in real ASP.NET applications by introducing you to the basic OOP skills needed to understand and interpret design patterns. A sample application used throughout the book is an enterprise level ASP.NET website with multi-tiered, SOA design techniques that can be applied to your future ASP.NET projects. Read about each design pattern in detail, including how to interpret the UML design, how to implement it in ASP.NET, its importance for ASP.NET development, and how it's integrated into the final project.
Scott Millett is an ASP.NET MVP and lead architect for wiggle.co.uk, an e–commerce company that uses ASP.NET.
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