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artiola i fortuny lidia; romo david hermosillo; heaton robert k.; pardee iii roy e. - manual de normas y procedimientos para la bateria neuropsicologia

Manual De Normas Y Procedimientos Para La Bateria Neuropsicologia

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Pubblicazione: 01/2000

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This manual is the product of a normative research program carried out over four years with Spanish-speaking populations in two geographically distinct regions: Madrid, Spain and the USA/Mexico border region. The manual describes a comprehensive system of procedures and normative data designed to assist the clinical researcher and the clinical practitioner in the neuropsychological assessment and diagnosis of adults whose main language is Spanish.

Together the procedures comprise a brief and practical battery of eight tests for a basic examination of attention, learning and memory, and executive function. The level of performance on these tests is assessed according to normative data. This is accomplished by adjusting test scores according to demographic criteria that simultaneously take into account the traditional factors of age and education, as well as the patient's place (country) of origin.
Acknowledgments Foreword Preface Introduction. The need for a demographic correction system based on place of origin in neuropsychological assessment of Spanish-speaking populations. Chapter 1. Test Development Nonverbal Tests Visual Memory Test Visual Span Test Wisconsin Test Verbal Tests Verbal/Prose Memory Test Word Learning Test Digit Span Test Letter Fluency Test (PMR) Stroop Test Tests and Measures Summary. Chapter 2. Development of the demographic correction system for Spanish speakers Demographic characteristics of the subject samples Data collection Methods and validation Converting raw scores to scaled scores. Chapter 3. Guidelines for the administration of the Batería Neuropsicólogica en Español. Examiner qualifications Physical and psychological setting for the examination Test sequence and duration of examination Administration and scoring of each test Visual Memory Test Verbal/Prose Memory Test Wisconsin Test Word Learning Test Stroop Test Digit Span Test Visual Span Test Letter FluencyTest (PMR). Chapter 4. Use of the demographic correction system. Converting raw scores to scaled scores Converting scaled scores to T-scores Integration and interpretation of results Clinical cases: examples. References. Appendix A. Table for conversion of raw scores to scaled scores Appendix B. Table for conversion of scaled scores to T-scores Appendix C. Recognition items for Visual Memory Test Appendix D. Story paragraph for Verbal/Prose Memory Test and word lists for Word Learning Test Appendix E. Raw normative scores for an adolescent sample
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