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luke allan (curatore); woods annette (curatore); weir katie (curatore) - curriculum, syllabus design and equity

Curriculum, Syllabus Design and Equity

A Primer and Model

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Lingua: Inglese
Editore: Routledge
Pubblicazione: 11/2011

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Curriculum scholars and teachers working for social justice and equity have been caught up in acrimonious and polarizing political debates over content, ideology, and disciplinary knowledge. At the forefront in cutting through these debates and addressing the practical questions involved, this book is distinctive in looking to the technical form of the curriculum rather than its content for solutions. The editors and contributors, all leading international scholars, advance a unified, principled approach to the design of curriculum and syllabus documents that aims for high quality/high equity educational outcomes and enhances teacher professionalism with appropriate system prescription.

Stressing local curriculum development capacity and teacher professional responses to specific community and student contexts, this useful, practical primer introduces and unpacks definitions of curriculum, syllabus, the school subject, and informed professionalism; presents key principles of design; discusses a range of approaches; and offers clear, realistic guidelines for the tasks of writing curriculum documents and designing official syllabi and professional development programs at system and school levels. Providing a foundational structure for syllabus design work, Curriculum, Syllabus Design, and Equity is relevant for teachers, teacher educators, and curriculum policy workers everywhere who are engaged in the real work of curriculum writing and implementation.



Foreword: Equity in School Systems

Barry McGaw (OECD, Paris & University of Melbourne)


Chapter 1: High Quality/High Equity: An introduction to curriculum and syllabus design  Allan Luke, Annette Woods, Katie Weir (Queensland University of Technology)

Chapter 2: Seeing school systems through the prism of PISA  Andreas Schleicher (OECD, Paris)

Chapter 3: School subject and academic disciplines: The differences  Zongyi Deng (University of Hong Kong)

Chapter 4: Curricular conversations: Literacy teaching and learning in the middle years Donna Alvermann and James Marshall (Georgia)

Chapter 5: The learning phase: Learning and teaching in the early years Sue Grieshaber (Queensland University of Technology)

Chapter 6: An approach to secondary school improvement  Ben Levin (OISE, Toronto)

Chapter 7: The syllabus: Policy instrument and practical curriculum guide  Michael Connelly (OISE, Toronto) & Gerry Connelly (Toronto School Board)

Chapter 8: A call to honour: Teacher professionalism in the context of standards referenced assessment reform Val Klenowski (Queensland University of Technology)

Chapter 9: The technological solutions to reading education: A century of frustration Patrick Shannon (Penn State)

Chapter 10: Standards for implementation of policy Kevin Wellner (Colorado) and Jeanie Oakes (UCLA)

Chapter 11: Syllabus design: A primer and a model Allan Luke, Annette Woods, Katie Weir (Queensland University of Technology)

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