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Essential Open Source Toolset

Programming with Eclipse, JUnit, CVS, Bugzilla, Ant, Tcl/Tk and More


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Genere: Libro
Lingua: Inglese
Pubblicazione: 01/2005

Programmieren ist mehr als nur das Hinschreiben von Quelltext! Softwareentwickler müssen ihre Programme durchdenken, entwickeln, analysieren und testen. Mit Hilfe der hier behandelten Tools, verfügbar unter Linux und Unix, können Sie sich alle diese Arbeitsschritte erleichtern. Vorgestellt werden sehr viele Tools, darunter DIFF, PATCH, UNRAVEL, GPROF, GCOV und SniFF+.
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Programming is more than just coding. Software developers must build, analyze and test their programs; they have to avoid performance bottlenecks, administer both their own and others' modifications, and find and remove errors. This invaluable book provides solutions for problems encountered in programming practice. It presents basic concepts and gives assistance on the practical use of selected, usually freely available tools under Linux/Unix. Essential Open Source Toolset includes: Coverage of Eclipse, Bugzilla, Ant and CVS Tcl/Tk, classic tools which form the de facto standard in Linux and Unix environments. a wide range of less well known tools including: DIFF, PATCH, UNRAVEL, GPROF, GCOV, SniFF+ and many more practical exercises to test competence a companion website which includes information on recent developments and additional resources This book offers indispensable guidance on how programming tools can be used to solve problems which occur regularly during the development of software. It will enable you to work with greater confidence and efficiency, and to achieve better results.
Preface. 1. Introduction. I: VERSION CONTROL. 2. Managing changes using DIFF and PATCH. 3. Revision management using RCS. 4. Parallel Program development with CVS. Exercises I. II: PROCESSING INPUT. 5. Lexical analysis using LEX. 6. Syntactical analysis with YACC. 7. Lexical and syntactic analysis using ANTLR. Exercises II. III: BUILDING PROGRAMS. 8. Building programs with MAKE. 9. Configuring software automatically with AUTOCONF. 10. Documenting programs with JAVADOC. Exercises III. IV: PROTOTYPING. 11. Creating prototypes using Tcl/Tk. Exercises IV. V: TESTING AND DEBUGGING. 12. Software tests with DEJAGNU. 13. Component tests with JUNIT. 14. Tracking Problems with BUGZILLA. 15. Debugging with GDB and DDD. Exercises V. VI: PROGRAM ANALYSIS. 16. Profiling using GPROF and GCOV. 17. Checking Style with CHECKSTYLE. 18. Static program analysis with LINT. 19. Program slicing using UNRAVEL. Exercises VI. VII: INTEGRATED INVIRONMENT. 20. Integrated development with ECLIPSE 3.0. Exercises VII. Bibliography. Index.
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ISBN: 9780470844458
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